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1 Nigeriaworld -- All About Nigeria
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, from a Nigerian perspective.
2 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Riding out the storm
The eagle does not escape the storm. It simply uses the storm to lift it higher. It rises on the winds that bring the storm. What a great lesson for us; when the storms of life come upon us, we can rise above them by setting our minds and faith towards God. The storms do not have to overcome us.
3 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Password…
No one can put a limit to what you can become. It is only God that have that prerogative and the last time I checked, His thought and plan concerning your life is that of peace with a glorious future. His wish for your life is that you prosper and be in health....
4 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - He Listens…
No matter what you think or what you are going through, there is God and He answers Prayers. God hears more than we say when we pray. God will never let you down. Take time to talk and listen and listen to the Lord when He speaks to you. Have you ever experienced a season of waiting on God and it looks as if it's taking for ever to get answers?
5 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Are you prepared?
Yes! We pray for God's protection and guidance every single day but life has no guarantee. When it is time, it is time! How prepared are you? Do you still carry that bitterness in your heart because someone treated you badly? Please settle that score. Nothing that defiles will make it through those pearly gates.
6 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The dark spots
Some people are addicted to talking about their problems; break that habit and start talking about your blessings. The reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go instead of how far they have travelled. Don't focus on the 'dark spots' of your life. Look for something positive in each day, even if you have to look a little bit harder.
7 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Godliness with contentment...
There was this story of a King who, despite his luxurious lifestyle, was neither happy nor contended. One day, the King came upon a servant who was singing happily while he worked. This fascinated the King; why was he, the Supreme Ruler of the Land, unhappy and gloomy, while a lowly servant had so much joy?
8 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Where is the Fire?
Doesn't it break your heart that we pack our auditoriums and sanctuaries full every week and yet evil and sin is still on the increase in our communities and cities. The people who come to these places of worship are the same people who perpetrate evil and wickedness out there. Does it mean the gospel has lost the power to transform lives?
9 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Why cut corners?
That everyone is doing it does not make it right and that you are the only one doing it does not make it wrong. Integrity pays on the long run. Don't compromise your stand for a price. The seed you sow today will definitely affect your life tomorrow. God sees it all and you can never hide it from Him. Success in your life endeavor is good but taking the short-cut to get there more often than not have the tendencies to cut short your destiny.
10 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Be mindful of your soul
Our soul is never dying. It is that part of us that will stick with us all through eternity but unfortunately the least cared for. We spend so much time taking care of our body, career and family and this wouldn't have been a concern if we equally cater for the needs of our soul.

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