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1 Nigeriaworld -- All About Nigeria
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general from a Nigerian perspective.
2 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Impeachment Galore …The Barbarians at the gate again
The truth is that most governors in Nigeria are committing impeachable offences on a daily basis. Many of these governors carry out their activities with impunity, and as long as they are with the ruling national party, or are not in an antagonistic relationship with the ruling national party, nothing will ever happen to them. It is also a gospel truth that no governor can be impea
3 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Are you driving with a fake Nigeria Driver's License?
Mr Chidoka offered a website where anyone can simply go and log in to check whether their current driver's license is real or fake. He spoke of how Nigeria Driver's License is now acceptable all over the world, and that many agencies in Europe and America have recently been calling his offices to verify some Driver's Licenses carried by Nigerians in those countries. He confessed th
4 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Abuja is no longer safe
Abuja was designed as a shining city on the hill, a brand new city carved out of nothing in the dead center of Nigeria. It was supposed to be our own Brasilia, a capital in a neutral territory, away from the overcrowded and growing slums of Lagos. But make no mistake about it, the Hausa military junta wanted to move the capital to the North and they got their wish or rather impleme
5 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - An irreparable loss …Lessons from Dora Akunyili
Every once in a while someone comes along and makes an indelible mark on the conscience and psychic of a nation, Dora Akunyili was one such person in Nigeria. ... When the rumors of Dora's illness first made hit the media, she came out and denied that she was ever sick, even when she looked a shadow of her old self. It was undeniable that she had gone through a major illness and lo
6 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Chibok girls …When necessity occurs unnecessary becomes necessary
Recently, we have seen how the almighty US had to give up five high profile Guantanamo Bay prisoners just for the release of one US soldier who had been a hostage of Pakistan's Haqqani terrorist group. It is true that the Nigerian government had spoken publicly about their non-negotiating stance on Boko Haram, and I think it is the right thing to say publicly. The problem, however,
7 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The audacity of President Jonathan's men
Amid the ongoing paralysis in Nigeria, the Chibok abductions and the constant bombings across the North, one might assume that the president and his men would hunker down and wait for the multiple storms to pass before they can crawl out and chart a new course. Isn't it therefore amazing that the president's men are instead peddling their delusion and promoting a false sense of gra
8 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Income inequalities and the high cost of doing business in Nigeria
About a year ago I inquired on the price of a 200 sq. meter space at the Polo Park Shopping Mall in Enugu. The mall is the largest of all the so called 'Shoprite Malls' in Nigeria, with dozens of multinational stores and other outfits. ... The manager at the Enugu mall told me that the space I wanted was available at the cost of $68 per sq. meter. At that rate this little 200 sq. m
9 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Mo Abudu …Nigeria's Oprah Winfrey
Within the United States, she [Oprah, with a networth of $2.9bn] falls outside the top 100 richest people on the Forbes 400 list. She however remains the only African American billionaire on this exclusive list of the richest Americans. But money is not everything, there is something even more valuable than money, and that is influence. ... Nigeria now has her own Oprah. Her name i
10 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Chibok schoolgirls …A blessing in disguise to Nigeria
The truth is that as far as Jonathan and his administration were concerned, Boko Haram has been contained. Days have gone when the dreadful terrorist group used to bomb and kill dozens of Christians inside their churches every Sunday. Their days of striking repeatedly in open motor parks and markets across the North is largely over. It seems now to the Nigerian authorities that Bok

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