Fara OlanrewajuSunday, June 1, 2014
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Lagos, Nigeria




n 2008 I sent a message to the people of Nigeria that a Nigerian could be branded a terrorist, and in 2009 a northern Nigerian was officially conspired against, branded a terrorism suspect, eventually labeled an actual terrorist and has been regarded as a true terrorist by almost every Nigerian till date. He was tagged the "Underwear Bomber". There were many American writers in their late sixties and early seventies then that told the world that the boy's father is a business partner of certain American leaders- including a former president. These writers also explained to the world many reasons why all people said about the innocent looking boy cannot simply be the truth. I can remember in 2010, the day Osama Bin Laden was reported to have been killed; someone stopped his vehicle on one side of the road in Lagos, Nigeria, with the engine still running in the middle of the road. He quickly ran to me as I was walking on the other side, he told me that Osama Bin Laden is dead and wanted to carefully find out if I already knew and what my reaction would be, he listened to my response which was probably recorded and went back to his vehicle and sped off. I did not even know about the existence of Boko Haram until 2011 after they committed the heinous crimes of certain bombings in northern Nigeria including bombing of both police and UN headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. That was when most Nigerians first knew about this unique and unusual business organisation. This business platform is achieving four purposes simultaneously: first is to serve as a platform to start the process of breaking up Nigeria, second is to serve as a platform to which several trillions of America's money will be attached when the money leave the shore of America in the near future, third is to divert the attention of Nigerian people when they are critical of their leaders such as it happened recently when Nigerians were opposing the multibillion dollars corruption in the presidency and petroleum ministry as exposed by the central bank governor who was later fired, and fourth is to discredit Islam the religion they said to be promoting. It is not surprising that our president is not doing all he can to bring back our girls- kidnapped in Chibok by the non-Islamic but criminal Boko Haram sect.

The real members of Boko Haram are so poor, primitive and crude that they do not know what their group is doing in terms of dollars, but the people that are already or will be making billions of dollars in Nigeria and trillions of dollars around the world from their activities definitely know why there is Boko Haram. Shortly before these latest series of bombings of northern Nigeria by the Boko Haram sect, Nigerians were talking about the missing 20 billion dollars under the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan. Boko Haram has accomplished the task of shifting the attention of Nigerian people away from the multibillion dollar corruption in Abuja which is at a level that we never witnessed before. There are two groups of people that will suffer mostly from Boko Haram criminal activities. These are the Nigerian people and the American people. Can you really talk about trillions of dollars in details without mentioning America? Honestly speaking, I personal do not think so! America's money has been stolen and taken to different parts of the world forever. In many cases, the money will actually leave United States of America in the name of America, will be reported to have been spent on wars and will be diverted into the businesses of certain Americans in different countries, most notably China. When America's economy was defrauded by over 17 trillion dollars within the last decade, the China's economy sky rocketed by about the same amount. The China's economy would not have gone up as it did without the financial misconducts by certain Americans against their country's economy. The banks' value that took American people 100 years to build was then built in China in less than a decade in addition to what was already in China. There is nothing the media and American people can do to prevent the act of taking USA's trillions of dollars from the United States. It is something that has always happened and will always happen, especially when they do not probe past leaders for financial misappropriations. The TV stations in USA reported this week that all American troops in Afghanistan would return by the end of the year as promised by the leader, and suddenly the latest bombshell that the troops would be there till the end of 2016. When the troops are there several tens of billions can be taken away from America and the democrats can compete better with the other party; the other party launched operations steal all the money during the last administration. They mentioned Iraq but the money did permanent migration to China.

In the next decade, trillions of dollars will be taken away from America, in the name of America and will land somewhere else in the name of certain unidentified individual Americans. Any money taking away by any regime in America will never be probed and whoever is the president will not have to worry himself after leaving office. It is what I will like to refer to as "The Stolen Money Theorem". Money stolen in the US will never be investigated so far it was known to the leader, some members of his party and certain other people. The reality of the stolen money theorem is that the observers of the theorem will almost always need problems in some other parts of the world that they will attach the money to, and Boko Haram is providing this platform in the next decade. For American people, they are used to their money being taking away and they are even good at managing their lives through the brutal recession that always follows. I can definitely predict that the next recession will be far more depressing than the last one and that it will start around the end of first half of the next decade. 2015 - 2024 is what I am referring to as next decade in this article.

