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The LIVE Broadcast of NTA Broadcast in Atlanta, Georgia, is a rare opportunity that does not come too often especially for the Georgia residents and its neighboring States that would be attending.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dr. Femi Ajayi


igerians Abroad residing in Atlanta and the State of Georgia would have the ample opportunity to be part of a LIVE Broadcast of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) International, at the Georgia International Convention Center, Atlanta, August 12, 2007, if they register on time. The opportunity is at the 4th Lecture Series of NTA International, bringing its LIVE broadcast to the corridors of Atlanta residents at 2:00pm, Eastern Time. Since it is going to be a LIVE Broadcast, the guests are expected to be seated at 1:00pm. The TV taping of Interactive session continues after the three-hour LIVE Broadcast which would be aired on NTA International at another day.


NTA public lecture series is the ongoing program of NTA International, bringing its services to the door steps of Nigerians Abroad, and friends of Nigeria around the world. NTA International was launched late 2006 broadcasting to United States of America, Europe and Africa. NTA International is the largest TV Network on the continent of Africa. Since its debut, Nigerians and friends of Nigerians Abroad have been blessed with the opportunity to watch Nigerian News and other events as they unfold in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

The topic for the NTA 4th public lecture series in Atlanta is: "Nigeria First: Investment Opportunities". The 1st and 2nd Lecture series, an initiative of Mrs. Folashade Adenuga, Assistant Director, TV Enterprises, were held in Lagos, on Delta issues and Nigerian Economy respectively. While the 3rd lecture series was in London on issues surrounding Nigerians Abroad.

Unknown to some parts of the world about the business prospective in Nigeria, NTA has decided to share with the rest of the world the strong economic potentials in Nigeria, while discarding the negative publicity about Nigeria and Nigerians. In addition to the Nigerian oil among the highest oil suppliers to the United States of America, and the largest oil supplier in Africa, there are yet untapped abundant mineral resources and agriculture products that the rest of the world could benefit from. Nigeria, before long could be the largest supplier of some major farm products. As it is today (2007), Nigeria is the largest supplier of cassava products to China. These are some of the opportunities NTA International is educating the entire world about, while encouraging them to dump unenthusiastic publicity about Nigeria.

The fourth NTA International lecture series in Atlanta is attracting prominent speakers from Nigeria. On the list is Dr. (Mrs.) Ndi Okereke-Onyuike, Director General Nigerian Stock Exchange, who has promised to come with an assemblage of reliable stock brokers. I believe it would add up to what TV Enterprises is all about, doing business with very reliable organizations, with the promise from Mrs. Nike Olufade, Director, TV Enterprises, to allow the Stockbrokers about a minute comments each during the LIVE broadcast. What a better way to tell the world about Stock Exchange opportunities in Nigeria.

Other speakers include Mr. Francis Atuche, Managing Director/CEO, Bank PHB, Nigeria; and Mr. Tunde Lemo, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (FSS). The trio presenters, among others, would share the rapid growth in the Nigerian Stock market, the roles of Nigerian Central Bank in facilitating businesses in Nigeria and the availability of financial patronage from one of the reliable Banks in Nigeria, Bank PHB, with the attendees and viewers.

NTA public lecture series focus has been on the analysis and proffering solutions to some national issues. Its lecture series is affording potential investors with the first hand information on investments opportunities in Nigeria. It is also an avenue of establishing reliable businesses with NTA International in promoting their businesses through its services to the rest of the world. The event is the brain child of TV Enterprises, an affiliate of NTA.

TV Enterprises was incorporated in 1990 as a limited liability subsidiary company of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). On inception, the company was envisioned to undertake all broadcast functions of the Authority, with a view to generating revenue to sustain both its operations and those of the parent company - NTA. It is also empowered to undertake all other businesses that are legal and can generate revenue for the organization.

TV Enterprises, as an arm of NTA's Marketing Directorate, is set up as central marketing arm, to take commercial advantages of NTA's size and goodwill in enhancing the organization's overall market positioning and business performance in general. According to Mrs. Nike Olufade, Director, TV Enterprises,

"The sector is working to re-invent and re-position commercial entity, and fully utilize its new larger autonomy judiciously and effectively to achieve timely response to component stations support services and higher profit objectives".
With that in mind customers are assured of full customer satisfaction in the areas of promoting and doing businesses with NTA International.

