Rt. Revd Prof Godwin I.N. Okpala (JP, OON)Friday, January 30, 2017
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Nnewi, Nigeria


Forwarded by: Rev. NELSON ILUNO



e are here today to celebrate a milestone. The wonderful things God has done to us as a church. The Diocese of Nnewi has already clocked 20 years. Praise and honour be unto our heavenly Father for the provision of time and chance that he has given us since 1996. God has used so many people both clergy and laity to achieve this and I remain grateful to all of you.

I welcome in a special way the clergy and other church workers, the Principals, Head teachers, School teachers, Church Organizations and their Heads, Resource Persons/ Facilitators. I appreciate your sacrifice to be here for this event.

To demonstrate the estimation of our value to the youths in the Diocese, we have put up this event. Today's event is remarkable in a sense that it is all about empowering the youths. "Education is power" they say. When one is properly educated, he or she is empowered, and that is why we have put in resources to build schools including the recent Pentecost University which will take off very soon.

All the youth organizations (AYF, Brigades, YMCF, ACM, YAC) in the church here present are enjoined to be more productive not only in the church but in whatever field of endeavour you find yourself. Today's Seminar is centered on discovering the varied means of utilizing opportunities available in Agriculture. I believe that the information you will receive today will serve as a stepping stone towards empowering you and putting bread on your tables.

The exhibition stand will x-ray your present status in "Science and Technology", and "Art and Crafts", respectively. Days are gone when one will wait for white-collar job on completion of Secondary or Tertiary education. The Government of Nigeria has laid emphasis on skills acquisition, no wonder the recent inclusion of entrepreneurial subjects in your curriculum. I appreciate all the schools that have put in their efforts to have something to exhibit today and I believe that there will be evolution of more scientific and Art discoveries after this event.

I want to encourage the teachers to engage the students more in practical approach to learning. Many teachers emphasize more on how their students will simply pass examinations without letting them understand the everyday application of what they learn in their classes. I charge the teachers to produce more of practical oriented students, engage them in discoveries through assignments and projects.

Finally, I am grateful to the Diocesan Planning Committee and specially the sub- committee on Youth (Schools) and Empowerment, for their efforts. We look forward to a better Anambra State and Nigeria in general, a better society driven by understanding of God as the source of all knowledge and wisdom. I now call on everyone to sit back and learn within the limited hours we have scheduled to spend here. Thank you for listening.

I hereby declare this event open with the release of the balloons---------------

+Rt. Revd Prof Godwin I.N. Okpala (JP, OON)

The Bishop Diocese of Nnewi