Femi Ajayi's Outlook

Monday, December 12, 2016

Prof. Femi Ajayi



hen you professionally designed and constructed a home of your dream and the situations at the end of the production are changing, not meeting up with your taste anymore, common sense, if and when applied, dictates that you should do some re-adjustments to the house, or completely abandon the house for a new one. For any human being to say that the way the house was at the time of construction, could not be altered for over the years of staying in the house, could be tagged as being conceptually slothful to meet up with the changes in the family growth. The family size has increased, the taste of the owner of the house and other additional family members have changed, and the community where the structure is situated has changed, whereas the world where they reside, has advanced to the immediate current conditions. For any rational person to say that restructuring the country is a counter move against any group in Nigeria, is not part of the changing world.

Nigeria should wake up for the call to adjust its thinking faculty to something Nigerians need not want, that could accommodate the direction of the world and subscribe to the changes, as the world is becoming a global village.

Nigeria has to decentralize the crippling, too powerful, unproductive Central Government, where most redundant people go for unproductive jobs in politics. Politics is supposed to be for those who have the spirit of fair redistribution of the national resources at heart, with the fear of God, for the average suffering humankind, for a progressive society.

At the local level, if and when you discover mineral deposits in Obbo-Aiyegunle, the investors are empowered to explore the Mineral deposits, employ some local workers, the 'imported' workers are encouraged to reside in the town, which will justifiably beneficiary to the community, as the employees would reside within the community. Eventually, there would be improvements on some infrastructure, the basic power supply, adequate water supply, good road network, medical facilities within the community. There will be adequate accountability and the neighboring communities will develop.

That is part of developing and adequately grow the country, not the federal government controlling all the available resources in Nigeria. Fayemi cannot adequately supervise the mineral resources in the country without allying with the local communities.

The purpose of election into the Legislature, particularly at the national level is to give service to the nation and not redirecting that for their personal services or the interest of National Assembly members, at the expense of the nation. It appears to have been the mindset, and practice within the National Assembly, since the beginning of this present democratic dispensation, 1999.

Where is patriotism among the current-day average Nigerian politician? Where is the commitment? Where is the service? The budget padding saga reminds us of the devil in the mindset of an average Legislators, while calling stronger devils, so that Nigeria would not be worse than when was colonized.

Corruption must be fought holistically.

Furthermore, the Federal makers, under the pretenses of representing their communities, the returns of their representation is narrowly redistributed to the hungry citizens. They are selfish individuals, who would never listen to the right advice and would always abide by their narrow thoughts of enriching themselves at the expense of the hungry citizens. Unfortunately, public servants under some indolent Governors, owes up to seven months salaries, while some of them pay a token percentage of their legally earned salaries. Unfortunately the Legislators are watching with bitter smiles. Nigerians should make them positively legislate for a limited number of months in a year; reduce the number of Senators to only one or at most two per State; members of the House of Representatives be reduced and increase the population they represent. When you have too many of them at the National Assembly, the results is what we get now (2016), indolence, mental laziness, Budget Paddling, the only thing they go to the National Assembly for. There should be no acceptable excuse to address the issues that affect their respective communities.

The Senators play the game of rampaging Nigerian intelligences, pretending to be standing for justice, whereas their moral application is absent, chairing an important arm of the good governance, legislature, as to make laws that would re-shape the direction of the dilapidated country where nothing works.

Common sense, if applied, should inform the Legislators that there should be no energy placed on discordant issues, like religion, which is supposed to unite the country, as practiced in Yorubaland, should not come to the Green Chamber for debate. It is unfortunate that the HOR should be working on a bill which seeks to establish Ecclesiastical Court of Appeal in the 36 states of the Federation and Federal Capital Territory, which has scaled through the second reading on the floor of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, December 6, 2016, to pass the Sharia Court of Appeal for Nigeria. What a blatant disgrace to the wise people who left governance to boobs as they expect the best from their follies.

Nigeria must restructure.

Although the Buhari's phenomenon of attempting to provide strong leadership, based on his vaunted integrity, sets the administration's search light on the judicial to fight corruption. The arrest of some top level Judges, is an indication that the Nigeria public establishment is rot to the bone. I believe that the EFCC reacted to the request that fighting corruption in Nigeria, has to start from the top, the president, vice president, Senate president, Speaker of the House, Chief Justice of Nigeria, while the Chief Justices, should be tried for graft. Nigerians have to sit together to find way forward.

