Evangelist Isaac IvbazeThursday, March 27, 2014
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Atlanta, Georgia, USA




here is no doubt that the nation of Nigeria is currently under siege. A state of emergency ought to be declared to express the seriousness of this genocide that involves mass extermination of Nigerians on a daily basis. These killings do not come from the most dreaded diseases, neither are they compared to the feared Islamic sect called Boko Haram. They are mobs of syndicated killers or head hunters called RITUALIST. The population of Nigeria is depleting at a geometric proportion in the hands of these agents of death. Evidence has shown that within the past 15 years more than probably 5 million Nigerians have been murdered by this group popularly known as "ritualist". Nigeria has become a hammer house of horror and the nation is clouded by the most horrendous evil ever imagined in the history of mankind. I can confidently say that every Nigerian irrespective of state of origin or tribal affiliation must have known or heard of someone in their community who had disappeared without a trace.

Stories of human body parts factories are reported daily by individuals whom by Devin intervention have been rescued from horrific near death experiences in the hands of these ritual killers. It is obvious that in view of the deteriorating situation in the country, it is absolutely certain that the nation is plagued by epidemic of corruption and a catalogue of horrors. From the north to south and east and west, Nigerians are disappearing in astronomical numbers. They are finding themselves in slaughter houses where eye witnesses have reported that victims are usually lined up and one by one, their heads are dismembered from their body before the assailants would proceed to harvest the rest part of their vital organs. I left Nigeria almost 30 years ago and today it is still very difficult for me to come to terms with the degree of evil and wickedness being perpetrated in that country.

It is almost impossible to elude from the hands of these body parts merchants except by supernatural intervention. However few have been able to escape and lived to tell the most goring stories of what transpires in those alters of death across the country. In spite of the frequent occurrences of these horrible stories, Nigerians have continued to disappear in significant numbers. There was a story of a young girl who was returning from Lagos to Abeokuta. She boarded an eighteen seats bus along with other unsuspecting passengers. In a matter of time they found themselves in a big house at a jungle somewhere between Lagos and Abeokuta. Right there the evil men began to process the passengers for execution. According to her, the men were selected and lead into the chamber of death and soon after that the women were lined up to take their turn. While this was going on she saw a mountain of shoes at the corner of the hall where the execution was supposedly taking place. At that moment it was absolutely clear that many innocent souls are constantly been brought into that place and dispatched for money rituals. Among all the passengers in that bus, she was the only one who came out alive because the shrine had rejected her. She also stated that as the body parts of the victims were being removed, they were carefully packaged and kept for some individuals who were there with exotic cars to receive the consignment.

Another tale of eleven years old girl was recently told on the news. She was whisked away in broad day light by a commercial bus in Lagos while she was going for a night vigil. She was driven along with other passengers to a shrine in an isolated jungle somewhere. The next day she watched in horror as the assailants took the passengers one after the other, butchered them and began to harvest their organs. There are similar stories flooding the news across the country from victims at an alarming rate. It was also discovered that hundreds of individuals are reported missing in Lagos on a daily basis and only 5% of such numbers are found. The question is who are these ritualists? Why do they have to take the lives of their fellow human beings? The answer is not far-fetched. Findings have revealed that the use of human body parts for sacrifice can increase the chance of becoming extremely wealthy. It can be used to acquire some spiritual powers against enemies and also would help to project one into business and political hierarchy. As Nigerians are caught on the web of material madness and political aggrandizement, it is absolutely clear that ritual killings had just begun except by supernatural intervention. Not too long ago, the law enforcement agents in Edo State had warned the citizens and advised them to be extremely careful on their choice of commuter buses.

They announced that investigation was in progress to locate a shrine far away in the jungle of Edo vicinity where at least two hundred people are sacrificed daily. It is daily occurrences that the bodies of innocent Nigerians are found littering streets across the country with their vital organs removed. There was a heart breaking story of a young student in gwadalada in the northern part of Nigeria who disappeared after he had handed a twenty naira note to an old disgruntled beggar. He found himself in a huge compound fenced with an unusual wall along with other forty five people that had just been captured that day. Before he could process what was going on, they were all congregated in a hall where a man came forward to announce that they were all going to be killed and that before then their leader would have to come from United States who would receive their body parts.

The next day the man from America whom they called Arhmed had arrived and during this time victims had been lined up for execution. One by one their names were called to the galore and mysteriously their heads were chopped off and laid at the feet of Arhmed. Before the exercised Arhmed had announced to the victims that he is a dealer of human heads and that he has established branches in different countries where those heads are sold for rituals. This young student also witnessed a barrage of women captured and confined in that voyage of death. Those young ladies according to the executioner were simply captured to produce babies that would eventually be used for money rituals. However the young man was extremely lucky as he was rejected by the executioner perhaps because of God's intervention. Few years ago, a man in Abia State butchered his four year old son and when he was arrested and questioned he admitted to the crime but blamed it on his quest to become rich. On June 13, 2013, three men were apprehended for been in possession of fresh human parts, and among them was a 60 years old native doctor called Gazali Akewadola. In the process of interrogation, Gazali admitted that he had been in the business of selling human parts for years. He went further to say that it was always easier for him to sell live human beings which cost 40,000 naira than the human parts. The confessions of Gazali simply validate the fact the life of a Nigerian is now less than the value of a cow. At least those who have purchased cows for one reason or the other can attest to that fact. I do not live in Nigeria but I know the price of a cow is not less than 100,000 naira. Nigerians have been reduced to mere walking elements without any significant value. They are robbed and dehumanized by politicians, hunted by religious extremists, robbed, killed and sold as body parts at free will. What a country!!!! These ritualists are divided into various groups. The man who wants to become powerful or rich, the voodoo man who is ready to prescribe the human sacrifice and the kidnapper who is prepared to provide the scape goat. The victims are magically hypnotized and rendered into a defenseless state of zombies before their final moment on earth.

