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Monday, August 25, 2014

Prof. Femi Ajayi



In his 'born again' tone, he claimed to be ready to listen at the eleventh hour when the attention is on election. SIA got too comfortable with the platter of Gold provided by the crack created by the Ogun State PDP crisis. He went feral as soon as he assumed the office in 2011, like the chicken just let out of the cage; demolishing structures including homes without adequate compensation, halting and disengaging his predecessor's public programs. Can leopard change its color?"

here have been some serious debates as to the status of the current Ogun State Governor, measuring his performances in the last over three years he took over the affairs of the State Government.

Is it that 'Amosun Must Go', 'Amosun Has Gone' or 'Amosun Must Rule'.

Some look at him as a Vengeful Governor who would hardly forgive those that threw pellets at his administration. Some look at him as a Performing Governor who is good in Road Construction, especially the flyer over with the installation of Air-condition, as dividend of Democracy. Some argue that Road network is part of his responsibilities to network the communities and not dividend of Democracy; based on the blueprint on road network of the previous administration, he is expected to do better job in that respect, which he is doing; but not with the installation of Air Condition on one of the Fly overs, at the expense of the State Teaching Hospital without adequate power supply. Therefore, his performance on road construction is not a big deal.

Some opined that he is taking lessons from the outcome of Ekiti elections to start implementing his election promises at the eleventh hour. That leaves us with the question with the possibility of the Leopard changing its colors; sustaining his promises when he resumes the second term. Some school opined, also that those benefitting from the promises should expect surprises of their working careers after wining the election. He would have nothing to loose then. Okete gun ori iroko oju ode wada, literarily interpreted that the rat ran to the top of the iroko tree, the hunter becomes helpless.

Severance pay, Tuition fees, leading to the shut down of Olabisi Onabanjo University, among others, are still lingering, among other promises.

Politics aside, what do people gain from installing Air Conditioner in a Fly-Over in the Tropical region, whereas a Teaching Hospital established in a strategic location in 1987 is yet to have a regular power supply. Ogun State is the pride of many citizens across the world with its first in Education-cum literature, Entertainment Industry, Health, Business, Media, and even in Politics. Reacting to issues, without politicking, is a challenge to the 2015 elections for the State.

I doubt if Amosu agrees with the statement that all Obas in Yorubaland are "useless" and "sell out", with the exception of Oba of Lagos, Awujale of Ijebuland and the third Oba under mask; without uttering a statement like Osun State Governor that "Yoruba Obas are the custodian of Yoruba culture"; mild enough for him to win his re-election; while Ekiti vehemently refused to be painted "useless" and "sell out" in the re-election of Fayemi.

Amidst the "useless" and "sell out" Yoruba Obas, Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu I, on August 18, 2014 in Lagos, promised to reveal roles played by some Yoruba Obas during Abacha's regime, after 2015 elections. Why is Oba of Lagos waiting till after 2015 elections, after Tinubu made this statement, exonerating Oba of Lagos, Awujale of Ijebuland and one other unnamed Oba. If Oba Rilwan Akiolu should mention their names now, it would help some Governors in their re-election bids.

Once in a while, on some important issues like this, we publish some of our readers' reactions unedited, with some arguments for some transparency; guiding the informed electorates to make some educated decision in February 2015.

The political heat is on:

Happy reading!

Toyin: Dear Prof., The last time I went to my home town in Ijebu Ode, I wanted to cry from 30 years of neglect and devastation. Then I saw all the demolition from Amosu's lackluster performance, claiming he wanted to build roads, I felt like I was in the war torn Iraq. Even in the US where roads are built and resurfaced almost every four years, very seldom do they knock down anybody's home. If they have to, they will buy the homes and pay before any demolition happens. The last resource of any road in Ijebu Ode was probably during the time of Awolowo. Our people are so oppressed and demoralized; no one had the guts to challenge the demolition. That is why I wanted to cry. If our home had been one of them, I would have sued him everywhere including the US and banned his presence from every advanced country. I enjoyed your excellent article. Here's a link to my two cents when it comes to Nigeria. State Creation Divides "Clueless" Nigerian Delegates By Toyin Dawodu, Regards, Toyin.

Femi: Thanks Toyin for your contribution. Nothing is wrong in re-newing a City. It has to be approached with some respect and adequate compensation to the people. Thanks for the link. God bless. Femi.