Insecurity in Nigeria is persistently rising. Statistics on Terrorism reveals that Fulani-Herdsmen terrorists in Nigeria is the fourth deadliest terror group in the world. In efforts to beat the encroachment of Sahara Desert, non-availability of grasses in the North, the Herdsmen are migrating to the south, aggressively attacking any obstacles obstructing their flocks, may not be naturally count against them. However, their barbaric acts in the face of survival, attacking and killing human beings, destroying crops, and obstructing traffic on the highways, avoiding crossing of river, to get to the roads again, not in the Cities.

What a joke for the senate committee on agriculture, Chaired by ex-Governor of Nasarawa State, to recommend that the importation of cattle feeding could be solution, discarding the idea of local production, providing investment opportunities to Nigerians, with more job opportunities for unemployed Nigerian Youth. Unfortunately we could imagine what he did for Nasarawa State for eight years, possibly he imported his wife and exported his children to study abroad at the expense of the people of Nasarawa State; thinking of importing the pastures from the United States as a quick way of 'exporting' his 'goodies' from the contractor that might won that indenture.

There was an attack by the Fulani Herdsmen in July 2016, and the stand for water drip for the patient is so rust that it could infect the patient. Treating patients with such a rust material is a mental sickness of the Hospital Management.

Wounded security man, Jimi Aido, attached to one of the affected farms, Ardis Farm, attacked by suspected Fulani herdsmen at Lagun, Lagelu Local Council of Oyo State...PHOTO: NAJEEM RAHEEM

In a lawless country like Nigeria, the militants are taking law into their hands for illegally requesting for what belongs to their communities. Unfortunately, those in the center apathetically refuse to fairly and adequately redistribute the resources from their communities. At the source of getting Nigeria revenue must be adequately taking care of, especially the environment. Nigerians need to talk and adjust the overall arrangements of Resource Control commotion.

Boko Haram has done the same thing, whereas leaders in their communities might have compromised its existence. Playing politics with the Chibok Girls are not healthy, giving some conditions to release more Girls. Obtusely showing that the Government does not have adequate intelligent reports where the girls are kept, and who is keeping and feeding them? Some inanity Nigerians, dressing like clowns, with some stinking obnoxious orifice, would go live on Nigerian Television, congratulating the Government for the job well done. Definitely the claim of crushing the Boko Haram and still negotiating with them is something to ponder about.

There is no Nigerian issue that has not been polarized religiously through the ethnic eyes. Unfortunately, sentiment has taking the center stage of our mind. Again, Nigeria needs to fight corruption. Under no circumstances must any reasonable person stand with corruption which has overstayed its usefulness, and must be discarded in all ramifications. It take the combination of integrity and intelligence to fight corruption. The foundation of the present structure is absolutely on corruption. Show me one man who is in power at any level in Nigeria who can declare the sources of funds that brought him to power, and I will point you a dissembler. Keeping that arrangement while fighting corruption is a fallacy and contradiction.

Let us remind ourselves what Harry Truman once stated "You can't get rich in politics unless you're a crook".

Ironically, most Nigerian politicians go into politics to get rich. Instead of using the resources for the progress of their respective communities, they resolved into buying exotic cars, dress like chief of termites, and export their wealth across Nigerian borders, feeding their lifespan five-month old pregnancies.

Enquiry mind might ask what EFCC and ICPC have been waiting for, since 2006, the double standard in the implementation of the Sharia law in Zamfara State, when Senator Yerima, an unrepentant Pedophile, was allegedly diverted the sum of N425, 491,736.75 from the N1billion for other purposes, including assistance to INEC, furniture allowances, consultancy fees, Ramadan feedings, hajj and purchase of cars, and got married to a 13-year old girl, in January 2016. We believe he should be tried with the Sharia Law so that he could experience what the man who stole goat thief from the market then who lost his limps.

Instead for the retired generals to help in some disaster areas and in the urgency of good roads, with the so-called Engineers, they rushed into politics and keep on siphoning public resources available to the country. More so retired Generals, Military Administrators, and a Senate President still rigging to be part of the unhealthy pilfering from the public. They are still struggling to be politically active without opportunities for the country future leaders learning the curve for the future of Nigeria. When are they going to relax and rest and put their experiences into use in some other areas of need by the society?

Some are still against restructuring the country suitable for "We the People".

Most of these embezzlements have been diverted into Dubai, another London, holding expensive wedding, birthday events in recent times. We are glad that the administration is going to UAR to recover the looted resources which could had accommodated Nigerians residing Abroad to invest in Nigeria and made some positive contributions to the country. IMF once advised that the Nigerian economy is very strong to sustain its population and beyond, not to think of borrowing money from IMF. It sounds weird and unusual for Nigeria to be asking for a loan of $29.6 billion while Buhari administration has recovered more than that from the Government plunderers.

