Dr. Wumi AkintideMonday, April 15, 2013
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New York, NY, USA



he attention-seeking juvenile with a bad haircut who is busy throwing temper tantrums in North Korea is really a lucky man based on my own analysis of his current situation. We can say the same thing of Ahmedinejad who is on his way out of office in Iran because the real power in that country lies with the Ayatollah. The two leaders are lucky first and foremost because the neo conservatives and the war mongers in the Republican party like Dick Cheney and his cohorts are politically marginalized. They are lucky because John McCain and Mitt Romney can only visit the White House for dinner visits or fly in the Air Force One as guests of the first black President and whoever may succeed him in 2016 and 2020.

They are lucky because of the man of steel in the White House who has proved with his capture and elimination of Osama Bin laden and the elimination of Moammar Ghadafi by choosing ďto lead from behindĒ that he is not only unflappable but a rock-solid leader who does not act before he thinks like the guy he took over from. They are lucky because the overwhelming majority of Americans and their men in uniform are tired of wars for a change and they all want to give peace a chance while paying attention to the crumbling infrastructures of America and most of the social and serious economic problems facing America being the aftermath of fighting two avoidable costly wars.

They are lucky because Americaís strongest ally, Britain and the European Union have their hands full trying to confront their own problems and could ill afford to assure America they would be there for them if they rush into another war with Iran or North Korea. Their leaders have all learnt their lessons from what happened to their own leaders in Europe like Tony Blair whose support was usually taken for granted by America in the past. They are lucky America now has a President who is able to look the State of Israel straight in the face and tell the Israelis their best friend in the White House is not necessarily the one who tells them what he thinks they want to hear but what they need to hear loud and clear.

They are lucky because America has the wherewithal to monitor both countries using their superior technology which once captured Saddam Hussein taking a shower in his underground bunker just months before his capture in Baghdad. They are lucky because America knows more about the two countries and their leaders and the limits of their power using superior intelligence and technological tools like the computer and drones and submarines and stealth air crafts which cannot be picked up by enemy radar because they fly so high. America will tell you they know nothing, but if you believe them you will believe anything. They have no reason to be terribly concerned about the two countries because they know their vulnerabilities and their limitations.

The two countries and their leaders cannot provoke America into another war because America and her current leader fully understands that it is easier to start a war than to end it. The best those countries and those leaders could do is what they are doing- run their mouths, roar like a lion even though the whole world they are no more than paper tigers at best. They can only taunt America in a cold war kind of scenario which will fizzle out once the war starts. How for goodness sake can these countries fight against an enemy they cannot see. I have seen a tiny unit of the more than one million-strong North Korean Army and soldiers march with force and fury on television screens. Such a frightening display of power was effective to deter an enemy during the Second World War. That kind of war is a far cry from nuclear wars which may not require boots on the ground. Such displays today only reveal or show vulnerability and timidity rather than strength. How many times has American Military engaged in such display of naked power? America does not have a need to do that because action speaks louder than voice.

The two countries and their leaders are lucky because China the dominant power in their region have more than a casual interest in the survival and stability of America because China is under no illusion about the military and even the economic superiority of America. China is always the first to admit she is still a developing nation compared to America. China with her massive population has the potential to be a super power of the future but she still runs a distant second today to America all things considered. The only military powers the two countries and their leaders could turn to for support are either Russia and China will ultimately side with America if the push comes to shove. North Korea and Iran can do but very little without military assistance from Russia and China who are in the same league but junior partners and strategic and economic allies to America in the Security Council and international Organizations like the World Bank and IMF and UNESCO. Both Russia and China would ultimately step in to put the two countries in check unless the two countries want to self-destruct or commit suicide on their own volition-.

It is not enough to have nuclear power if you donít have an antidote to neutralize the effect on your own people and air space and quality in the event of a retaliation. America can deploy patriotic missiles to shoot down the nuclear missiles before they reach their destination or do any serious collateral damage in the targeted enemy territory. America has had a chance to test and use some of those patriotic missiles to defend the State of Israel against the missiles thrown at them by Hamas and Hezbollah insurgents in Palestine. Even if North Korea and Iran have such weapons which is doubtful, they have never had a chance to test them and to know whether or not they will work as expected if deployed.

I have to believe they know all these limitations and they all know it would be one mission impossible to provoke America into a war with them in their present circumstance. Gone are those days when those folklore stories told in the Bible about David and Goliath or some of stories told in the Koran are anything to go by. If those faith-based permutations still work, Osama Bin Laden who believed he was actually fighting for Allah, could not have fallen an easy victim to those American Naval Seals on that solitary night in Pakistan where he had been hiding for years. America was able to infiltrate his inner circle of loyalists and to track him down to that outskirt Islamabad thru some of the telephone calls he had made. In the age of computer and globalization, the world has become one global village where no criminal running from justice in a country like America can hide.

The two countries and their leaders would be stretching their luck too far, however ,by underrating this first black President or by trying to test his resolve despite his first class handling of Osama Bin Ladenís capture and the disposal of his body in a way that preempt his becoming a martyr to some of his fanatic supporters and terrorists who would have been going to his grave yard every year to worship him like the some conservative Jews in Crown Heights still to their Rabbiís burial ground at the Cypress Cemetery in Brooklyn till tomorrow When the President assures the Jews he has their backs, such assurances are never to be taken lightly. Even though the President seems totally unconcerned and unruffled and unperturbed by the tantrums of the little boy in North Korea and Ahmedinajad in Iran, I wonít be surprised if the Presidentís war cabinet has not already finalized an appropriate response to the two countries at a very short notice, if necessary. He has done it before on Osama Bin Laden and I believe he could do it again if Iran and North Korea cross the line. He is that kind of President. He has already used diplomacy to completely isolate the two countries while at the same time building world consensus against them should a surprise attack and proportional response become the most viable option. The current US Secretary of State, John Kerry and Hillary Clintonís frequent travels around the world before leaving office are designed to achieve that. Iran and North Korea would be making a huge mistake to believe they can pull a fast one on America.

I rest my case.