Dr. Wumi AkintideMonday, February 25, 2013
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New York, NY, USA




ubris – Selling the War on Iraq” documentary recently aired by MSNBC and moderated by the one and only Rachel Maddow, is a big eye opener to America and the rest of the world. I know the documentary could be dismissed with the wave of hand by individuals like Dick Cheney and some of his cohorts on the extreme right of the political divide who still believe and argue blindly that the 9 year Iraq War was worth every dime spent on it and the toll in bloodshed and collateral damages. Poor Saddam. He did not have a nuclear weapon and he was never a big fan or accomplice of Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda terrorists as alleged by Bush and Cheney. Above all, the General did not pose that much of a threat to America as implied Yet Cheney and Bush using their power and influence, had found a way to make the whole world believe Saddam was guilty as charged. They were using fabricated and unverified intelligence reports from anywhere they could find them while rejecting appeals from the United Nations at the time to make haste slowly and not rush to judgment on declaration of war. Bush and Cheney had long made up their minds that taking out Saddam was going to be a cakewalk and that access to the limitless reservoir of Iraqi oil for years to come justify the effort

The development is one more proof that the United Nations has become a pawn in the Chess game of America when all is said and done. The UN could not stop Bush from dragging the whole world, so to speak, into a war of choice. This is not holding brief for Saddam who had made the same mistake the Iranian leadership is making today by refusing to let the inspectors in. Saddam took that position because he wanted his neighbor countries in the Middle East in particular to believe he was actually stronger than all of them combined as falsely insinuated by American propaganda. The truth did not come out until Saddam was picked up from a hole where he was hiding and was paraded around, totally humiliated, tried and executed by his own people. Saddam may have oppressed his own people at the height of his power but he was not quite as horrible as Bush and Cheney had said he was. I visited Baghdad long before the war as Secretary to the Joint Economic Commissions of Nigeria with the rest of the world and I knew for a fact that the Saddam Regime was not as terrible as the world was made to believe. When Americans don’t like a leader, they find a way to demonize them like they did to Fidel Castro for years and like they are currently doing to Hugo Chavez to mention a few.

The American forces went to Baghdad only to find no nuclear weapon and to discover that Saddam did not have anything to do with the attack on the twin towers in New York in 2001. Bush and Cheney had merely called Saddam a bad name like a dog in order to hang him and to destabilize Iraq just because they could. It was the same argument the same cabal in the Republican Party had once tried to use to take out Moammar Ghadafi who was a paper tiger than the lion America and its propaganda machine made him out to be. it is the same falsehood the same cabal would have used to drag America into another needless war with Iran and arguably Syria right now, if John McCain or Mitt Romney had won the presidency. The neo-conservatives are happy to see the United States become the police man of the world because they truly believe that America can do whatever she wants as the only super power and they could care less about what such a burden was likely to impose on the American economy and her resources at home. The Republicans always make the miscalculations that those countries would be easier to defeat than a country like North Korea which has openly admitted to having those weapons and have demonstrated the means and the capacity to deliver and deploy them in the event of any war with America or any of her allies in the Pacific, These war mongers on the extreme right who like to see America going to war at the least provocation hardly ever think of the horrible cost of war to both the victor and the victim country once the bombs start to drop..

They are much more concerned about their gains from those wars rather than the collateral damages that such needless wars are bound to cause. They completely forget the pains such wars are bound to cause for the the families of the soldiers that are bound to lose their lives or the thousands that were going to be maimed and forever crippled due to injuries sustained from those wars Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them,

The hawks in the Republican Party are less concerned about the thousands that died in Iraq or any of the collateral damages and billions of Dollars in equipment wasted on that war or the number of people displaced in Iraq which still bears the scars of that war and the unavoidable instability and crisis of identity that comes with the war till tomorrow. They completely forget the lessons of Vietnam and the havoc those lessons have caused for America. Iraq is worse off today than it was under Saddam Hussein, all things considered.

We need Governments the world over and the political parties that are integral part of those Governments to be more actively involved in promoting peace and development and not encouraging war and gridlock like we are now witnessing in America ever since America has had the courage to elect her first minority President who has been doing everything in his power to correct the mistakes of the past and to stabilize the country by promoting inclusion and not exclusion and by urging the country to pull together and to recognize that America and yes the whole world have been going thru changes their people and political parties could not ignore or sidetrack in this era of globalization. The Republicans are killing their chances to ever regain power at the national level by deliberately putting obstacles on the current President’s way every step of the way even when they knew the great majority of Americans support him as they have clearly shown by electing him two consecutive times by a much wider margin than many of his white predecessors in that office. The man has got to be doing something right to find himself in that position.

