Olanrewaju AjiboyeFriday, May 16, 2014
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egular unauthorized use of firearms with intent to scare, maim and kill political opponents with the backing of the government of the day; arson; arbitrary arrests and intimidation of recalcitrant opponents; deluge of flood with human and material casualties in most cities especially in Osogbo township; those were the prevalent situation in Osun between the year 2003 and 2010.

It was no coincidence that a government powered by the PDP was in control and such oddities had been their manifestoes ever since the party was hijacked by political vagrants who were more like Bulls in a China’s shop, after they had succeeded in sidelining the 34 wise men who envisioned a political association that would have overcome the challenges of politics of greed, ethnicity and backwardness.

Until the government headed by Aregbesola came on board, the State of Osun had been in a siege and it was the same pattern all through the Southwest states except Lagos and, not surprising, the states were under the control of the governments powered by the PDP. Ekiti was hell on earth for anybody to ever dream of becoming a governor when a possessed person was on the throne; Ogun was engrossed in ritual matters and the last months of the government was run like a dictatorial government when the legislative arm were forced to flee; Oyo was no difference as a minority headed by a non-legislative member successfully removed a sitting governor. For embracing perfidy and treachery, the Southwest really paid the price for the harrowing years of the State of Osun “Viking”.

Issues that should therefore determine the outcome of the coming governorship election in the state of the living spring are the contest between Darkness and Light, Evil and Goodness, the third being between Progress and Retrogression. And we can add the fourth; between Truth and Falsehood.

These contending phenomena will now ignite our quest for the reasons why a government is necessary in the first place? The cat family especially the big cats in the jungle, called the Felidae by their biological jargons commit all forms of atrocities because they have no moral limits, so therefore Homo Sapiens the most developed of God’s creatures need moral limits where those who do good are rewarded and where those who do wrong things are punished and such sanctions must have already been clarified in a set of laws. Humanity can be tempted to be greedy and oppressive if the opportunity arises. Government will still emanate from members of any society to regulate the affairs of all others to achieve social and societal cohesion but when those who are saddled with the responsibility subject it to gross abuse, the anarchy looms as is often the case in the jungle. There had been many ancient leaders and those whose histories are not too far who had behaved badly and whose conduct had put the entire community of the world at an edge. Others had caused mass deaths, deprivations, horror and destruction yet so many governments have restored hope, freedom, human dignity, peace and human emancipation.

It is no exaggeration to compare the peace that eventually returned to the state of the living spring which was broken only between 2003 and 2010 since the creation of the state as Jesus intervention during the storm with men of little faith. Enabling environment ideas which had taken flight in the aforementioned era have started returning with passion driven by a government that operates as if it is in a race against time. Though this writer has not gotten the opportunity to tour the state’s hinterland to ascertain the veracity of various farm settlements that have sprouted under the current government’s initiative, scores of indigenes and residents of the state have corroborated the genuineness of the project. Infrastructural renewal and upgrading is no doubt the fulcrum of the present administration’s policy. And road, school and hospital projects are scattered across the state with awe from an observer on how the expansive projects are being financed given the limited resources available to the government.

With the introduction of local contents in the jobs being handled by the contractors; with OMEAL scheme that has women food vendors being empowered; with the involvement of artisans in school garments production; wealth is not only being equitably distributed across the social cadres, poverty is being alleviated in the state.

Security arrangement in the state is gaining quantum leap with the introduction of special anti-crime outfit tagged SAS with their red color vehicles and a chopper to aid aerial surveillance. One cannot but just want to listen to the state radio (104.5) that constantly reinforces the attitudinal change upon which the government started its social reengineering in the state, the OMOLUABI doctrine. What about series of innovations? “OYES”, “OPON IMO” among others.

The government is also not arrogant by distancing itself from the people after winning the mandate of the people; it constantly meets with the people at the grassroots in different communities to feel firsthand the pulse of the people. The government also carries it further by encouraging her citizens to be conscious of their health through “Walk to Live” program. Only recently, the government introduced another innovation to make life more robust for its workforce through the “ALIVE” smart card that serves a multipurpose.

There is no doubt that the government in Osun has met the benchmark of the desideratum of government and the most important of it all is the peace and tranquility that compliments the living spring.

No doubt some few people love chaos because it is under confusion that they thrive but majority of the people want to live in peace and progress and on the basis of that, the majority will most probably vote for continued peace, progress and development. A comparison of the two governments powered by two different political parties shows a remarkable contradiction as earlier adumbrated. While one era represented Darkness, the other has provided light, one nurtured Evil the other offers goodness and love, the preceding one aligned and was inclined to retrogression while the current one promotes progress steadily.

As if it is possessed, the party of darkness chose a candidate that brings back the memory of yet to be healed wounds. A curse will reign on the society that has as its head, someone who is under curse. A cursed person may be rich, may be successful, and may be powerful but if made a king, bizarre occurrences will be happening at intervals when God shows His anger.

The good people Osun are expected to rise to the challenges and display the OMOLUABI trait by rewarding a government that has done so much within a short period and strictly speaking, they will not be rewarding the government but themselves and the future of their children.