[email protected]: Dear Femi, Surely Gov. Ibikunle has not lived up to his name.

Femi: He has failed in the continuity most Nigerians yearn for. God bless. Femi.

Irunmole: Bitter sweet! Your sense of humour even with such a very serious subject matter is unbeatable-The pen is the tongue of the hand, the silent utterer of words for the eyes...Henry Beecher

Femi: Thanks Irunmole.

Adeoye: My dear Prof, I have just stumbled into a piece written by you and captioned as above. While not holding brief for Governor Amosun, and while not a member of the APC, I am mortified reading your article where you claim: 1.that Governor Amosun demolished structures such as homes without paying any compensation; and, 2.that Governor Amosun rubbished public programs embarked by his predecessor, namely, Governor Daniel. The Nigerian Constitution provides for compulsory acquisition of private property for public purposes subject to the payment of compensation which is to be determined by the High Court having jurisdiction over the area where the property is located. If you are referring to houses and/or shops demolished to make room for roads being constructed in Sagamu, Ijebu-Ode, Abeokuta among other towns in Ogun State, I want to say that the owners are not entitled to any compensation whatsoever because they are in violation of existing building codes..giving the right of way to future public roads. In any event, I am aware of the fact that those homes or shops were demolished at least in Sagamu were paid some compensation which I consider ex-gratia. With due respect, I do not know of what public programs that were initiated by Governor Daniel except may be Stadia or markets in Abeokuta, Sagamu, Ijebu-Ode as well as some houses in Ijebu-Ode. But I am aware of public assets (hotels, Polytechnics, Ikenne Rubber Plantation and Farm Settlements among others) regarded as the patrimony of the State, held in trust by the Government for the people, that were privatised for peanuts by the Daniel Administration. I am also aware of public assets such as Judges' Quarters that were acquired for patently private purposes, which amounted to abuse of public trust or public office. Those of us who were born in the 40s and saw what the late Sage(Chief Obafemi Awolowo) did as the Premier of Western Nigeria can not but marvel at the road projects embarked by Governor Daniel using the so-called OGROMA.I refer to the Sagamu-Ikenne, Ilishan-Ago-Iwoye Roads as well as the Obafemi-Awolowo Avenue in Ikenne, my country home.These roads should have been left alone the way they are rather than subjecting residents and motorists to agonising and harrowing experiences such as flooding and impassable roads when we have heavy downpour of rains in Ikenne for example. Yet these roads which were disgraceful were commissioned by President Jonathan shortly before the 2011 General Elections as completed projects! Almost all the electric poles put on the uncompleted and yet commissioned Sagamu-Ikenne road were felled down by heavy rainstorms the night the lights were commissioned with Standby Generators! What a public deceit and failure? These are the roads that Governor Amosun has made spirited efforts to make motorable apart from what is being done all over the State to promote economic development in the State.We can all see these roads unless we are being insincere. You note in your brief article that Governor Amosun gave peanut car loans to civil servants, and that Governor Amosun embarked on construction of some houses, which in your view, can be described as rabbit hutches. Apologies to the Japanese who build rabbit hutches because of land hunger. At least, he deserves some kudos. He was not elected to reward friends and punish enemies by denying them amenities. Bamanga Tukur once told Nigerians that the PDP is a party formed principally to dispense patronage. We can see what some APC Governments did with the resources available to them. Exactly, what has the Federal Government controlled by the PDP since May 1999 done to improve the living standards of millions of Nigerians given available resources? My Prof, I am not asking you not to put any non-performing government to public scrutiny. But we need to be more objective and detached as academics to be taken seriously. If I wanted top public offices and if I needed money very badly in the late 80s and 90s I would have joined some of my colleagues in serving ANY GOVERNMENT IN POWER. It is better for me to die in penury than engage in primitive accumulation of capital and in the process allow my contemporaries and neighbours to sneer at me.I am satisfied with what it has pleased God to give me and I do not need more. I am sure you and members of your family are doing okay. Regards.

