Pastor Amos Dada Ph.D, P.EngTuesday, August 1, 2017
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


raise Point

  1. Praise God for keeping you alive.

  2. Thank God for keeping you even when you were in the camp of the enemy and was living a full life of sin

  3. Thank God for the opportunity to be born again and be used of God in this generation.

  4. Psalm 91.Thank God for his protection, and provision. You've never gone a day without food in your life.

  5. Thank God for pouring his anointing on you as he did for Saul, Samson, Peter and the apostles, the likes of Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola, Joseph Seymour, John Knox. Using you to minister to generation.

Prayer Points.

  1. Pray that your anointing will not run dry.

  2. Pray that God will give you wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Prov 24:3-5.

  3. Acts 2:41-47 Pray for favor in the eyes of men and God that as you stand up to minister, thousands will give their lives to Christ and be established.

  4. Pray that as you get up to minister, the Holy Spirit give you comfort and peace of mind to minister effectively.

  5. Acts 10:38; 3: 1-7; Acts 4:16 Pray that as you minister, miracles shall characterise your ministry.

  6. Pray for a greater utterance. That you may not speak the enticing words of men or a feel good message, but messages that will impact lives for eternity.

  7. Psalm 92:10-16. Pray for fresh anointing. Pray that even at old age you will still be useful.

  8. Pray that every word that proceeds out of your mouth shall be inspired by the Holy Spirit, and bring convictions of Souls.

  9. Pray that every sermon you preach be approved by God & confirmed by miracles, wonders, and signs that unbelievers would believe in the undeniable power of God.

  10. Pray that under your ministry: The dead will be raised, the blind will see, the deaf will hear, the lame will walk, the dumb will speak, supernatural instantaneous weight loss, the regrowth of limbs, replacement of internal and external organs, and the renewal of souls.