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1 Nigeriaworld -- All About Nigeria
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, from a Nigerian perspective.
2 Nigeriaworld -- My rendition of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel's song - The Boxer (VIDEO)
Remember the song - The Boxer, by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. Click below to listen/watch to my rendition.
3 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly - Observations from my 2016 December visit to Nigeria (Part 3) (PICTORIAL)
All day on the 20th of December, we continued to hear that arik staff was still on strike. This meant that our planned flight from Abuja to Asaba the next day was not going to happen. Chuks swung into action, taking my wife and I around Abuja to see if there were ground transportation options like hiring one of the Toyota sienna vehicles to take us to the east.
4 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (Part 2) - Observations from my 2016 December visit to Nigeria (PICTORIAL)
Our flight from Lagos to Abuja on the 19th of December was to depart at 11:00am. We got to the airport around 10:00am and I was convinced that passengers would have started the boarding process. But from the time we arrived to about ten minutes to eleven, there was no announcement about Arik flight to Abuja.
5 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly - Observations from my 2016 December visit to Nigeria (Part 1) (PICTORIAL)
The custom check-out was a long table with staff of various agencies standing behind it. The first lady, very cheerful, said, 'Oga welcome'. I acknowledged with abroad smile. 'What did you bring for us'?, she followed up. 'Nothing o', I said, stiffening my face. She looked at me as if trying to size me up.
6 Nigeriaworld -- Remembering Pastor Paul Lauchle of Colonial Park United Methodist Church (Now Cross Point Church)
On my way home, the question that occupied my mind was why God took away his devoted servant at the prime of his youth. He had just returned from a retreat, ready to introduce more great things in the church for the service of God and it was the wrong time for God to take him away.
7 Nigeriaworld -- Muhammed Ali - That special woman and the lesson she embodies
I was not disappointed because his funeral attracted many greats.... But I was also hoping that many would make an important observation which to me seemed very obvious. Yes, Ali died at 74 but may have passed away earlier if he did not have a special someone in his life that embodied the true meaning of 'till death do us part'.
8 Nigeriaworld -- What good roads should look like
These pictures are pictures of a road network in the United States. I was driving along the road and could not resist taking pictures of the road network. I am not sure who the designers of the road are or the contractor but I give them credit anyway. The pictures show well-built and maintained road network with important and critical considerations in design and construction.
9 Nigeriaworld -- The danger in not immediately fishing out and punishing the herdsmen of Enugu murderous rampage
Last holiday season, a relative of mine travelled to Nigeria and went to the village. One morning, she got ready to go to the market and as the driver of the vehicle that was taking her pulled up, outside the compound gate, she saw two gun-toting young men milling around the area. She was alarmed.... The driver assured her that the men were just Fulani cattle tenders and that ... they were harmless and that he would not be surprised if their guns had no bullets in them.
10 Nigeriaworld -- Which way Nigeria? - Partial Report Card for President Buhari (Part 1)
We see some of the alleged culprits in the Dasuki-gate scandal being arraigned in court or moved around in EFCC custody. I have no sympathy for them and no well-meaning Nigerian should but how the Buhari government prosecutes them will determine how Nigerians eventually perceive the fight against corruption. The government must ensure that everyone that had anything to do with this, no matter how well placed or in which political party they belong, must be brought to justice equally.

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