Oladele JimohTuesday, May 27, 2014
[email protected]
Chicago, Illinois, USA




t is no more news that our nation is under attack of an immense and worrisome proportion. In fact, the most recent global security reports, ranked our number one enemy, Boko Haram, as the third most deadliest terrorist organization in the world- bested only by Al-Qaida and the Taliban.

As of today, most countries are warning their citizens about the high security risks of venturing into Nigeria. The recent abduction of over 200 secondary school girls and the incessant killings in the northern part of the country have presented very dire and hopeless security situations, such that, some are even contemplating the shutting down of schools in affected areas.

As reasonable as that might sound, let us not forget that, part of the objectives of Boko Haram is to close down schools and shut down western education. Consequently, we must not give our enemies the impression that they are winning. We must resist by all means, the temptation to surrender our pride, our humanity and indeed, our future, to these enemies of progress.

An uncommon problem, calls for an uncommon solution and the will to solve it.

Therefore, it is high time we all stood our ground and do our duty to this nation by coming together, leaving all "sentiments", and fight this assault on our collective pride as a nation. The in-fighting among our ethnic nationalities, politicians, religions etc; cannot keep going on while our children and nation is being attacked by enemies within and outside our borders. We must realize that among comity of nations, we are not distinguished as Igbos, Yorubas or Hausas. We are simply known and viewed as Nigerians! As such, any attack on any Nigerian wherever, should be viewed as an attack on us all.

To this end, Nigerians must as a matter of national and even racial pride, fight and defeat this terrorist evil that has been brought on us. This, I believe we can achieve through the following ways:

  1. National Orientation: The FG must pursue an aggressive public enlightenment campaign to sensitize the public on the need for patriotism and security vigilance. It must also embark on building the synergy between the public and security agencies in order to ensure sound intelligence gathering.

  2. Repositioning of the NIA: The national intelligence agency must be reposition to meet our current national security's need. It must immediately expand its operations to neighbouring African countries, and even beyond; for the sole purpose of economic and security intelligence gathering. A country with such a huge population as ours cannot afford to have a dormant foreign intelligence presence. This move will also provide the govt. the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone through the provision of employment for young graduates while at the same instance, increase our capacity to effectively respond to global issues.

  3. Formation of National Guards: The FG need to scrap the Nigerian civil defence corps and instead, replace with a better trained and equipped National Guard unit which will take on the responsibility of internal security issues. This will free up our regular army unit to focus on its responsibility of defending our territorial integrity against external aggression.

  4. Creation Of A Special Operations Unit: A military special operations unit is not just a nomenclature given by the media; as we currently have in the country. It is simply based on the special training and the modus operandi of the unit. The special boat service was a welcome idea when it was inaugurated, but events around the country, indicate the need for an elite, potent and highly trained military units, for counter-terrorism and counter- insurgency. With a special operations unit, the rescue operations of those girls still being in Sambisa forest would not be so cumbersome.

  5. Lastly, the Nigeria Immigration Service, our first line of defence, must reorganize itself to meet our current national security needs. It must develop an effective system that will prevent illegal aliens from staying and curb the incursion or access to our country.