Femi Ajayi's Outlook

Monday, January 16, 2017

Prof. Femi Ajayi



uesday, December 6, 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari asked Nigerian elites to stop making, what he christened, 'expensive demands from his administration', because things would no longer be done in the old way. It is like waning a 56-day cry-baby from breastfeeding as she could neither swallow nor chew any type of food. Unfortunately, Nigeria has gone from Grace to Grass, as Baba Iyabo would shed more lights on that.

No one is asking Buhari to continue with the old style of governance when things never work. Nigerians expect him to come up with the blue print of his 12-year progressive and positive preparation to become Nigerian President; to make things work in Nigeria. Buhari is demanding of the Nigerian elites not to ask him to do some impossibilities, while Trump is ready to deport Nigerians with criminal records from USA.

Trump truly stated that 'it does not make sense for a leader to be embarking on world tour when his citizens hardly find a meal per day, coupled with some ineffectual and dilapidated infrastructure'. Realistically adequate infrastructure dictates the direction to good and decent standard of living. Judiciously, the elites are demanding of Buhari, to improve Nigerian image in all ramifications, coupled with his millipede speed of fighting corruption. We realized that the reprehensible handling of the country's resources and infrastructure brought the country into the mess it found itself today (January 2017).

As a matter of fact, there is nothing so expensive among the demands of Nigeria 'elites' more than adequate regular Power Supply, good Road-Network for moving goods and humans within the country for the advancement Nigerians are yearning for; very innocuous Water Supply, not from ponds and untreated wells, or, other sources, standard Medical Services so that Buhari does not have to go abroad for the treatment of ear infections; where an average Nigerians could treat Malaria, as Nigeria has the highest number of malaria casualties worldwide, with an estimated of 100 million malaria cases and about 300,000 deaths each year; and a place other ailments could be treated. Other requests are adequate Security from the government, whereby an average citizen could go out at night, decentralizing Nigerian Police Force and allow the operation of a standard local Police. Provision of Job Opportunities diverting Nigerian Youth from the social ills of kidnapping, 'Yahoo-Yahoo' activities, swindling innocent investors, robbery, either armed with guns, cutlasses, bows and arrows, and even pen by the Legislative arms of the government, Judges, using the executive to accomplish their pilfering plans.

In his New Year (2017) message, Buhari, a retired Military General made a laughable claim, to have "rid the nation of terrorism." What about the outrage of killings in Southern Kaduna, Fulani Herdsmen, among others. Are they not terrorist acts?

A well thoughtful Nigerian would not point to Trump as someone who does not love Nigeria, based on his altercations about Nigeria.

Does Nigeria love itself for a moment? Many Nigerians are suffering from the inept leadership, which led to some Nigerian absconding the country to pick up any type of job that does not tally with their qualifications. Regrettably, the leaders REFUSED to provide Nigerians a token of what would last for years except for their personal gains. If the leaders love Nigeria, they won't be thieving and taking the money outside the country to enjoy, while they keep on oppressing poor Nigerians. If the Governors love the country they would not be imposing humungous retirement benefits for themselves; such as providing them with properties all cross the world with domestic helps, high security at their locations, for instance, provision for medical services for life, anywhere in the world, annual vacation allowances and for members of their household.

Do we expect Trump or anyone to like the voraciousness of an average Nigerian leader?

Chei! Who will love the country of indolent leaders and brain-washed android followers?

Buhari should stop offensive languages on an average Nigerian intelligence with such makeshift pronouncements. Distribution of the consumables such as bags of rice, and vegetable oil, as they do not come with turkey, are not what an average Nigerian demands from the Government. Giving those items is to continuously pawning the faculty of Nigerian recipients, without showing them how to fish and completely blind their faculties of what is good for the communities. It is demeaning for an average Nigerian as the ONLY thing the government officials should do. Nigerians need more than that to survive in life. What happens after the consumption of those items? An average Nigerian should be rejecting these consumables from the politicians so as to ruminate for better quality services in the fair redistribution of the Nigerian resources.