It is now becoming increasingly clear that America may have started losing her qualitative edge as the shining city on the Hill and a beacon of light to the rest of the world because America is now doing the same kind of things she has often criticized the third world for in so many years. As a proud father of 2 young men currently serving in the US Military and as a strong believer in the two major party system in America with some room for smaller parties to always have their say, I feel totally disillusioned by some of the antics of the Republican Party which now believes that it can rebrand itself by not fundamentally changing her policies but by sheer semantics and cutting corners or using redistricting and other antics to their own advantage, or moving the goal post as often as needed

They used to be vocal champions of voting rights for all Americans. Not anymore. They used to be party of national security but since Obama is now showing as much passion and resolution for national security, the Republicans are no longer as enthusiastic for national security like before. They are now rooting for Sequestration to kick in regardless of its impact on national security. They do not support closing the loopholes for private jets and or the other privileges the filthy rich one per cent of Americans millionaires and multi-millionaires still enjoy. They are automatically against anything Obama is for because they are still in denial that Obama is as legitimate as any of his white predecessors.

They just want to see Obama fail regardless of how his failure as President is likely to impact the entire nation. Having woefully failed to stop him at the last election, they want to make sure his legacies as President should not endure. Obama’s success as President is a nightmare for the Republicans Their position on the Chuck Hegel nomination as Defense Secretary has totally destroyed their fairness and credibility as a party to reckon with. Good Republicans like Richard Lugar and Chuck Hegel who prefer to think outside the box and would speak their minds no matter what, have become endangered species in the Republican Party. Richard Lugar and Chuck Hegel have all been great assets to the party in the past, but now they are being pushed out or forced out of the grand old party as we speak. Senator Hegel is precisely the right kind of Defense Secretary America needs now. President Obama was right to pick him and he is going to be confirmed when all he is said and done.

To cut a long story short, my concern in this article is to depose that most if not all Governments including those in developed countries lie or mislead their people to get their way but Governments in the third world or in developing countries lie and mislead their own people all the time and quite often they get away with it because the whistle blowers or the Press and the Media have been compromised, bought or bribed by Government to either remain silent or look the other way, or just help Government to spread the lie and stifle public opinion or protest. The Yar Adua/Jonathan Government deliberately kept Nigeria in the dark on the health status of Yar Adua for so long in an animal kingdom kind of scenario. The Jonathan Government is doing the same thing or worse today with what actually happened to the first lady when she reportedly went abroad for vacation or medical treatment she could not get at home all at Government expense. She returned to Nigeria to openly admit she actually died, so to speak for 7 days and she rose from the death. She and her husband, the so called transformative President who is going to change Nigeria, are now inviting Nigerians to join then in giving thanks to God after the fact.

The only liberal press to raise an eyebrow and to ask what the whole scenario says about the integrity and the transparency of the Jonathan Government is the Sahara Reporters which operates out of New York. The local Media would not say much about the development because they have been silenced by Government. Reuben Abati the Media adviser to the President who used to be the most vocal critic of Government before he joined the Government is now looking the other way or defending the indefensible.

The lessons from what is happening in America today have become all the more serious and infectious because Governments in third world countries can now point to America to justify most of the terrible things they do. America which is supposed to be a positive role model is behaving worse today than many of the countries looking up to her for leadership. The whole world welcome the election of the first black President in America in 2008 and its re-election in 2012. It viewed the democratic experiment in America as clearly the best but if you take into account the gridlock and the obstacles the black President has faced from the Republican opposition, you will realize that what happened in 2008 was simply God at work and not so much because America was better or more politically sophisticated than her peers in other countries. The Republicans are trying to re-write the rules, impose voter suppression techniques across the country in Republican-controlled states because they now know they cannot win fair and square unless they cut corners. They have remained in denial that the young black President had won in 2008 and 2012 because America is no longer the country they used to know. They blackmail the President every step of the way calling him a Muslim and a socialist and making it harder for him to have his Cabinet nominees confirmed. They want to make the country ungovernable by saying no to every good and balanced initiative from the President. They want to use extreme partisanship and Sequestration to destabilize the Government and to make it impossible for the President to leave behind any legacies he could be proud of.

One way or the other the President is going to laugh last and laugh best because he is doing the right things and God is definitely on his side. The Republicans should look in the mirror if they are looking for their enemies. As long as they remain on the wrong side of most of the issues that should determine the next and future elections, they have a rough road to travel for them to ever regain power at the national level in the foreseeable future, They are doing America a huge disfavor, however, by tarnishing the good image of America as leader of the Free World and as arguably the best experiment in democratic Government the world has come to know.

I rest my case.