Dr. Tolu AdemodiTuesday, June 20, 2017
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Columbus, Ohio, USA


igeria We Hail Thee! The Lion of Africa

Beloved by her People; The rich and derelicts

Peasants and the affluent alike. The Jewish

Nation of the black race. Endowed with all of

God's blessings and gifts for man. How we

Hail Thee. Yet, we turned God's endowment

Into lurking phantoms around us. Unable to

Yield the benefits of that endowment. A people

Gifted in intelligence. But lacking in wisdom

How hath thou fallen? Have we betrayed our

Leaders? Have our leaders betrayed us? Leadership

Is ordained by God, for followership to obey God's

Mandates in our role as followers. But we have

Failed as followers. How more sinful can we become

"Obey your leaders and submit to them

For they keep watch over your soul as

Those who will give account. Let them do this

With joy and not grief because this will be

Unprofitable to you" (Hebrew 13:17)

For leadership, you have failed, for you refused

To accept God's endowments for the people

Turning the selfless endowment for the people

Into selfish personal gains of no glory to our creator

"Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people

Able men who fear God, men of truth

Those who hate dishonest gain, and you shall

Place these over them as leaders of thousands

Of hundreds, of fifties and of tens" (Exodus: 18:21)

Nigeria, how hath thou Fallen. Where are our

Leaders. The best minds God ever created as a

Black race. Unique, and unique for a purpose. To

Be the best in everything. Nigeria, the Jewish nation

Of the black race. How hath thou fallen? Is it bias

Or, is it my illusion? Oh Nigeria, How we hail thee

They were Twins, but they were conjoined

Freaks of Nature, they called them. They breathe

They gasp, they feel. They have emotion and

Experience emotion. They would have rather thrived

In the wild in the 17th and 18th Century

Discarded by the very one who birthed them

They called them Demons. They called them

Freaks of Nature. Boom! Here Comes the One

He says no. They are Humans. They are no

Different than you and I. God gave me knowledge

To fix this. I can fix it. He separated the demons

He separated the freaks of nature. They became

Human twin. They now live. Living the life God

Purposed for them. Who did it? He was a Nigerian

Used by God. Maybe I am biased. Or maybe it's my

Illusion. She was in the womb, feeling the warmth and

The embrace of the mother's womb. They call her the

One that was birthed twice. Yes she was birthed twice

Born Again, but not by Salvation. Born again by the

Nigerian! But HOW? You may ask? Because while in the

Womb, the fetus was diagnosed with a malignant tumor

The miracle man came. He said, I can fix. God gave me

Knowledge to do this. I'll take the fetus out of the womb

I'll then remove the tumor. I'll carefully put the fetus back

In the womb to grow to term. And he did. The fetus grew

To term. The now full term baby was born again. Today

She is living. Living the life God Purposed for her.

Nigerian, the best mind of the black race

Maybe what we need as leaders in Nigeria

Are more Dino 1, Dino 2, Dino 3, and Dino 4

Just Maybe. What 'am I saying? What 'am I striving at

It's your guess. Your guess that is as good as mine