George Orwell once said "A people that elect corrupt politicians… are not victims…but accomplices." The mentality of an average Nigerian must change by refusing such labeling and think of what the future holds for them.

Could we reiterate what Trump said during vote-getting campaigns as reported by World News, Tuesday, October 27, 2015, "… and Nigeria for instance, those people are stealing from their own government and go to invest the money in foreign countries… These are people who import everything including matchsticks. In my opinion, most of these African countries ought to be recolonized again for another 100 years because they know nothing about leadership and self-governance…We need to get the Africans out…Especially the Nigerians. They're everywhere... If I become the President, we'll send them all home…may be, we'll re-colonize them because obviously they did not learn a damn thing from the British."

Bertolt Brecht once reminded us; "The worst illiterate is the political illiterate. He hears nothing, sees nothing, {and} takes no part in political life. He does seem to know that the cost of living the price of beans, of flour, of rent, of medicines, all depend on political decisions. He even prides himself on his political ignorance, sticks out his chest and says he hates politics. He doesn't know, the imbecile, that from his no political non-participation comes the prostitute, the abandoned child, the robber and, worst of all, corrupt officials, the lackeys of exploitative multinational corporations."

Obama compassionately treated Nigeria issue without stepping on its ignominious soil; even with his presence at its neighboring country, Ghana? Now the 'big mouth Die Hard Modern Conservative' of the Century, Donald Trump, with all zealotry statements, has promised to purge the United States of the ill-gotten wealth of Nigerian leaders, who stole from their government to spend in the United States. The new Sheriff in town has spoken, building his own special walls against the 'Crooks' in the Nigerian political group. Trump would not mind coming to Nigeria soil and say to Buhari's face, like Obasanjo would talk to thieving Nigerian politicians, that USA has no royal treatment for thieving Nigerian leaders and their cohorts. Obama kid's glove treatment is over.

Nigeria, the most religious country, has been praying for divine intervention. Trump could be the bad leader sent to purify the filths across the universe. The Fanatics all over the world are flexing muscles. The world could be ready for another war to clean up its social ills, as Trump, on December 21, 2016 tweeted, "The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes;" something no US president has called for, in decades. That signals the reinforcement of Arms race.

Possibly that was in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Thursday, December 16, 2016, uttered his desire to strengthen Russia's nuclear forces. Meanwhile, the U.S. can deliver nukes by bomber, intercontinental missile and submarine; the three legs of the so-called nuclear triad. The thrust of U.S. nuclear policy for decades has been to trim the fat off the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Could that be a serious warning to other parts of the world to be ready for the nuclear race? Where is Nigeria that is still struggling with its internal wobbly security? Unfortunately, Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, Kidnapping, Armed Robbery have not been judiciously tackled in Nigeria.

United States is getting close on 'Crooks' in Nigerian government for pocketing Nigeria money.

In one of his campaign rallies Donald Trump responded to a question from a South African Journalist, on the right of African leaders seeking mass withdrawal from The Hague based International Criminal Court, when he stated that Africans live like slaves in their own land claiming they are independent. In his own words, "It is shameful for African leaders to seek exit from International Criminal Court, ICC. In my view, these leaders want to have all the freedom to oppress their poor people without anyone asking them a question. I think there is no shortcut to maturity and in my view, Africa should be recolonized because Africans are still under slavery. Look at how those African leaders change constitutions in their favor so that they can be life presidents. They are all greedy and do not care about the common people. When I saw them gang up against ICC yet they can't even find an amicable solution for the ongoing quandary in Burundi, I thought to myself these people lack discipline and humane heart. They can't lead by example. The only thing they are interested in is accumulating wealth from poor tax payers. Before they think of exiting from ICC, they should first restore peace in Burundi and other war-torn countries rather than gathering like hyenas with the aim of finishing the poor people". The truth hurts.

An average age of an African leader is 70years old.