I can remember a time in 2009 when I was travelling from Lagos to Calabar in Nigeria, an Igbo-like lady walked up to me and asked me to help carry one of her bags inside the airport, but why me of all people around? I can remember a time in 2010, when I was nominated by an organisation that belongs to Nigerian government to attend a course for some days at a hotel in Ikoyi/Victoria Island axis of Lagos Nigeria. A Niger-Delta like guy came to me and asked me to collect his cell phone and say certain things to people on the other end. I did not know him at all and I never saw him before, but why me? Of course, it was impossible to know his people on the other end, and it was impossible to know why me or why that location immediately. I can remember in 2008, a Yoruba-like guy (he definitely lived in Yoruba land before) walked up to me in my hotel in Abuja, Nigeria and told me about American embassy, but what for? Again, I can remember in 2010, the day Osama Bin Laden was reported to have been killed; someone stopped his vehicle on one side of the road (the engine was still running in the middle of the road). He ran quickly to catch up with me as I was walking on the other side, he told me that Osama Bin Laden is dead and wanted to find out if I already knew and what my reaction would be, he listened to my response which was probably recorded and went back to his vehicle and sped off. So, how do I solve the puzzle because it is actually more than I have time to write or worry Nigerians about? It is all stupid and I do not really care at all.

When it was my turn to be screened at the check point in the airport, I attempted to return the bag to the Igbo-like lady, but she actually did not want to collect it, but we were right with the security personnel. So I forced her to collect the bag and went in for my own screening. The scanning machine discovered something in the bag, the security then manually found something in the bag and it led to hot argument and tension. She got or may be made a call, and then she got another call which was passed to a security guy, they took her somewhere and she was later freed. I still believe I would not have been freed if I had not returned the bag to her. In the case of the Niger-Delta like guy, he was putting himself through serious tension as he was forcing me to collect his cell phone and say what he told me and to his people on the other end. I do not want to write about what he told me here. I just looked at the animal that he was and I walked away and re-entered the hotel. It was not until about 14 months later that I was able to recall and link the fact that the hotel was actually very close to some foreign government offices in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria. Normally, they are all common areas to people of Lagos, and were also very common to me between 1996 and 2002. You can be looking at some foreign government offices from the hotel, probably as close as 280 meters. For the Yoruba speaker that walked up to me in my hotel in Abuja and mentioned American embassy, I actually spoke with him for some time because he also mentioned that he studied Electrical Engineering at a great University in Nigeria. The years he mentioned were before mine in the University. I had zero response to his mentioning of American embassy. I could only infer and conclude with 100% certainty that he knows them and they know him. There is nothing I will like to remember about the guy that suddenly left his vehicle in the middle of the road as everything probably did not take more than four minutes. He passed the information about the death of the man that was reported to be buried at sea, got my response and went back to his vehicle. Even American people did not believe the closure strategy that he was killed and buried at sea.

In 2011, I was about to be checked-in before boarding a plane at an airport in Europe, and there was the red flag on the computer against my name, I saw the information on the computer - 100% clearly and I am also a computational expert myself, the mature lady made a call and she was told on phone to ask me about my wrist watch (that someone asked me to bring), and she asked me why I put on the wrist watch- such a stupid question. They asked about the watch because it was the only real thing I bought in Nigeria before my journey. I answered the senseless questions anyway. Then, the person on phone told her to clear me and let me go. I can also remember in 2008, when a white man (should be more than 58 years old then) was perfecting his acts while lying on his belly as he was carefully using camcorder to record (it could be photo camera) my moves at another airport in Europe. I will not advise any Nigerian who has experienced similar events to what I have presented here to worry him or herself too much, because there is nothing Nigerian people or even American people can do to stop the next application of "Stolen Money Theorem" in which trillions of dollars of America's money will not be properly accounted for and the perpetrators will still be able to take over the biggest companies or establish duplicate companies with stolen money as they always do. I looked at past history and my own prediction is that this money will be in the order of 25 - 30 trillion dollars by the end of next recession. They steal and spend America's money even before the money is made and they will be bamboozling American people with budget deficit and debt ceiling terminologies. They know their country always attract the bests from all over the world, people that are hardworking, innovative and creative, so they always come to the conclusion that the economy will recover with the aid of revenue generations from technological innovations, which is often the case. One aspect of this corruption that I personally will like to oppose vehemently is the act of leaders stealing technological innovations by hardworking Americans, take the stolen technologies to other countries, and establish equivalent technological companies in these other countries using some of the huge America's money that they have carted away. They will then be importing the products (cars, electronics, computers etc.) of stolen technologies and stolen money in the name of other countries to America, to compete with real American companies and with American people paying again. American people have only one choice, which is to work hard and then pay. It is even easier to eventually come up with better products if you are using stolen technologies and money. The cycle goes on like that. The rest of the world would then be saying that China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and even Japan of 1950s have turned their economies around. You will only see other countries manufacturing what has been manufactured in Europe and United States. Now my question is: Are we in the era in which American politicians and leaders will steal America's trillions and technologies and take them to Nigeria so that some parts of the world would be saying that Nigerian people are turning their economy around?

