Yahaya BalogunFriday, June 16, 2017
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Arizona, USA


"Corruption and underdevelopment are intertwined. No nation can succeed under the tutelage of corrupt people." - Yahaya Balogun

he recent events in Nigeria seem to have aptly perused or captured my mind of the state of civil and criminal justice system in Nigeria. Buhari seems to be overtly serving two masters. One master, the northern oligarchy; the other master, the party loyalists. Buhari's incorruptible mind has found itself in between the devil and the deep blue sea; the ocean of corruption in Nigeria. As a Buharist, I am particularly miffed about Buhari's 2face of handling corruption in Nigeria. Buhari's anti-corruption or anti-graft has not been all encompassing.

In one of my writings, I stated that without deterrents ( i.e corrupt people go to long term sentences in penitentiary institution in Nigeria) for graft and corrupt practices, Buhari's war on corruption will be a mirage. Nigerian charade judiciary is an incubator of corruption. Any product from the Nigerian corrupt justice system (incubator) is bound to be shielded and nurtured by the corrupt judiciary. An institution that dwells in romanticism of judicial prostitution. Our judiciary is a body that fouls with the aggrandizement of executive and legislative powers and lawlessness.

Sadly, June 13, a day after historic June 12, is another dark chapter in the history of Nigeria. The judgement of Code of Conduct Tribunal in Abuja to have watered and nourished corruption is a sad day in Nigerian history. Ordinary Nigerians are the utter losers! Hope is not lost as we believe in the judgment and the burden of history. The evils that men do not only live with them, they live after them. Those with romanticized corruption will never go unpunished existentially or esoterically.

If Evan, the kidnapper who put sadness in the lives of some families with some ransom in hard currency could be exposed and face judgement, Saraki and his cohorts flagrantly flaunting our wealth will not escape the judgment of history. It is a beautiful day for corruption in Nigeria, but sad day for those who wish their country well. The plebiscite must jettison fighting themselves to take their country back from those mortgaging their future. They should stop being used as tools to fester corruption. Abuja is a dysfunctional arbiter to shape the future of the deprived and dehumanized citizens of Nigeria. The exoneration of Saraki is a punchy slap on the faces of all of us with aversion for corruption. The charade judgment of CCT was like political earthquake to dismantle the array of hope in some of us!

Nigeria, a nation that takes one step forward, and ten steps backward. Corruption is the inhibitor of the crisis of a wealthy nation. Rich nation, poor people; stupendously rich leaders, disgruntled follwers. Buhari has good intentions but his ugly approach to tackling corruption is very selective and unbridled. Those who were caught red-handed are not facing true justice. Nigerian justice system continues to impede bringing justice to those facing justice and injustice. The nation is being brought to its kneels and the children of corruption in Abuja are celebrating the surreptitious defeat of the plebiscite. There are so many corrupt individuals in both parties. Corruption is killing Nigeria, the Nassty men in Abuja and the poor followers are celebrating the rape of Nigeria unfettered. Nigeria is at the crossroads, a country on an unending journey to the unknown.