Buhari, showing his unpreparedness for leadership after twelve years preparations is still struggling on Security and Corruption; unable to make the Naira equivalent to the United States of America Dollar. According to a report by Bloomberg LP, Nigeria Naira is one of the world's four worst performing currencies in 2016, with the loss of 36.68 per cent of its spot returns for the year. Buhari witnessed Budget Padding, after it was initially declared missing; Exposed Nigeria to External Aggression, by making DasukiGate investigation public, which advanced countries would have handled on-the-need-to-know bases as matters of national security, exposing Nigeria's vulnerability and susceptibility to external military aggression.

Buhari would claim that "we {Nigerians} are so disorganized and I regret coming to power again." His regret notwithstanding, it was his wish to be Nigerian President that came true, won the election at his 4th attempt. God always overwhelm us with our requests. Whatever Buhari found on the ground is what he should work on. Unfortunately the barrel of oil used to sell for over $140 per barrel, is now (2017) about $54 per barrel; over 170million Nigerians have been exposed to poverty, illiteracy; and other social ills; coupled with insecurity; and loaded with empty treasury. God rewarded his 12-year labor to be Nigerian President. Regrettably, he has not improved himself intellectually, nor had he applied himself to worthy causes, since he left power (1983) with anti-corruption chant without inventiveness and initiative just like removing all the services in a computer to harden it. Buhari should be much smarter leader right now.

Again, could we reiterate what Trump said during vote getting campaigns as reported by World News, Tuesday, October 27, 2015, "… and Nigeria for instance, those people are stealing from their own government and go to invest the money in foreign countries… These are people who Import everything including matchsticks. In my opinion, most of these African countries ought to be recolonized again for another 100 years because they know nothing about leadership and self-governance…We need to get the Africans out…Especially the Nigerians. They're everywhere... If I become the President, we'll send them all home…may be, we'll re-colonize them because obviously they did not learn a damn thing from the British."

Ben Carson once remarked that "We've been conditioned to think that only politicians can solve our problems. But at some point, maybe we will wake up and recognize that it was politicians who created our problems."

Ironically, Rep. Gyang Dung (PDP-Plateau) is sponsoring a bill, along with eight others to provide for the establishment of the Ecclesiastical Court of Appeal. The bill is meant to complement the regular courts in adjudicating matters relating to the tenets of the Christian faith. It is also to exercise such appellate and supervisory jurisdiction in civil proceedings involving questions of Ecclesiastical law and Christian personal law.

Is that a way of endorsing Sharia Court of Appeal in Nigeria? Who is asking for such Law in Nigeria, while efforts to feed Nigerians have been fruitless? Unfortunately, this is a display of mental laziness of some members of the National Assembly, as they are being dunged by religion.

Does the National Assembly has to get deeply involved in religion, between man and God, making it obligatory through law? With the issues affecting the country, its involvement is actually dividing the already polarized spongy Nigeria with issues affecting Religion. A country, which has in the past been bitterly divided along racial lines. What is the need for the Christian Court in Nigeria? What has that have to do with the provision of the essentials in the country; Nigeria roads network are death traps, power supply is epileptic, where Medical Center or clinics are luxuries? Even food for an average Nigerian is not the concern of the National Assembly. Is that an indication of their mental ability or just thinking of satisfying their thirst of getting rich quicker within the four years span?

It is a pity the type of individuals sent to the National Assembly to make valuable bills for the growth of the Country, with so much resources spent, affording trips to other countries to learn from their experiences, and its application to improve upon their work. Even mere seeing what is available in these countries, without tapping one or two projects that they could plant in Nigeria, is shameful and disappointment. In a country where the head is rot, what we expect from other parts are extreme air pollution that affect human health and life.

The war on corruption must be very dirty and it will grow very ugly within the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary. It takes a radical policy to fight corruption in Nigeria. Secondly, if any of this administration is being accused against any fraud, the first action of the Government is to have them suspended until the investigation is completed. If they are found wanting they should be fired with ignominy and prosecuted. Is Buhari surrounding himself with wolves in sheep's robes? Or does it mean that personal aggrandizement has sharply divided his kitchen cabinet without his knowledge? Nigeria has a dangerous terrain of cleansing the country. Unfortunately the crops of the current CHANGE we have in the country would not redeem the country of corruption in any way.

