Gideon AhiabaWednesday, March 12, 2014
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f there is any nation on planet earth today that is causing crises all over the globe so as to ultimately gain complete dominance or control in global affairs, it is none other than America. And it is doing this in tango with Europe, which has become an unreserved appendage to this manic desire of America. It is really surprising to witness, today, the expansion of NATO through swallowing up the former breakaway republics from the former USSR even when the former cold war era counter force organization -the WARSAW pact-had become moribund long time ago. If the cold war had ended with the dissolution of the former Soviet union, which was overseen by the West through complex plots by the late British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan of America without a shot being fired, how come the current undue expansion of NATO military alliance? All facts today point to the fact that Russia, under Putin, has remained peaceful and dormant, trying to put at rest, the competitive cold war era spirit but the West, led by America, would not allow sleeping dogs to lie peacefully. Clearly, America has a hidden agenda which is now coming to the open.

The current crisis in Ukraine, which has America and the West clearly behind it, seems to me like trying to provoke Russia into a deliberate war. America has no business intervening in Ukraine unilaterally just as it did in Iraq and other nations in the past. If Russia is doing something that is against international law, the whole matter should have been tabled before the UN by the nation directly involved-which is Ukraine in this case-where the whole world would have met to consider the issues at stake in order to arrive at a common decision. Today, Mr. Obama and the US congress have imposed sanctions on Russia and have also sent war planes to Poland and other neighboring States as if daring Russia directly to a military combat. Yet, America is far away in its own continent and none of its economic interests can be said to be at stake by the events in Ukraine.

As I indicated on this wall before, a unip0lar world fully under the control of America, is a bad omen for the world. As America, NATO and the West are plotting to isolate Russia and make it irrelevant in world affairs, the UN and the rest of the world should watch it as the whole world is being put in danger of a nuclear catastrophe as Russia will definitely not fold its hands and allow itself to be swallowed.

Mr. Putin, I would want to advise that you open up Russia to the rest of the world by making new and trust worthy friends in Africa and other third world countries and also, by dedicating some satellite stations to broadcast, in English, to the world so as to show case your nation's military, industrial and cultural might just as China, Iran and other nations are doing. If NATO is expanding instead of dissolving in spite of the fact that the former WARSAW pact is no more, Russia needs to consider forming a strong, counter military alliance with China and other nations to checkmate America and the West. The world needs some political and military balance for peace to reign. Enough of this reckless American/Western bravado.