Femi: Thanks Sir, I appreciate your thought-provoking positive contribution to the piece. I equally applaud your principles upon which most of us stand. That is not wanting to be messed up with Government top jobs. I have turned down several in the past. We all agree that in any civilized society there is the spirit of continuity as most of what were done by the previous administration, in any system, are mostly for the citizens. Once you demolish any program done by the previous administration, in my book, you have erred. While I don't have to be mentioning A, B, C of the first year of Amosun's administration on a serious war path with the most recent administration before he took the mantle of leadership, sir. We are all living witnesses to that, if we are going to be honest with ourselves. Sir, what does he want to gain by installing Air-Conditioner on the pedestrian bridge in a Tropical Country, while a Teaching Hospital in the State has to rely on Generators to operate? Please think about that Sir. The Power Generating Plant on the premise of that Hospital, almost completed, was abandoned. The connection, of that same Hospital with the PHCN Grid, for direct power supply, was abandoned. That is enough to get someone to be very critical of his administration. Severance pay is for anyone who serves the government at that particular time. It is not for us to categorize them differently from ex-political appointees. If he has a score to settle with the previous administration, he should not punish the innocent citizens who served in the administration. He has to pay them. As for the demolished structures, the compensation must be adequate, regardless, given the Nigeria policy implementation process. As mentioned in the piece there is no perfect Government in the world, most especially in Nigeria, as I hold no brief for no one, and I hate to compare administrations as they serve on different circumstances. We hope the road would be completed before his term ends. Sometimes we publish these comments for our readers to read others' opinion. Thanks for asking about my family. We are doing all right over here in the States. God bless.

Yombo: Sir, As I started reading your latest piece and got to "demolishing structures including homes without compensation,", I decided to stop because I have a classmate and physician colleague, Dr Tayo Apampa of Korede Hospital, Abeokuta who informed me several months ago (at least about two years) that he got sizeable compensations for two of his hospitals that were affected by urban renewal process going on in Abeokuta. Even the government gave a grace of several months to rebuild the hospital at Kugba before the demolition which has not happened now. I have reasons to travel to Aiyetoro, Owode Egba/Mowe and Ijebu-Ode recently and I saw the road infrastructures going up. I wonder how the common people would have kept quiet if they have NOT been compensated. The question will always be is the compensation enough. In my conversation with Tayo, I told him that if he had the ear of the governor, his electioneering slogan should be Ebenezer Obey's song: "KOS'OGBON TO LE DA, KOSI IWA TO LE WU, KOSI ONA TO LE TO, TO LE FI TE AIYE LORUN, OOOOO!!" Even the inimitable Chief Obafemi Awolowo had enemies. Should I mention Jesus Christ? Sir, you need more depth, research, and scientific data in your contribution to remain credible in the academic field which your students and admirers look forward to. Please, endeavour to be less partisan. I know it is difficult but that is expected of NOTABLE and CREDIBLE political commentators. With kind regards. Yombo.

Femi: Thanks Sir, I always treat your comments with very high respect and regard Sir, since I fell in love with your work at Eruwa, and I am temporarily helpless to assist. How I could assist in my crudest way is still in my thoughts. Ekiti has shown us the way to go about politics, Fayose promised to continue with Fayemi's programs, to keep his legacy, while Fayemi conceded just like that. That is not what we witnessed in Ogun State. Not all of those affected were compensated. At least someone very close to me did not get his dues as of the time that piece was published. Here is what someone just sent to me, after reading the piece, for your consumption, Sir. There is always two sides to the coin. The last time I went to my home town in Ijebu Ode, I wanted to cry from 30 years of neglect and devastation. Then I saw all the demolition from Amosu's lackluster performance, claiming he wanted to build roads, I felt like I was in the war torn Iraq. Even in the US where roads are built and resurfaced almost every four years, very seldom do they knock down anybody's home. If they have to, they will buy the homes and pay before any demolition happens. The last resource of any road in Ijebu Ode was probably during the time of Awolowo.Our people are so oppressed and demoralized, no one had the guts to challenge the demolition. That is why I wanted to cry. If our home had been one of them, I would have sued him everywhere including the US and banned his presence from every advanced country. Those that have the ears of the Governor would get the compensation; just like the on-going severance pay with just 12.5% paid and boasted that he has paid them all. He should stop politicizing the entitlements. He is promising to have paid the Hotel Managers. I still have my sources of information intact Sir. The road network should not be politicized in the first place. The demolished Golf Place pave way for the new Governor's mansion, like Fayemi started building APC Governor's mansion on the hill top. The Air-Conditioner Overhead Pedestrian Bridge that most people denied not to be true? While the most strategically located Teaching Hospital which ought to serve a large extent of people is left without electricity, while he abandoned the Power Generating Plant uncompleted, and abandoned the program to link the Hospital with PHCN directly. Is that not a fact Sir? Disrupting one of the best University of Education in the country for his political vengeance! The Olokola that is supposed to bring heavy investment on Refinery by Dangote to Ogun State to provide job opportunities, is being unnecessarily delayed. All in the name of dismantling, the previous administration's programs, instead of continuity, wasted public resources. You don't punish those who worked in the previous administration because you do not like him; I hate to use the word 'hate'. That is uncivilized, Sir. I'm breaking for now as more would come. God bless.

