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Femi Ajayi's Outlook

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Prof. Femi Ajayi



ome Nigerian Groups are agitating for a Republic within a Republic, because they are not thrilled with the way things are going in Nigeria. A group wants to split, forgotten the impact of the 30-month Nigerian Civil War. Another group is clamoring for the installation of a single religion for Nigeria, through the use of force, while Nigerian President would have the guts to say that Nigeria Unity is settled and not negotiable. The South West is pointing to that part of negotiation by agitating for a return to the Regional arrangements. That claim has been strongly supported by the political stakeholders from the South-East and South-South geopolitical zones of Nigeria, as demonstrated by their attendance of the Yoruba Nation Summit on Restructuring in Ibadan, Friday, September 8, 2017.

There might be a sectional arrogance which indicates majority of the kidnappers are from the South and Boko Haram issue is only with the North.

Disappointedly Nigeria is nailed as a nation.

While other nations are doing great things, equipping and empowering their young people and unleashing them for greatness, Nigeria is massacring their own children and young people believing everything they have been fed with, since the beginning of this nascent democracy (1999), using Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. Where is that visionary leader that is needed at this time of Nigeria life as a result of the 'Two Headed Dragon of Ethnicity and Religion'?

The mentality of Buhari's speech writer myopically included the unity of Nigeria is settled and that 'the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable', into the short vague speech; or possibly Buhari misread that part.

As a matter of fact, Nigeria Unity is negotiable.

Unfortunately, the semi-demi--educated Northern Youth ultimatum for the Igbos to leave that part of Nigeria by October 2017, revised by its leaders, informed right thinking fellows how Northern leaders have failed their Youth that in Unity, Nigeria could move Mountains.

Even Nigerians still have to negotiate the rodents chasing the Nigerian president out from his office, as things stood still in his absence, which gave rats the opportunity to take over his office. Things were at standstill while Buhari was away for medical attention in London.

Ironically, some parochial advisers to the President would come out to say that Nigeria is out of the artificially created recession without any indicators, while some androids jubilated at the announcement, by the smooth operator in the Presidency, that all is well in Nigeria. While most Nigerians still go on unavoidable hunger strike, resolving into inhuman activities, just to survive, shown on the faces of distressed average Nigerian; and Buhari's magic of making N1.00 equals to $1.00 is yet to materialize; the recession artificially created in the midst of the God-given Humans and Natural resources; wasting away the Youth that could had been useful 'tomorrow'. Does the country has to wait until Buhari is out in his degenerating mental capacity to continue his Constitutional responsibilities before actions are taking to move Nigeria forward?

Nigeria was in suspense throughout Buhari's 'dark days' in London, which gave the country the impression that his uninspiring six-minute speech was insensitive, divisive, hateful, and threatening; falsifying his illness as Prostrate Cancer, which an average Black male would have to go through in their life span.

Unfortunately, the speech author felt short of the situations in Nigeria, as Nigerians are still struggling to realistically accommodate his undisclosed illness with prayers. That sympathy has yielded some negative impacts on some Nigerian elites just for the incorruptible belief held by most Nigerians of Buhari, who is destroying Nigeria's fledgling democracy, unchecked, who see nothing wrong in his unproductive administration apart from exposing the looters. What has happened to the monies collected and the accused in all areas?

It is really important for people to Stay Vigilant and understand that patriotism isn't fully believing in a particular administration. True patriotism is about fighting for your country and its dignity and making sure that citizens and Constitution of the country is protected and uplifted. Once we believe and protect a particular head of a country, then we lose sight of everything and that is the biggest sign of trouble to come. Nigerians should be concerned about when people say 'You can't say anything about the president.' We should all agree in a democracy where the country operates by a Constitution that protects the right to free speech, someone should be able to censoriously criticize the president; be able to hold the president accountable; expect more from the president without fear, without being looked at as someone who is unpatriotic. The allegiance of citizens is to the Constitution, their country, its Society and it is not about the particular person that is the head of the country. Real patriotism is to Nigeria but not to the president.

