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1 News -- Reps to probe Kaduna Airport activities
Headline | Posted Friday, March 24, 2017 ANNOUNCE THIS HEADLINE TO YOUR FRIENDS Reps to probe Kaduna Airport activities By Ikenna Uwadileke...
2 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria Buhari Romance with Nigerian Elite and United States of America 'Die Hard Modern Conservative' Trump 'Recolonization' Process
Buhari is demanding of the Nigerian elites not to ask him to do some impossibilities, while Trump is ready to deport Nigerians with criminal records from USA.
3 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nattering nabobs of negatism
As we celebrate the golden anniversary of the state's creation on Saturday May 27th this year, the pertinent questions are, have the objectives of states creation being met? Should we have revert back to regionalism or confederation?
4 Nigeriaworld -- FEMI AJAYI (Recent Articles)
Femi Ajayi's Outlook Recent Articles 2016 ...
5 Nigeriaworld -- The Legislative Role Fighting Corruption in Nigeria: "…you are not a fish and if you are a fish close your mouth when you are swimming"
Words cannot quantify what we feel about policy operators of Nigerian Governments with songs about Corruption that runs in the veins of an average Nigerian public servant, without any psychological approach for a change of mindset of an average Nigerian towards the fight against corruption.
6 Nigeriaworld -- Restructuring the Country from Man-made Machiavellian Leadership
Nigeria has to decentralize the crippling, too powerful, unproductive Central Government, where most redundant people go for unproductive jobs in politics. Politics is supposed to be for those who have the spirit of fair redistribution of the national resources at heart, with the fear of God, for the average suffering humankind, for a progressive society. ... Instead for the retired generals to help in some disaster areas and in the urgency of good roads, with the so-called Engineers, they rushed into politics and keep on siphoning public resources available to the country.
7 Nigeriaworld -- The 45th US President Donald John Trump
Unequivocally, Republicans could be ready for war with some religious fanatics, facing ISIS. America has been engrossed with diplomacy for too long; while electing a female to the White House seems to be a 'taboo' at this period.
8 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria 56th FREEDOM Fête
The recession has already triggered a ripple effect in the open market, with prices going from about 44% to 300%. It has been FREEDOM to place Nigerians on viciousness of recession without the government finding solution to it, except to continue sugar-coating requesting Nigerians to endure with the government in their empty bellies.
9 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Restructuring and The Yoruba Agenda
During the tenure of General Sanni Abacha, leaders and Obas in Lagos, Oyo, Osun, Ondo and Ogun met on April 6, 1994. Ekiti state was yet to be created as at then. The present Ekiti was still part of Ondo state. The meeting took place in Abeokuta. At the end of the meeting a draft memorandum was prepared by a committee. As a follow up of the Abeokuta meeting, a memorandum was prepared and approved at a meeting held on May 11 1994 in Akure. The memorandum was adopted by acclamation at the Akure meeting.
10 Nigeriaworld -- Buhari one-year on the 'Two enemies of the people …Crooks and the Government'
'Crooks have dominated the political scenes in the country {Nigeria} for a long time and it would take miracle to stop the crooks'. Things are changing all over the world, so the crooks are also changing their tactics, strategies, and deceitful ways, especially in Nigeria, to keep on indoctrinating Nigerians along their cunning ways and manners.

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