Yombo: Thanks, Sir, for your prompt reply. Yes, Fayemi has BECOME the first to concede in Nigeria. We hope Fayose WILL BECOME the first to keep his promise. What are the records of his first coming? Or the poultry shed without droppings was an imagination? I would love to know from you. This last mail is MORE SPECIFIC and MORE INFORMATIVE for voters to take a rational stand - what we physicians call INFORMED CONSENT. The whole scenario reminds me again of Ebenezer Obey's other philosophical song of THE MAN, HIS SON AND THE DONKEY. I have learnt to think and read globally BUT ACT locally which explains why we have thrived so well in the last THIRTY YEARS in Eruwa. You may then ask why our health system is so prostrate. CORRUPTION in ALL facets will explain all the challenges in Nigeria. The cause is the oil money NOT cocoa, palm oil, rubber and groundnut money as it was in the first republic. We expect public commentators to stress this FORCEFULLY. And, that is why there can be NO "AGBE KOYA"-type of response from the populace. Have a good day, Sir. Yombo.

Femi: Thanks Sir. We are all looking forward for Fayose to correct his past mistakes, for running race with his cohorts that time, from top to bottom; while Obasanjo held on as the Minister of that source of corruption in Nigeria as we all wished that oil should dry up completely, for each State to focus on their natural resources to build their respective communities; as no one dare come and capitalize of agric products or any other mineral resources to enrich themselves. I know the farmers in my village would come out with their cudgels to drive such individuals from their communities. Absolutely, tailoring your work alongside the local resources have been the pillar of your success, which was one of my direction, while at OOUTH, which I could not build upon, due to some un-civilized, thoughtless directions of those that were supposed to actualize that when I had the opportunity. Quite very unfortunate. India is striving on their local believe as we don't think it is the purely technology that is helping the country in all ramifications. The Ebenezer Obey's reference is equally applicable to what some of our politicians are taking for granted. Whatever the environment dictates should be the focus of their programs, which requires some adjustments here and there. With the hope that Fayose would live up to his promise to continue Fayemi's programs as opposed to what SIA did in Ogun State. That's wasteful to the meager resources in the community. If he hates OGD's guts, separate it from what actually affects the citizens. Deal with him separately. That is one of my disgusting feelings towards his administration. His refusal to even address the issue of what affects that Teaching Hospital and abandoned most of the programs put in place for the success of that Institution; hurts my feelings. Most things were in place including a Research Center for Prostrate and Breast Cancer, most especially, dumped the MOU signed with a University in Florida where the individual, who is from Ijebu-Ode, was directly in-charge. All these informed by disappointment of his administration. I left my lucrative job here in the States, as the first Black/Foreigner to head the Exam Development and Testing Unit of Professional Licensing Board, Office of Secretary of State, Atlanta, to build an Institution, and SIA ascended the Governorship and started dismantling strong foundations for the future growth in that aspect of people's life. That is part of what is responsible for the Health status in Nigeria today. Not all that OGD did was wrong, at least keep the good ones, and adjust some bad ones. No single Nigerian politician in the country, could claim being innocent or not CORRUPT. They are all guilty in one form or the other. Take for instance again Sir, the Diagnostic Center we worked so hard with McCure that was shattered, and Ondo State Governor capitalized on that to establish in Ondo State. Sir, for that short period I was there, there were many strong policies established, given the continuation of such could have soared the OOUTH higher; while strikes could have been minimized, at least not emanating from that Institution. Amosu is playing politics with the severance pay. Haba! Too bad Sir. I could go on Sir. Good morning from here Sir. I'm with my family here in Atlanta. Femi.

