Emakoji AyikoyeFriday, May 2, 2014
[email protected]
New York, USA




n the eyes of millions of Nigeria's children is the glowing fire for survival. Embedded deep within each Nigerian child are streams of untapped potentials. Deep inside the souls of the Nigerian children are dreams yet to be lived. Unfortunately, the destinies of these innocent children are under siege due to being neglected by the "fathers" - leaders of our land.

Today, I make a case for the children of our land. I make a case for the destitute, dejected and socially harassed children of our land. I make a case for our starving children, whose future is hijacked and locked into mediocrity by those who should have cared for them. I make a case for the children of our land, who may never find a way out of poverty echelon, to which they have been cajoled into by the "fathers" of our land.

Ironically and very bitter to commit to memory, the children of the nations where our wealth are being stolen and kept are flourishing, while Nigeria's children are being born daily into unbearable lack, extreme poverty, destitution, and sometimes into diseases they may never find cure for. Even as I write this, Nigeria is being ravaged by the scourge of poverty and Boko Haram terrorism, caused by political and economic corruption of our leaders, who are hiding under the umbrella of religion. Can someone, somewhere please, help?

This help can come when in fact, our looted money, which are in the vaults of foreign nations are returned back into our economy and the looters treated as criminals. Not only must our stolen money be returned, an immediate realistic prohibition must be placed on all Nigeria's leaders and on all their foreign bank accomplices to stop looting Nigeria into poverty; at least, for the sake of Nigeria's children.

Looking intently into the beautiful eyes of our children, we will see the promise of our collective future and greatness. Nevertheless, my heart never ceases to be pained deep within, when I see the culmination of the socially imposed inhibition upon our children by way of the excruciating burden of the poverty in our land.

Poverty sadly, has such stench stronghold over the lives of humanity to the extent that it's devastating effects can paralyze human morality. This kind of poverty can compel some individuals to travel the road of daily frustration, hate, and crime - such as the one being perpetrated by the gullible thugs being sponsored to execute their terrorist attacks in Nigeria.

My greatest fear for our beloved nation arises when I see the auspicious level of our poverty and the dire consequences that await us if we do not take serious measures to address it now. It is such a serious matter considering the millions of our children who are born into unimaginable poverty. Not only that, they are raised in abject poverty and some even helplessly die premature deaths, which could have been avoided only if our vast wealth are distributed to benefit the generality of our populace.

What I cannot understand about our looting leaders is the level of stupidity they exhibit when they steal our public funds to foreign accounts, which are used to develop these foreign countries at the expense of their birth nation; a nation where their ancestors and posterity call home. What our leaders need to realize is every action of looting will ultimately attract an eventual vengeance from the agonizing populace. History is before all of our eyes, and known looters will find out that at the long run, dire consequences await them and if not in their lifetimes, it surely will be in the lifetimes of their children and grandchildren. The consequences of looting Nigeria into poverty will never be forgotten by Nigerians as new generations of non-corrupt Nigerians are underway to surface unto out political limelight.

Let every thief in the helms of our political and economic affairs be told that the same Nigeria's children whose lives are plunged into untold poverty and hardship are angry. Let every political crook be told that Nigeria's children who are under siege will one day be free, and when they become free, be sure that they will naturally come after you, your children and grandchildren for vengeance. Your loots will be reclaimed and your children and grandchildren will pay the price of the poverty that millions of Nigerians are paying today. As the saying states, "there is ninety-nine days for a thief but one day for the owner." Looters, let it be made known to you that you may go on with your embezzlement but remember, that one day is coming to you and to your entire household sooner than you may ever expect.

To lay this to rest, I must philosophically suggest this thought to our political leaders hoping it will sink deep into their minds: "when you take care of Nig