Two years ago an OPC man who was travelling from Lagos to his home town in Ondo State eventually found himself in Ekpoma in Ishan area of Edo State with all the passengers loaded in the commercial bus. It was already night when they were all ushered in to the cave of death. Usually they would all be lined up to take their turn but in his own case he was released while the rest were processed into body parts and packaged for rituals. Ritualists in Nigeria have become weapons of mass destruction spreading their tentacles across the country. When people are devoid of any sense of moral justice, and have chosen to make evil the sentinel of their lives, they would be crowned with a reprobate heart. As their consciences are seared, their lives would be void of the presence of light and darkness would subsequently take over. They would lack the ability to recognize wrong from right, and good from evil. At that point they have reached their point of self-destruction. That is exactly the level Nigeria has reached at the moment.

The situation in Nigeria has reached a climax where the people have begun to reap the dividend of evil, wickedness, atrocities, maliciousness, selfishness and ungodliness'. All Nigerians living in Nigeria irrespective of their economic status, both rich and poor are trapped in a world of perpetual fear and uncertainty. It does not matter how rich one has become in Nigeria, such a one is just as wretched as his next door neighbor. What use is that money when people cannot enjoy the comfort of it in their own homes without the fear of armed robbery, kidnappings, ritual attack, and religious extremist? All of these maniacs in the society are as a result of wickedness, irresponsible leadership, greed, selfishness and the worship of material wealth.

Right now, no one is safe in Nigeria. I have read on the news where some state governors have been attacked in their convoy. Nigeria is like a mentally deranged individual who has completely stripped herself naked in the open public and yet thinking that she is well dressed and just ok. Nigeria nationals in diaspora have completely lost their dignity and respect. With all the massive embezzlement of public funds at various government levels, a presidency devoid of any sense of moral responsibility, creating the highest level of unemployment in the nation, of course the problem of ritual killings has just begun. A nation where criminals are openly awarded national honors and selected as national advisers, it is obvious that she is already doomed to perish. In order to bring these problems to a level of control there has to be laws mandating public executions for anyone involved in mismanagement of public resources. Efforts must be made to reduce the level of unemployment in the country.

But how can that be in a country where the leaders have declared war on the resources of the nation stripping the country of its incentives to create jobs? With the news of billions of dollars missing from the nations account, constant power failures, dilapidated roads, kidnappings, armed robbery, ritual killings, and Boko haram, no foreigner would be interested in venturing into such valley of death in the name of investment. Without the intervention of foreign investment, the hope of young Nigerian school leavers is dashed. While there is no justification for taking human lives for financial gains, it must be noted that this is a collective responsibility. Families, communities and society as a whole must take responsibility for this act of abomination unto the lord God. When someone suddenly becomes wealthy without any credible source of income or the person's source of income is not commensurate with his wealth accumulation, such a person ought to be questioned, rebuffed and in fact indicted by his community, or the state.

In the contrary, such people are the ones who would be invited to preside over important occasions, ordained as community leaders, seat as elders in Churches and sometimes awarded chieftaincy titles. There are lots of Nigerians who cannot explain the source of their wealth and yet these Nigerians are seen showcasing themselves in public functionaries and they are treated as kings and queens in their community and by the society. The question is does money actually provide solution to human problems? According to Benjamin Franklin "money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants". This cannot be far from the truth when one is careful enough to observe an endless circle of fraud, embezzlement, and misappropriation of public funds by Nigerian leaders and yet there is no expression of contentment in their actions. The book of proverb is clear about this in Proverbs 15:16 Better a little with the fear of the LORD than great wealth with turmoil.

All those who have contributed to the problem of Nigeria will not escape the judgment of God. No ye not that God is not mocked for whatever a man sows so shall he reaps. Life is fragile, it is like a vapor that appears for a while and disappears in another while. The next minute is not guaranteed in any one's life and it does not worth it to insure one's soul by the gift of the devil, the riches of this world for eternal damnation in hell fire. As money does not provide an absolute happiness to man it is even more compounded when the source of that money is a blood from the human soul. Just as I concluded this commentary and was about to send it in, I came across another frightening news about the discovery of Soka forest, in Ibadan, Oyo State, where more than 50 sculls of human beings and decomposing bodies were found. About 23 people were found hypnotized and chained in one of the rooms in what appears to be a dungeon. The law enforcement agents have confirmed that the place was a harbor for ritual killers. The decomposing bodies and those found alive were victims of the killers. "Make money your god and it will plague you like the devil" -Henry Fielding .

According to Benjamin Franklin "He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money". 1 Timothy 6:10 "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. Darkness has beclouded the nation, the day has turned into night and the spirit of the lord is in conflict with the nation. The bloods of the innocents are crying out to God in every jungle across Nigeria where they are slaughtered for money and power. May the souls of those victims rest in perfect peace.