TV Enterprises would be more effective and productive while gradually moving towards full potentials as a full-fledged limited liability company domiciled in the private sector. Folashade Adenuga, would like to convey to their viewers that TV Enterprises

"…would be providing marketing services, including sourcing commercials for various NTA stations, participation in International Trade Fairs across the world, and especially in Nigeria."
It has already opened up internet/cybercafés at NTA Network centers in Abuja, and Lagos. I was impressed with its high speed when tested out the Abuja location.

In nutshell, TV Enterprises include, but not limited to, organizing Trade Fairs/Exhibitions; Special Events; Agency services, including media planning and advert placements; Sales/marketing of publications; Acquisition of Foreign/Home-made programs/TV Rights; Management of Business Centre/Internet Cafes, etc.

Its production arm provides special documentaries; video-tape, video cassettes, Sound recordings and any other form of recording apparatus for programs, events, songs, dramas and other forms of entertainment. It also designs and manufactures films, gramophone and other mechanical records and materials for use by the broadcasting industry. Dubbing for Home Video Industry/distribution of Home video and films is another service you could get from TV Enterprises. TV Enterprises would market your events, marketing, including special sports events, festivals, and acquisition of broadcast rights for such.

TV Enterprises would engage in book productions, collaborating with some major publishing companies such as Heinemann Educational Books based in Ibadan, Nigeria. In the publication sector TV enterprises provides services for design and production of books based on TV programs; for schools; promotional materials; specialized books and/or Journals; Calendars, seasonal cards and gift items, etc.

Other services include OB services and coverage of special events; Production of TV commercials, promos and jingles; Acquisition of copyrights/licenses; Collection of both news and information for distribution to fee-paying subscribers; Development and ownership of production studio/outfits. The TV Enterprises Managing Director, Adenike Olufade, Folashade Odusoga, Producer and Assistant Director, one of the most talented Engineers in NTA International; the man that is responsible for the outside Broadcast, Joshua Hassan, the Director General of NTA, Dr. Tonnie Ireida, and some other NTA crew would be in attendance to answer some of your business questions regarding NTA business opportunities.

All you need to do is to contact TV Enterprises for all your services, if you would not have the advantage point of attending the LIVE Broadcast in Atlanta. TV Enterprises is ready with the challenges of incremental market competitiveness, and is more responsive to the support of component stations and the business vision of the NTA.

The NTA lecture series could be a blessing for potential foreign investors in Nigeria for its accessible sources of dispersing their business information to the market. NTA has online network of 26 fully-fledged stations, three in Lagos, one of Nigerian business nucleuses. It covers approximately 80% of the total land area of Nigeria with a viewership of over 50 million. Presently, NTA has six zones, South-South (Benin); North-Central (Kaduna); North-West (Sokoto); South-East (Enugu); North-East (Maiduguri); South-West (Ibadan), while Lagos and Abuja operate independently as the seat of business and the seat of Government respectively. It now broadcasts to Europe, and United States of America.

The LIVE Broadcast of NTA Broadcast in Atlanta, Georgia, is a rare opportunity that does not come too often especially for the Georgia residents and its neighboring States that would be attending. Since it is a LIVE broadcast, guests are expected to be seated at 1:00 p.m. Attendees would be treated to the Southern Hospitality after the LIVE broadcast and TV tapings. The event is free to the public. Please come on time and be part of the History making event in Atlanta, Georgia, and meet with the Stock Market reliable brokers.

You can subscribe to NTA International through GlobeCast World TV, or locally contact Gradan Communications in Atlanta at 404-353-7037, or e-mail at [email protected] You can also watch the most current news on your computer by logging to http://www.nigeria.gov.ng/ntanews.aspx, or http://www.ntanetwork.com.

You can direct all enquiries to the Office of the Managing Director, NTA TV Enterprises, NTA HQ, Television House, (near FCTA) Garki, Area 11, Abuja or call at +234-805-614-8660; +234-803-596-9260; +234-802-314 0148; +234-803-304-4327; +234-803-326-0729. Visit its site at http://www.nta-tventerprises.com; or email TV Enterprises [email protected]

Please RSVP to [email protected] if you have not done so, provided you are planning of attending the NTA International LIVE Broadcast in Atlanta, August 12, 2007.