Yahaya BalogunTuesday, August 29, 2017
[email protected]
Arizona, USA


efore the real RAT RACE begins, I don't care what anyone says, let Sai Baba be evacuated from the Rats infested Aso Rock with immediate effect. Good enough! Baba is not a womanizer, he's contented with the beaut in effervescent Aisha. Otherwise, these children of corruption would have sent those amorous Indian girls to supply the indefatigable baba with forbidden fruits; sorry, poisonous apples! All the razzmatazz human and animal rats impeding baba from performing his job should be watched closely, expunged or extermination from the corridor of power.

As baba tries to sanitize a house of miasma; a house ossifying with chronic corruption, all efforts must be made to spiritually shield or weaponize Baba against the Ali Baba and the other 40 thieves in Abuja. Maybe, Baba should consult the Oracle and the Ebora of Owu. Baba Legaba is a bolugi descendant of homo erectus. Sai Baba should be made to get doses of the prepared concoctions from Baba Iyabo, a kampe man who has unbeatable immunity against all odds. Do you still remember how Ebora Owu narrow escaped from the gulad of the evil-dark-goggled-man from Kano? This Arogidigba of Egba seems to be the only inhabitant of Aso Rock who lived in this forest of a thousand demons unscathed. The ineffectual Oga Jona too was once a victim of the evils at Aso Rock's nest. He was allegedly poisoned by nymphs and those spiritual Mormons in timberland, but Jona, a pal to palm wine tappers at Otuoke, like "play play" survived the evil machinations of his avowed enemies! Our simple-minded Jona is now a living memory of these psychedelic individuals of his time at Abuja.

When we saw Nigerian political Maradona the other day, he seems to have been confined on a karma wheelchair, albeit in a somewhat of the ghouls implanted in Aso Rock. It is not unlikely that the evil genius too was a victim of Aso Rock's immoral and malevolent conspiracy. The seat of power at Abuja needs spiritual sanitation, the current occupant seems blighted. Sai Baba must be spiritually rejuvinated for him to finish the redemption of a beleaguered Nigeria.

Nigerian Maradona should have left the seat of power 'jejenle' in Lagos, an umitigated flourishing and metropolitan state that can withstand any incredible shenanigan from the occultic world. Literally, if I were the president of Nigeria today, I would earnestly with alacrity and audacity, either relocate the seat of power back to Lagos, or decentralize federal government's power and make it so weak, so that it will be so unattractive to political enterprenuers and competitors, and other scions of graft and corruption.

I wish a meteorite could fell from sky and the big bang madness came over evil forest, where everything turns sour and scary. Baba is the last sanitizer and hero of a wasteland. It is baba's mission to clean the whole timberland of devilish creatures and Aegean of mess in 9ja!. As for me, I want Baba to blatantly work from home until the resurgent ghoulish rats in Aso Rock are cleared and exterminated.