The Nigeria dependant on oil being the energy source needed by the world, while around the world, people are exercising and utilizing their God-given Talents and Brains to develop other sources of energy; meanwhile Nigerian leaders are wasting that gift away from an average Nigerian. USA, the highest purchasing customer of Nigeria oil, has abandoned Nigerian oil and gas. USA is abandoning the oil, gas and even solar as means of generating energy.

As we just learned, the American economy is in the midst of an economic expansion unlike any other in its history. United States America GDP is up, unemployment is down, and it is making technological breakthroughs at a more rapid rate than ever in the midst of sudden changes in the political landscape of America. With this growth, oil cannot keep up with it. It is not efficient enough to keep up with the enormous demands of all the technological innovations of the past decade.

Fortunately, a new universal fuel for rapidly expanding economy has been discovered. And it is not solar, wind, geothermal, or any of the other alternative energy sources. It is 1,693X "Superfuel" more powerful than Oil, unearthed in the Andes Mountains. These mysterious crystals contain what MIT researchers call energy's "Holy Grail." It could power a car for over 50 years on one tank. And it could make OPEC completely archaic in terms of power source. Quietly, technology giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are getting into technologies that couldn't survive without it. And the companies that once controlled 88 percent of the world's supply just cannot keep up.

What Rats are doing to Nigeria Unity

Unfortunately, Nigeria is still playing the Rat Game on its perceived source of its oil. Taking Nigerians for a ride to claim that Rodents or Rats chased out the Lion of the Aso Rock Office for the medically unfit Buhari to work at home. Meanwhile the Rat Association of Nigeria, RAN, has kicked against the allegation, as the National chairman Comrade Ntapia O. Ntapia, claimed that "We respect protocols, our members don't cross National Red Lines. We are peaceful and law-abiding citizens as we are found in every home across the country. We therefore urge the general public to disregard the allegation." What a national shame, mockery and disgrace, to say the least.

Nigeria at Stand-still while President is Taking Sick Leave Working at Home

Buhari appreciated "every Nigerian who prayed for my quick recovery." As it has been myopically established that Nigeria is a prayer warrior country, as most Nigerian prayers never reflect their human behaviors after leaving the prayer venue. An average American Caucasian would stop to help a charcoal colored man from Ghana, when his car broke-down on a chilly winter. Whereas a Nigerian would put on that Nigerianized behavior of duping, kidnapping, disfiguring his fellow human beings for extortion, making them cry all their life, despite the fervent prayers offered at the praying venue. Most Nigerians lost their patience on him as he equally agreed that "those who lost patience with me". The coordinated efforts of Nigerians and friends of Nigerians, mocking the country and its citizens, home and abroad, sniffed him out from London. We agree with Buhari's claim that every minute lost in the Nigerian public service, is a serious disservice to humanity. We thank God his beloved son, the VP, who held the fort very well for him without a clear-cut authority what he had to do for his 'father'; saying that Nigeria Unity is settled and non-negotiable whereby the Constitutional VP could not apply his sense freely.

USA VP visits Texas flood victims, while Nigerian VP, Buhari's Beloved Son, visits Benue flood Victims, when will Nigerians learn?

We sympathize with Buhari on his undisclosed illness which ought to have attracted more sympathy for him and fervent prayers endorsed by God. When illness get to a point of misplacing the alphabets, it is courageous, human and ethical to honorably step aside so that someone could intelligently tackle man-made Nigeria humongous problems. Human beings would continue to pray for Buhari; hoping that when it gets to a point when he could not make sense out of decency, Nigeria would take action.

Nigerian hope that the claim that his family absorbs his medical bills in London Medical Tourism without inflating his medical allowances as Nigerian Number Citizen, including the Nigerian Air Force One parked in London for over 100 Days, is left to be desired. Could Nigerian public servants get medical attention anywhere of their choice across the globe? That policy that no medical service for Public Servants outside Nigeria should be repealed. Leading by example negate his absence from duty for over 100 days, without disclosing the nature of his illness.

Buhari is right to state that his debt to Nigeria on his promises have to come with some accomplishments.

Would his health or medical condition cooperate for his heart desires for the country? Would it be reasonable to have someone to continue with the work of bringing the country together not dividing it with the "Two Headed Dragon of Ethnicity and Religion". Buhari's medical treatment in London bills could had been spent to build a reliable Medical Center in Abuja to treat any illness including chronic ear infection which prevent Buhari from hearing Citizens' wish; or unknown illness that Native Doctors could had resolved.