Yombo: Dear Sir, My teacher and mentor, Prof Olajide Ajayi, CON, as CMD and Provost, built that institution from the scratch with the support of several other professionals in the academia and more IMPORTANTLY his engagement with the COMMUNITY. It became the FIRST accredited state teaching hospital in Nigeria. He has worse experience than you have related. But, we thank God for his life that will be chronicled in an autobiography, UP AND ON!!, slated for presentation on 22nd July. I wished you would be there. However, if you give me your postal address, I would endeavour to send you one copy. Politicians and governments in the developing world behave like lowly animals that include the lion and the primate group (monkeys, baboons) to which we belong. When a new lion takes over a pride, it kills the offspring of the deposed leader to establish his reign quickly by getting the lioness into heat prematurely. Human beings rarely do that nowadays. But, in North America and Australia, the white people attempted such with the original owners of the land. As for Fayose, does the leopard change its spots? Time will tell. Let us not forget there is an element of coercion in the election process as we earlier elucidated very much, like what happened to Alliance for Democracy. Hoping Nigeria will be a better place by the time you retire home and you are most welcome at Eruwa. Ile ni abo simi oko. It is well with you, Sir, in Jesus Holy Name, Amen. Yombo.

Femi: Yes Sir, We communicated very well while I was there and up till now. It's getting to a point when some unprincipled Nigerians need stoppage. How I wished to be there. My address here is ... God bless, Sir. PFA

Yombo: "It's getting to a point when some unprincipled Nigerians need stoppage." is an uphill task that WILL NOT OCCUR VERY SOON. I will be satisfied if the south west remains peaceful because it is in a peaceful atmosphere that progress will be made as evidenced since 1970 despite decades of military rule. I have noted your postal address. God bless you, Sir. Yombo.

Femi: Peace is what we expect from our politicians for the South West not the "Rig" and "Roast" APC policy of Ancient Days, Sir. God bless. PFA.

Akindele: Dr Ajayi, reading your article suggests that all Amosun has done as governor, in your assessment, is of no benefit to Ogun State citizens in general. That is not the impression I got from local people in Abeokuta when I was there two weeks ago. Yes, water and electricity are still lacking and many roads are still very bad in the state. However, residents of Abeokuta expressed satisfaction about the governor for various reasons. (By the way, you stated in one of your old articles that Daniel was constructing roads all over Ogun State when he was governor. I remember responding to you then, that you were not reporting the truth about Daniel's government at that time based on what I saw when I visited Abeokuta and Ilaro then). The roads and bridges Amosun is constructing are visible throughout the state and are helping to ease congestion in strategic locations. You are correct, many people have not been paid for the hosues demolished to accommodate road expansion and modernization. However, many affected people that I met have been paid, and are not unhappy. Some that have not been paid, I understand, want more money than government evaluation of their property, and some have not been paid due to delay in ownership verification. In addition, I witnessed housing projects uncompleted by Daniel which Amosun is now working on. As you stated in your article, no government is perfect and Amosun's government is no exception. Governments can always be expected to do more. Ogun citizens' comments and valuations along with my own on-site observation indicate that Amosun has out performed Daniel by a wide margin. Not much of that was published in your articles. With respect to Tinubu's comments about the obas and chiefs being sell-outs, etc, which you keep mentioning in your articles, Amosun did not make the comments, and must not be held responsible for it, just because he has not come out openly to denounce it or dissociate himself from the statement. I am told by Ogun people that Amosun has a cordial relationship with the paramount rulers in the state. I remember that there was a major issue between the Egba rulers and Governor Daniel at a point in his regime which was apparently resolved later. My comments to you are from a frequent reader of your articles who visits home regularly, and not from someone with a political agenda. I do not know Daniel or Amosun personally. Please continue to write and urge the governors to improve on their performances and work to benefit their citizens. Maybe someday, somehow, your articles will cause some of them to do the right thing. But, let's call a spade a spade and avoid bias. Expose wrong-doings in your articles, but state positive actions truthfully also. Regards

Elerunwon: My Honorable brother, Engineer Femi Akindele, you are right on the point as always. The only reason I can personally see for such article as the Yoruba proverb says it is that: Esin Ota eni Kii ga. meaning your enemy's Horse is never high enough. We, the Natural Citizens of Ogun, particularly the Egbas see the difference, know the difference and can tell the difference therefore we can't be fooled by whatever anybody says about the current Administration in Ogun State. Just as another Yoruba proverb says it: Eni ti o je Oluwo, e je ki a ki toripe Eniyan kan ni ko je Oye Apeena. My brothers and Sisters, Oju lo mo oun ti o yo inu, idodo si ni ilaji ara. Ogun Progressives are happy with all we're seeing. God bless. Prinncekay Elerunwon.

