Ayo AlabiSunday, May 25, 2014
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada




y thought can be expressed in a simple form, without mixing words, and hopefully it is truly not a prediction but a reality that eventually will come to pass. People may think it is a distraction or and idiotic concept but looking at the past month in the history of my country Nigeria, I can summon that the end is coming for the present administration. I have a strong feeling that the international community will be advising him to exit with dignity. No one can categorically say where the effect of the international protest may lead to. The awareness and the demand of freedom for these young children are spreading like wide fire without an end in sight. America has taken a lead and commitment as a priority that the freedom of the kidnap girls is a must and must be accompanying at all necessary cost. The Senate and the American house of Representative has thrown its full weight and support on the President that helping to finding this young Children is part of eradicating terrorism in this global world.

It took a long three weeks for the Presidency of the most populous country in Africa to respond to the demand of the people in finding the missing children. If not for the intervention of the international community the story of the missing girls could have been set aside as always in all other situation of immerse importance and emergency. The amnesty international stood by their story that the administration knew before hand that the abduction of this girls will take place because a communiqué was sent yet for reason known to them it was not acted upon.

The New York Times editorial came out with the bold hint on things that the whole country of Nigeria has been discussing for a long time now,that is, the administration of President Jonathan is indeed the most corrupt of the government that has ever ruled the country of Nigeria. The former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton who also add her own object-able fact that Nigeria oil wealth in the hand of this present administration has been squandered and it's citizens are left suffering for all the basic necessity of life. The recent article just published in the Economist did not hide a single fact when they labelled the President as a man that is not in tune with his citizens and that a clue as to the running of Nigeria has eluded him so much so that, Nigeria is falling into anarchy right in his own eye .

Revolution is ripe but the leaders of the revolutionary is still missing. Looking at all revolution that was successful, the leaders are not part of the system. The system has corrupted the people and it will be very difficult for any leader to emerge from within to lead a revolutionary change that will set the country on a part that will correct the ills of the Nigeria society the way it is now. People are fed up, now they are waiting anxiously for the messiah to come and deliver the good tiding. But to tell the truth not in that country at the moment. The present inhabitant of the country are part of the system and it may be difficult to find a credible revolutionary that will lead the country without blemish. Majority of the so call advocate for change has been contaminated and their credibility are in question. Looking back to most revolution that were successful, the planing starts from the outside with people who are not corrupt and not part of the system. Even the leaders of the modern day uprising the Arab spring, came from outside to ignite the over zealous suffering majority of the youth who after graduation could not find a job to reward the parents who toil day and night to give them quantitative education at all cost with the hope of better future.and I am sure the leader of our change is also coming from outside very soon.

We are now transgressing slowly to a new name from a country of fraudsters and corruption in the global community to a nation of kidnapping, terrorism,instead of a nation with potential and a nation with all of its oil wealth and human capital.No one has the idea that this is not the way we are,we are indeed a nation with a lot of smart, intelligent and compassionate people who love life and the good things money can buy.Except through bad leadership we are made obscure and a laughing stock amount the rest of the world.

This might be frank and touchy but the blame is partly that of Baba Obasanjo our past president who has the opportunity to set us on a good footing towards the future but failed to seize the opportunity. Be a second time President he is aware of what our problems are. The corruption which has eaten deep in the anal of all spectre of the Nigeria community, The lack of adequate job for the youth. The untrustworthiness between the North and the South. The lack of infrastructural development most especially the problem of electricity that can aid growth,development and creation of job.Why did he fail to tackle it from the get go. Though he was selected to appease the south to reduce the tension created by the death of Chief Moshood Abiola,he came in with a popular mandate among the length and breath of the entire population and he let the glory that could have surpass that of Ghananian Rawlings eluded him as the father of modern day Nigeria.

I am a supporter of Baba but the opportunity that was lost can never be regain. No one can ever have that kind of power bestowed on them again. The only other person that can ever have that kind of power had already lost it by the annulment of June 12. The fairest election that was conducted in Nigeria and whose winner died in prison. If Baba had done it well to have given us an able man, the whole country could have been different from the way we are at present and the way we head to the future. With no question asked if Baba had given us an intelligent man instead of wanting to continue to govern from Ota with Yaradua whom he thought was a brother because of his relationship with Musa his close friend and a fighter of better Nigeria. We would not have ended in the hand of President Jonathan. I am very sure Baba is full of regret right now because he knows he could have given us a person that would have continue on the same part of eradicating corruption as Ribadu was doing under him and all the equipment that was ordered for a stable electrification would not have rotten in the Apapa quays where it was forgotten and was made idle. Our country at this time could have been on the part of greatness instead of the digression and confusion that we are experiencing with the present administration of President Jonathan.

The clueless way they have tackled the kidnapping of the young women from their school has Indicated that the government of President Jonathan has in no way in tune with reality.

Three weeks after they were taken, the global out cry is now making the President responding by also trying to play politics and debunking the kidnapping story now,the President is still setting up committee to look into the abduction.I can bet if any of his children were among those innocent student taken,there will not be a time for inquiry and he will be shouting and screaming for the whole world to help find them. All plan for election will definitely be on hold if not a total bombardment of the entire city until someone start saying we will bring back this children for fear of reprisal .It was noted that after the bombing in Abuja the President came out in the morning to watch as a spectator and immediately jetted out to Kano for a rally and a dancing party for the 2015 campaign that may not hold the way things are going.

Despite the inadequates of Baba credit must be given the way he handled the insurgencies during his tenure as the President of Nigeria. The Niger Delta militant were contained in the creek, Boko Haram and it's cohorts were shown a typical example by the destruction of their abode. Odua people congress were told not the meddle in the state of affairs of the nation or they will face the wrath of the law.

The First Lady of a Nigeria also add insult to injury by her crying and utterances more so by arresting those that were protesting for the immediate return of the abducted children. What an irony ,three weeks is when she finally woke up to discover that she as a woman and the mother of the nation should do something.

The movement with the #bringbackourgirls is up all around the world now is the time for the country to ride on the wave of change. Even the people in Afghanistan are among the shout of #bringbackourgirls.