Buhari 'remaining days as your [Nigeria] president', would result into his resignation soonest if and when he is medically unfit as certified genuine Professional. According to Buhari, "I will not always be with you. [Hummmm] But I know that Nigeria will always be with you." Nigerians are awaiting for his promise, or dream, as part of the change, establishing a high class Medical Tourism in Nigeria; the country blessed with highly qualified Medical Personnel all over the World, developing other parts of the world, while subjecting Nigerians into fishing baits for medical services. About N420m has been given to every State as seed money to revitalize the primary health centers by World Bank to save one million lives. Where is Governors' accountability?

Unfortunately, in 1984, Dr. Isaac Adewole, the current Buhari's Health Minister, was President of National Association of Resident Doctors. NARD went on strike then, he was fired as its president, and he went on exile when Buhari Junta declared him wanted. Today, September 2017, this same man is Buhari's Health Minister and Doctors are on strike, demonstrating 'Me, Myself, and I' mentality.

Buhari administration cannot claim to "have stabilized the Naira and the economy" with the escalating unstable Dollar exchanges, causing artificial scarcity, storing away hard currencies. While Nigerians give his administration the credit for Conditional Cash Transfer Programme and his martial fight against corruption. At least Nigerians know the rot in the country's public service and their different methods of keeping the loots away exposed. That is a pointer to Nigerians in their choice of their leaders.

Octavia Butler has advised that "Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought. To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears. To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool. To be led by a thief is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen. To be led by a liar is to ask to be told lies. To be led by a tyrant is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery."

We agree that the wings of corruption are temporarily disabled, not totally clipped. Buhari should reload, re-strategize and refocus in the fight against corruption.

Incidentally Buhari claimed that he wants to balance the seats in the House of Representative to make it fair to all. An inquiry mind would ask 'How' and with 'What'? There must be something he smelt from the House of Representatives, not the Rats waste from his office. We believe that he is right to some point about getting House of Representatives right, as most members of the National Assembly and Council of States are from the North to deal with Nigeria problem. That is a challenge, as most Nigerians do not have the strongest faith on them, based on their antecedents and pursuance of their private ends, as opposed to national issues.

Ironically, there have been too much of these unproductive sweet tongue Nigerian leaders. Buhari's uncoordinated speech circuitously referenced Resource Control by the States, as one areas needed for negotiation, which is responsible for the disunity in all areas of progress. Would balancing the tilted representation in the House of Representatives change that, without their constituencies' voice? It is of age and time to put on some actions instead of the unyielding salvation from the rodent frights.

Unfortunately the country is grounded with non-progressive Legislators to address the plight of most dejected Nigerians.

Whereas decentralization, another area of negotiation, must be applied on the powerful Nigeria center government, addressing what most Nigerians have been yearning for. More power to the States. Is there any magic to that? Or just to pacify the country without any road map? Rotational Presidency even if not qualified but mentally and physically fit. What happened to Jonathan Confab reports implementation, possibly with adjustments? Or Buhari totally disagree with the reports applying that Military mentality, while designing a waste of resources again after Obasanjo, Jonathan confabs. The two confabs show what ought to have been worked toward unity negotiation.

Nigerians have been deceived for too long with such branded sympathetic speeches. The undisclosed natural illness have made Buhari a failure due to no fault of his, failing to allow his 'beloved son', the VP to do justice, as he thinks fit, as the inventive Senior Advocate of Nigeria, not the cash and carry of latter day saints.

Nelson Mandela, of great memory, once said, "The world will not respect Africa until Nigeria earns that respect. The Black people of the world are looking up to Nigeria to be a source of pride and confidence. Every Nigerian citizen should be made to understand this truth."

Nigeria unity needs civilian in-put not the artificial divided Military Constitution. Negotiate the Country Unity for the sake of the country's future Generation. When Nigeria erode the "Two Headed Dragon of Ethnicity and Religion" from its public service, which is Buhari thought of "unity can only come if we create an equitable and just nation".

The anomalies are bred from the Ethnic and Religious dissent.