Yahaya BalogunSaturday, August 5, 2017
Arizona, USA


"The candle burns not for us, but for all those whom we failed to rescue from prison, who were shot on the way to prison, who were tortured, who were kidnapped, who 'disappeared'. That's what the candle is for." - By Peter Benenson

"The man dies in all who keep silent in the face of tyranny." - Prof. Wole Soyinka

e want to use this medium again to thank those who shared the plea messages on Facebook; sent messages via WhatAspp, commented and wished our abducted brother safe return from his unfortunate abductors. May God have mercy on our country -Nigeria. The psychological trauma and experience of Biodun I am quite sure will not be a tale by moonlight! It's better imagined than experienced by those of us who have not been in that precarious state before!

Life has always been an answer to my numerous questions, and Life itself is also a question to all my questions already answered. As human beings, we will always ensnared by the features of life itself. We are sometimes a bunch of inalienable products of our own environment.

I have always tried to avoid to pine on things that I do not have control over, but I am a born incurable optimist. Challenges are catalysts that sometimes propel man to do the thinkable and unthinkable. The abductors of my friend Shamsideem Abiodun Omotayo evolved from a society inbued with unfairness, injustice, selfishness, narcissism and all the vices associated with corruption. Abiodun's abductors did the inexcusable and unthinkable! But, out of the state of anomie, we have godly, good, conscientized and self-conscious individuals with the fear of Almighty God. Please, Nigeria shouldn't be written off! Beneath the terrible conscience is a hidden humanism and progress. All hands must be on deck to re-orientate these 'unfortunate people' to change from ruination.

The kidnappers of my friend, Abiodun, are unfortunate products of a society that do not care for its vulnerable members. These abductors were innocents before the Nigerian society reconstructed their minds towards criminal values. Kidnappers, armed robbers, political prostitutes need our empathy for redemption and spiritual revival. They need to be morally rearmed with our age-long tradition and values.

The corrupt-ignoramus-affluent members of the hobessian society forgot that those who make tranquility of a society impossible make violent crimes and strives of that society inevitable. Nigerian politicians have been consumed by greed, lavish lifestyles and want of immediacy at the expense of the country in general. The multiplier effects and results of the social vices will be equitably distributed or shared amongst the affluent, the wretched or deprived members of the corrupt habitat. Our leaders need to be educated or schooled in the classroom of prudence, civility and compassion.

As we cling our glasses of unintoxicated wine in jubilation for the safe return of our friend Shamsideem Abiodun Omotayo, let's remember and continue to fight for those who are in socioeconomic and political distress in Nigeria. Until Nigeria returns to decency, normalcy and progress, we continue to write and read aloud from the nation's book of Lamentations.

To God be the glory at all times, for He is a God of possibilities!