Femi: Good day Sir, Sharing my response to Femi without repeating my comments here: God Bless. Femi.

Femi: Good day my brother, I appreciate your expressed opinion in response to my piece on Amosun. We should note that every single human being is naturally biased, including researchers, which informed their research topics which are supposed to be objectively reported. My first bias against Amosun is killing the spirit of continuity in governance. In a more civilized society, regardless the flaws of the past administration, any successor is expected to continue with whatever program is left undone with some adjustments, not dismantling, which constitute wastage. We expect each Administrator to do better job than the past Administrator, which we call progress. If he hates OGD's guts, separate it from what actually affects the citizens. Deal with him separately. That is one of my disgusting feelings towards his administration. His refusal to address the issues surrounding the sustainability of OOUTH, for abandoning most of the programs put in place for the success of that Institution; hurt my feelings. Most things were in place including a Research Center for Prostrate and Breast Cancer, most especially. He dumped the MOU signed with a University in Florida where the individual, who is from Ijebu-Ode, was directly in-charge. All these informed by disappointment of his administration. Take for instance again Sir, the Diagnostic Center we worked so hard with McCure that was shattered. Sir, for that short period I was there, there were many strong policies established, given the continuation of such could have soared the strategically located Teaching Hospital higher; while strikes could have been minimized, at least not emanating from that Institution. There is the abandoned power generating plant at the OOUTH which ought to have eased the obstacles to the life-saving devices in the State. That plant only needed the engine, already on the ground, to be installed. The plant site has been taken over by weeds. What he ought to have been done was to complete it for the sake of the Ogun Citizens, regardless, instead of air conditioned a pedestrian crossing bridge in the Tropical Country. That does not make economic sense. What about Tai Solarin, as one of the best Teachers' Education Institution in the country, if not in Africa and he wanted to scarp it, because he does not like the initiator. What about other economically viable programs that the previous administration was unable to complete that could have eased the trend of unemployment in the State; were abandoned because he does not like the individual that started the program? That is not done in Advanced Countries, as Obama has the obligation to correct and complete programs left unfinished by the previous administrations. I hope that Fayose would live up to his promises of continuing the programs started by Fayemi, and sustaining Fayemi's legacy. That is what Nigerians should encourage. On the Obas, you alluded to have been repeatedly mentioned in the piece; Amosun was physically present there and he could not cleverly or jokingly refute that, like Aregbesola did in Osun. I am not saying that he is not in cordial relationship with Ogun Obas at least he should somehow refute the public indictment of the Royal Fathers. Unless you are saying that, you're in FULL agreement with Tinubu's comments. You know, Sir, we ought to be seriously getting our Politicians into an area that is acceptable to our culture. The Royal Fathers deserve some respect somehow. Come back to Welfare Package that he is embarking on now. What happened to those programs when he first assumed the Governorship of the State, as if he is just learning from Fayemi's miscalculation of the engines needed to boost his work as the Chief Executive of the State? Once again, you do not punish those that are qualified for the severance payment because of your political sentiments on the previous Administrator. Amosun should not play politics with the severance pay, not even with the road network. It's getting to a point when some unprincipled Nigerian Politicians need stoppage. I appreciate your comments. God bless. Femi.

Femi Akindele: Dr Ajayi, thank you for responding to my comments so promptly. Your admitted bias against Amosun is understandable. The fact that you were heavily involved in some of the projects you mentioned under Daniel which Amosun has so far abandoned justifies your grievance. I heard of these issues and others through my late friend, Apagun Olumide. He too was horribly affected by the actions of Amosun's administration, for example, the demolished structure worth millions of dollars built "too close" to the government offices in Abeokuta, and the abandoned high rise hotel supposedly built near the secretariat with "government money for Daniel and others." You are correct; Amosun's administration as well as his predecessor have wasted public resources and ignored public interest tremendously for reasons best known to them. This is part of the imperfection of every government which you alluded to in your article. We know these governors come and go, they do some good things and some bad things. The best we as people can hope for is that they do more good than bad for the public. It currently looks though, that the good things Amosun has done so far for the public are more than the bad things. However, if the people of Ogun State do not see enough benefit in his administration, I pray that they have the courage to vote him out of the office next year. Peace and regards. Femi Akindele

Femi: Thanks Sir, I would strongly advise to suspend any songs of praise while these Governors are still on the throne as they could easily deviate from their call. Songs of praise quickly get into their head and derailed before the completion of their terms. Save that for Amosun. People would decide, based on the 'direction' of their 'psyche', at the polls. God bless, Sir.