The legislature is believed to be solidly behind its leaders like an unbreakable iron rod; the Judiciary is hiding behind the needle at the expense of innocent God protected Citizens, while those in the executive are calculating on the several loopholes and would explosively fight against corruption policies. Buhari may actually be the architect of his own misfortune, who shot himself on the foot through the nature of the people he entrusts with crucial assignments, that have turned out to be his albatross in the end. He could be simply appears to be a lone-ranger in the fight against corruption while those around him continue to be the agents of regression.

I was in a group discussion in Atlanta during the festive mood and I asked what has happened to Nigeria since Nigerians have been praying, unfortunately, things have been getting worse. One of the responses was that the Trumpet has been blowing for a long time, unfortunately Nigerians are preoccupied with evil thoughts on how they would derail a fellow Nigerian, which prevented them from hearing the trumpet. As soon as they leave the prayer place, you would not find the effect of the prayers in their behaviors to their fellow human beings. Unlike in the United States you could see the reflection of their faith in their daily life. A Whiteman would stop on the highway beside a breakdown vehicle owned by a dark black man to offer help.

When would Nigeria reflect their faith on their fellow human being?

A truck driver smashed a car driven by an innocent young man during the Holiday season in Nigeria, and the driver REFUSED to stop, talk less of sympathizing with the young driver of the damaged vehicle. It could be a fallacy that Nigeria is one of the highly religious country in the world, where the noise making process of worshipping distracts their attentions from hearing and digesting the word of God being their 'neighbor's keeper.'

Pathetically sorrowful.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is a country where citizens celebrate mediocre, indolence, unfruitfulness, ineptitude, Emperors, Scoundrels, fraudulence, as shown in their daily activities from morning till dawn, 24/7, even in their sleep, in the face of bleakness. Trump trumpet is sounding clear and loud with the hope that the loud prayers of Nigeria as the most religious nation of the world would let them hear, just like the Europeans made Nigerians to look at the cross while they catered away Nigeria resources, still enslaved to them as they take their loots to these countries. Loots that ought to have been used for the development of Nigeria.

I doubt if Nigerian elites are asking more than what would make life better for an average Nigerian; while Nigerians living abroad could remit $35b in 11 months, (2016), demanding Buhari to give good governance, should not be too much. Like closing down Abuja International Airport for reconstruction for two months using Kaduna as an alternative, Kaduna is the best alternative as those on International flight would go by the death trap roads to Abuja, would definitely obstruct the already paralyzed commercial activities with loss of millions of Naira and obstruct movements of people. Maintenance culture must be inculcated into the Nigerian public service.

Nigeria could be dancing on the cliff, not yet falling off the cliff, while struggling to restore security. Meanwhile it is going to be very difficult to actually rout out Boko Haram as dictates across the world from Al Quadal to ISIS. Buhari is still battling the corruption in Nigeria which is basically structural, which infuses the whole political system. The Nigerian Police at corruptly laden checkpoints, augmenting their poor salaries and poor training levels.

While the issues of Boko Haram, Kidnapping, Armed, Pen, legislative and judgement robbers have not been solved in the face of outright corruption in Nigeria, DSS is taking credit for foiling terror attack in the United States and for capturing a wanted Terrorist in Lokoja in 2013 is disgraceful to the administration. Thanks for foiling the Holiday attack in USA.

Basically good road-network is needed, adequate power supply is a necessity, drinkable water supply is essential, where the politicians should focus their attentions in the redistribution of Nigerian resources. Not giving citizens fish all the time, but showing them how to produce the wire to fish that will last them in maintaining their families. It is not the N2,000.00 that mortgaged peoples' mind-set, during elections to cook soup that finished the second day. Not a one-time enjoyment but the ones that would last generations to come.