Pastor Amos Dada Ph.D, P.EngMonday, January 23, 2017
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada




want to congratulate President Donald Trump for becoming the 45th President of USA. Much have been said about why he is not fit to be president I guess much will still be said. But there are two classes of people that puts people in position , place of authority and power: divinity and humanity . While the divinity aspect may not be seen but usually most powerful and decisive, because it is spiritual the humanity aspect is always obvious, it is called democratic process of election.

I see a lot of protests across the world for decisions they openly went to the polls to make.

If two people are contesting, one must win. If you already for close that one cannot win why did two of them contest?

The president has been sworn in. The next step is governance. To govern well all we need now is to pray for him. He realized he needs prayer . He is the first president that was inaugurated with 4 Christian leaders praying and clearly mentioning the name of Jesus.

Two things I advice people should stop. Protests and comparison between him and ex-President Obama . Whether good or bad Obama has served his terms. No two people (kings/presidents) are the same,not even a set of identical twins . Their mannerism and idiosyncrasies are different. Give Trump chance to settle down think through and govern.

Further more we should not watch in a weakened position of fear of what negative things President Trump might do irrespective of campaign promises and manifestos but from a strong position of faith and optimism that God will help him to govern well and make America great in returning to God their maker.

President, trump I am convinced God allowed you to get to this position. He said in the scriptures he 'sets tables not only in the presence of friends but enemies.' Psalm 23.God has obviously set a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Watch how you eat!

President Trump I advice you to follow and obey God's directions and instructions. If there are things you are used to that will not allow your presidency to succeed, stop it now. Remember you are no more on campaign trail. You are now in the Oval Office, the White House and the president of the nation. Unite your nation and develop your nation and make the best of the world.

I pray that you shall succeed in Jesus name.