Akindele: Dr Ajayi thanks for sharing. I guess some day, hopefully soon, our politicians will act in more refined manner. I have read of many meetings of our so called leaders where loud arguments, fights, throwing of chairs, and other chaotic behaviors have erupted over the years, both at the federal and state levels. I suppose if they don't kill each other as they act rough, but get some things done that benefit the masses, we should be thankful to God and keep praying for them. Eventually, we shall overcome because there is God ooooo!

Femi: Thanks Sir.

Femi: Oga Femi, Here is what I got on my e-mail today FYI: Happy Reading: From: kuku olufemi, Date:10/07/2014 8:37 PM (GMT+01:00), To: [email protected], Cc: [email protected], Subject: IBIKUNLE AMOSUN ATTITUDE, Happy Reading: "Today's {In July 2014} All Progressive Congress Interim Exco/ Stakeholder meeting witnessed such high drama which seems to spell the end for Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State and former Lagos State Governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. The meeting kicked off with a reminder from the house to the Interim Party Chairman, Chief Bisi Akande, that he will not be contesting the Chairmanship seat at the Convention following the zoning of the seat to the South-South and South-East region by the governors and leaders, who themselves are now opposed to Tinubu's high-handedness. Akande was told that the zoning is binding on the party and must be adhered to. This, Ilese News Extra was told was to curtail the excesses of Asiwaju Tinubu who had always wanted Akande to continue in the position.The agenda of the meeting moved next to the ward, LG and State congresses held across all the states. The congresses were analysed one after the other according to its merit and demerits. It then got to Ogun State. At this juncture, the only member of the National Exco from Ogun State, Chief Yemi Sanusi stood up to present the situation that played out in Ogun State during the congress. He told those seated that the Ope Salami committee sent to the state to conduct the congress was a sham, in his exact words, he called it a "Kangaroo Committee". It was at this point that Governor Ibikunle Amosun stood up and went berserk, shouting and asking Sanusi to shut his mouth up. Amosun to the bewilderment of those seated continued with the shouting and disorderly behaviour. Everyone at the meeting was just looking at the Ogun State Governor in amazement, Amosun went on to ask Sanusi who he (Sanusi) thinks he is, it was at this point Sanusi replied him by saying he was the only National Ex-Officio from Ogun State and by right, the only person who can speak on behalf of the state regarding the conduct of the congress. Those few supporters Amosun came with had the look of people shocked by the governor's animalistic outburst at Sanusi, in a meeting of that magnitude with the calibre of those seated. Amosun then called on the party secretary Tumsah and one Shuaibu to say something and call Sanusi to order. Ilese News Extra learnt today that these two men, Tumsah and Shuaibu are both beneficiaries of Jeep vehicles by the Ogun State Governor. Tumsah looked away as Amosun beckoned on him to speak. The governors and all those seated were so surprised and looked at Amosun with a disgusting look. It was Senator Ngige who got up to remind Amosun that his behaviour was not gubernatorial in anyway, shape or form. At this point, Tinubu was just looking at Chief Akande. Immediately Amosun sensed the mood in the room, he immediately told the meeting that he was leaving as he had to go and receive the Former President of Mexico, Vincente Fox who is in Nigeria to attend the Ogun State investment forum, following a payment of $125,000.00 paid to him to give a speech on Agriculture and development. Governor Raji Fashola then laughed, asking the Ogun State Governor if the Mexican man was more important than his political party, Fashola wondered why someone from the Ogun State Protocol/Special Duties team could not attend to such issues on his behalf. The Governor of Zamfara then asked the meeting to continue and that Amosun should be allowed to carry what he called his 'kaya' and 'wahala' away. Asiwaju Tinubu asked them to call Governor Amosun back but Amosun had angrily left mumbling to himself that he does not need any leader in his state to get what he wants since he was the one expected to bring out money from the state coffers to prosecute the general elections in February 2015, that regardless of anything they say, he would have is way. After Amosun left, it was the turn of Governor Adams Oshiomhole. The Edo State governor started by apologizing to all seated for the negative press created by Edo APC following the congress held in the