UAR is no longer a safe haven. Possibly the administration should be looking at some Asian countries, even the coldest place on the planet where we found Nigerians hiding their loots, should be sightsaw.

Unfortunately, corruption runs in the vein of an average Nigerian public service. In as much as the operators of public agencies refused to do what is right, corruption will linger on. Nigerian public system is absolutely corrupt as there is no saintly man that would be in the system and would come out unpolluted.

A country where leadership does not know the moral obligation to step aside if and when under investigation. Your innocence would be proved if the authorities do their honest job without being restricted or coaxed. It brings the path of honor and respect in all ramifications.

In the United States of America, Well Fargo CEO resigned and apologized to his teeming customers for the allegation. Former British Prime Minister, Cameroon accepted his mismanagement of his father's proceeds in Panama Papers, and eventually resigned over the EU failed campaign. Honorably, Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíđ Gunnlaugsson, took the path of honor, resigned from office, on the Panama Papers.

Some could be experiencing political scapegoats, caged in the lion den, as all politicians or governors might had not fully declared their assets from Obasanjo of 1999 to Buhari of 2016.Is this the appropriate process of fighting corruption where witnesses are being hiding away from the cases taking more than six years to come into conclusion. A sixth grade student, with full authority of the Constitution, can set his agents to investigate where Mr. Crayon kept his ill-gotten wealth of over 10 years with the rat trap. (Picture of rat trap)

The government officials, starting with the law makers, who have mortgaged the peoples' minds with donations and gifts in the name of Constituency projects. They have made their positions and responsibilities unrepairable burden to an average Nigerian, without fear of God at heart. Unfortunately, the various government level executives, have tailored their executive responsibilities to their advantages, whereas the judiciary has increased its body weight with the fats from arbitrating unethically.

Over ten years past, Tuesday, May 2, 2006, I wrote on "…: ''I AM NIGERIA, THE CHANGES BEGIN WITH ME'' published on www.nigeriaworld.com. Among other things mentioned; "The problem with Nigerian leadership rests also with the Followership, Nigerians. I would argue that people's mentality determines the type of leaders they want. Unfortunately, Nigerians have not learned to accept that leaders are to serve and not to be turned into demigods. The elected or appointed leaders were encouraged by the followers to be corrupt at the expense of providing services for the community…Most Nigerians agree that the country, so blessed with 'everything' that could make a great nation, is being poorly managed by the leaders and some legally blind and mentally derailed followers that no one seems to see a single thing done by any of the Nigerian leaders. More so, when an individual points out what the 'bad' leaders are doing good, some Followership, Nigerians, start labeling that individual as sycophant, bootlicker, looking for favors, contracts, positions, or in a business partner with the individuals, or his/her tribe man. The moment you point out something good about a particular program done by the 'bad' leader, you are a praise singer and with names that should not be mentioned in the print media."

Partly, thinking mentality of most Nigerians was displayed by the wife of Nigerian President, Aisha Buhari who stated that Buhari is surrounded by people reaping where they did not sow. Regardless who voted for Buhari, once he won the election, the country becomes his constituency. Where Aisha Buhari sowed is in Buhari's family tripartite rooms of Entertainment, Kitchen and the Other Room, which qualified her to be at the UNO with domestic portfolio. Buhari surrounded himself with some of his family at the UNO, contributing to the distraction of the members, gawking at their entertainment at the UNO where their contributions to the world affairs is by displaying the members of Buhari's family.


Buhari would defend their presence at the UNO that "My Family Used Personal Resources to Travel to New York without Government Funds." Did they travel on the private aircraft, or public airline, while their security agents terminated in Nigeria? They did not claim any allowances and stay at the Hotel which Buhari personally paid for, not in the Government bill? The resources that were not available prior to been elected as the President, are now fully available to be spent 'anyhow'.

Possibly the prizes of cow has tripled in the Nigerian Economic recession.

Credible leadership is needed in Nigeria. Buhari has been in and out of the country under one meeting or the other.

While the stakeholders need to gather to adjust the country. Nigeria situation could not be corrected overnight. It would take years, if not generations, to rebuild the country with very solid incorruptible foundation. Everyone has to take some pains to get Nigeria back on track. Unfortunately, Nigerians made bad leaders. Possibly Nigerians have to turn around the ugly part of Nigerian leaders to some positive levels by re-negotiating and reconstructing the Country.