In order to answer that question, I will like to revert to what history taught us about "Stolen Money Theorem". There were insurgencies or wars in all of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam and Philippine. But these countries are in different categories from the likes of South Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, Taiwan and Singapore where the stolen money and technologies landed especially over the last seven decades. The trend is that the war torn countries that were mentioned to American people when the trillions were carted away from USA in America's name are not where the same money went to in individuals' names. They must have definitely colluded with their cohorts in those other countries for all these to happen and to be secured. They will then station American troops and military base near those regions where they have invested stolen money. American tax payers' money will also be used to provide salaries and logistics support to the military that are unknowingly and indirectly protecting the investments from stolen America's money by being stationed in a region not far from the investments. However, the revenue from the stolen money investments will be for individuals and not for the country. The whole thing probably also means that Nigeria is for insurgencies and war, and not for the actual landing of the next trillions of dollars that will definitely be stolen and carted away from the United States. This is one of the reasons why I am writing this article, and more articles on the same topic will follow later because I also have to explain certain parts more elaborately.

Before I go, I will like to advise the government of Nigeria not to be too carried away with the facts that Boko Haram activities have made corruption easier in our country, because people talk about corruption, then put it aside and start talking about terrorism. So, people of Nigeria are not getting enough space to challenge their leaders about the unprecedented corruption that is happening right now in Nigeria. Yes, there is more money now because of oil price, increased population inside Nigeria which includes those who returned; mostly from Europe with some money and ideas, and also due to more Nigerians abroad sending money home, and so there is also more corruption. The government will have to face the Boko Haram, attack them strategically, aggressively and persistently until they are wiped out as insurgents. However if the insinuation by Nigerians that Nigeria will break up in 2015 or shortly after is what this government is believing in, then we are talking about another complicated puzzle. From my own end, I have seen reasons to believe that the world is confused about what exactly to do with Nigeria and even more confused about how to go about implementation of any idea in a nation of many nations like complicated Nigeria. Personally, I do not think Nigeria with a billion people in population by the year 2109 (22nd century) will be good for anybody on this planet. But I will also not agree with a Nigeria that people will attempt to split, and several millions of people will have to die during the war. I think for now, because something really needs to be done by this generation, we should recognise the different nations and give them autonomous status while we still retain the larger artificially created nation called Nigeria. It is time for Niger-Delta people to take control of their oil and for others to fathom how they are going to survive economically. I so much believe that if we accept regional autonomy we are all going to be better for it. Africa and entire world will also better for it. I can write more on this part in next article.

For the Chibok girls, there is no sense in not doing everything possible to release the 12 to 16 years old girls that are with the insurgents, the best is for government to negotiate, then follow the released Boko Haram members, attack all of their members and continue to attack and arrest until we end the insurgencies. It is in a world in which leaders around the world are capitalising on Boko Haram activities to loot treasuries that we will be told that it is not easier to arrest far more Boko Haram members after releasing them. The technology is too advanced now to make this happen since they are already being followed by satellite as soon as they are released. We also have hundreds of thousands of uniform men in the country to do the sky and the ground works together with the support of the state security services. It is not difficult to stop Boko Haram after all it is only collection of some black boys like the rest of sub Saharan African boys. They can definitely be stopped unless for; the America's trillions that must be stolen, the world's plan to break-up Nigeria as Nigerians are saying, the Nigeria's several tens of billions of dollars that is being stolen by its leaders and the desire by Boko Haram and their sponsors to downgrade certain religion, all rolled into one name, B-O-K-O H-A-R-A-M. But still, #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS.

In the next article, it will be my wish to tell the people and government of Lagos, and probably entire south west Nigeria that "they are coming." After all, there was a mythical bomb scare at Motorway in Lagos, Nigeria in January 2011, there was also a situation where the governor of Lagos said on TV at the annual security trust fund meeting that he, referring to someone who lives in Lagos, should be allowed to focus on his certain aspect of engineering (that statement is only applicable to only one person in Lagos State considering the other point he made that I will not mention here) and there was a situation where a former Lagos State police commissioner went to prostrate flat and raised his voice to all of Nigerian people (everything was in the newspapers then in late 2008) at the TREM- The Redeem Evangelical Mission in Lagos. I had handed him certain information and he knew something was true immediately. The people of Lagos definitely know the connection between the Motorway and the Red Cab company, but I suddenly found myself in a Red Cab after 9:00PM that day in January 2011 only for me to read about the bomb scare that happened the previous day in the newspapers by the following morning. The Motorway is also my fourth most visited building/place in Lagos, a city/state of over eighteen million people and hundreds of thousands of buildings. It was my first time in the Red Cab, and should still be the only time. It was definitely planned by certain people. "They are coming to Lagos- very soon." I cannot remember everything or write about everything I know, but they will meet a city with millions of University and other graduates with combined average intelligence level (for top graduates) that is superior to that of all of the Nigerian people in UK, USA, Canada and Germany. If anybody wants to know how intelligent top University graduates living in Lagos are; go and discuss an engineering projects that is very technical with the governor, when you open the next chapter he is flowing with you like an experience engineer in that projects, even though he is a pure lawyer.