state. Oshiomhole said he realised that he made a big mistake, that he now realises that to win an election, all parties and groups must unite and work as one. Oshiomhole told those seated that a tree can never make a forest and that he regretted the way Governor Amosun reacted and that he hopes those close to him will advise him. He said he had advised Amosun long ago to change his tactics otherwise it will only lead him to a path of destruction, he said he never listens and that he knows of three other APC governors who said they have also advised Amosun. Oshiomhole said Amosun was lucky to have a leader like Chief Osoba who is known to mind is business unlike Annenih in his own home state of Edo, who wants to dictate to him even when they belonged to different parties and whom he had series of clashes with. Oshiomhole said if Chief Osoba complains, something definitely has to be wrong with Amosun's conduct, he told the meeting that Osoba is not a man he should fight for any reason whatsoever especially having given him the ticket in 2011 considering what Amosun did to him in 2003. The meeting clapped extensively for Governor Oshiomhole who then took his seat. As Oshiomhole took his seat, somebody in the audience quipped that Amosun was Tinubu's boy but Tinubu quickly replied that he was not a father to any errant son and that he has warned them all that the APC is not the Old ACN. After all the states had presented their positions following the congresses held, the meeting agreed to send Elders Committee to all those states who still had issues after the conclusion of congresses, that the elders committee will go with a view to reconcile all the erring groups in those trouble states. The meeting agreed that failure on the part of the elders committee will lead the party to install State Caretaker Committees to oversee the affairs of such a state, that discipline will henceforth be enshrined within the party. The meeting then moved to the issue of zoning and National convention. Tinubu nominated Alhaji Kawu Baraje as chairman of convention planning party but it was unanimously turned down by all, this was not because Baraje was bad but more because they wanted to cut Tinubu to size. The Governors and leaders then nominated and adopted Governor Wamakko of Sokoto with Senator Ngige to act as secretary, both against Tinubu's wish. It was clear from today's meeting that power had indeed changed hands. The convention date was then fixed for the 13 & 14th June 2014 in Abuja which was also against Tinubu's wish to hold it in Lagos. Chief Bisi Akande was careful throughout the meeting having seen the way Ikimi rough handled Tinubu last week. Akande whispered to Tinubu to steer clear of Ogun State if he does not want his fingers totally burnt. He told him that supporting Amosun over Osoba will only lead to disaster in the state as things have reached the point where party members in the state will turn their back on Tinubu, should he continue to push his agenda. It was at this point that Senator Ali Modu Sheriff moved his head closer to the two men and asked Tinubu why he thinks all his 'boys', referring to the governors, have since left him for the exception of Oyo and Ogun State governors. He said fayemi has since distanced himself from Tinubu following information that Tinubu is secretly funding Opeyemi Bamidele in Ekiti State, since he Tinubu believes the state is tilting towards the PDP and wanting to invest on Bamidele's popularity to beat Fayose. He reminded him how Otunba Niyi Adebayo had also distanced himself from Tinubu following the latter's insistence to become Vice President in a Muslim/Muslim ticket. He reminded him that even Rauf Aregbesola who was his man from his time as Lagos State governor was beside the Ooni of Ife when the Ooni replied Tinubu's 'Useless Obas' rant, that it is clear that Aregbesola may now be sitting on the fence at best. Fashola he said was also looking for payback following his disagreement over Tinubu's choice of Akinwunmi Ambode as next APC candidate in Lagos State. Ali Modu asked Tinubu if he still wanted to leave the party, he reminded him to take Ajumobi and Amosun along with him since since no one will miss them in the APC. Tinubu joked that even if he would leave the party, that he won't be taking along those 'bad boys', referring to Ajumobi and Amosun." Thanks. Femi.

Owolabi: Daddy, Thanks so much for this, very interesting, you show more light about politics in Nigeria, I love that of Osun. The Lord will continue to be your strength. God bless you sir. Bye for now, Owolabi

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[email protected]Prof sir, this is really revealing and I find it exciting. More ink to your pen, sir

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