Paul ThomasMonday, January 20, 2014
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olks, I specifically want to thank God for your life and that of your family for the privilege that God has so generously bestowed upon you in ushering you into the New Year. The past year no doubt was a tremendous year, because above all things God showed up on your behalf in many ways you can never imagine or fathom whether you are aware of it or not God was with you every step of the way and to this and many more you owe Him a debt of gratitude: Psalm 28:5, 1 Thessalonians: 5: 16, 18, Romans: 1: 21.

2014, however portends for us very solemn spiritual relevance towards the fulfilment of both our spiritual and physical significance. We are witnessing a reoccurring of God's spiritual magnanimity towards His people which most definitely will culminate into our physical success. God intends and indeed has commanded that every seven years should be a time of not only a physical release but also a time of spiritual attainment. Seven represents liberty, freedom, empowerment for newness and the opportunity to regain relevance and prominence; especially if there has been a period of ignominy and reproach in the life of an individual. Seven affords the opportunity to have all weights, debts, obligations and demands to be written off. It provides a platform for people whose voices have remained unheard to be heard and seen. The right to live without the tyranny and oppression of the task master comes to fruition every seven years. Regardless of the enormity of the offence or debt, the seventh year decrees a release from those obligations and issues a command of freedom, redemption and deliverance. Deuteronomy: 15: 1-3.

The relevance of 2014 therefore to you is that fourteen signifies a doubling of the number seven; it therefore means that every proclamation that God intends for the seventh year is doubled in the fourteenth year. 2014 therefore ushers you into a season of the doubled measurement of every blessing associated with the seventh year. Biblical realities entrenches a fundamental truth; which is, when an occurrence takes place twice it means that, that occurrence carries a divine command to manifest quickly and imminently. God therefore intends for an immediate double portion of supernatural release; which connotes a release from the laborious lifestyle into one of dignity and honour, a release from back breaking, undignifying labour into a new phase of success and prosperity, from the tyranny of oppression and servitude to a determining of your destiny; an end to the subservient mindset into a new horizon of greater heights and new accomplishments. From the old broken unappreciated, unrecognized person to a person released into his/her glorious destiny where victory and triumph becomes a regular phenomenon. Ephesians: 2: 10-13, 1 Peter: 2:9-10.

2014, will birth completion in every ramification. One fundamental reality about some destinies is stigmatization of never finishing any project they embark upon. The state of never really knowing what it feels like to have a mission finished or a project completed; which deprives one the feeling of basking in real victory. There are great satisfactions to be gotten when one begins a project and sees that project to fruition. It signifies God's presence and commitment to the project being undertaken. The relevance of experiencing completion is essentially because the resources committed into starting that project is not wasted and the benefit accruing from that completion can be fully materialised. Zachariah: 4: 9. In 2014, God will release the spirit of completion in a double dimension; that is completion of a project, assignment and obligations will be swiftly accomplished because God will facilitate the process and bring about a complete work in the shortest possible time. Romans: 9: 28.

2014, brings perfection, the Lord shall perfect all that concerns you. Psalm: 138: 8. God intends this year to bring about perfection, which also means excellence. The year therefore ushers in a spirit of excellence; one that affords the opportunity of enhancing the quality of work imputed into every assignment and obligation and in turn will lead to greater dimension of success and prosperity. This level of consciousness requires divine enablement the type heaven is making available in this time.

The onus therefore is on every believer in the fulfilment of God's agenda for their lives. Individual efforts must be mustered towards the realisation of a prophetic proclamation. Prophecies do not just happen they are made to happen. God's words spells out for us His will, but we are required to exercise our faith towards the fulfilment of His will in our lives by the things we do and the actions we take.

I therefore hope that you will become more circumspect in every area of your life by paying the necessary price required to see these great promises of God manifest in your life and in the life of those you care about. Proverbs: 23: 26, Job: 36: 11.

Two things will be paramount in seeing these prophecies materialise in your life:

  1. You war with the prophecies: 1 Timothy: 1: 18, reminding God of His intentions in prayer and at every opportunity reminds God of your faith in His words and your level of commitment in seeing a change in the events of your life. Reminding God of His promises has nothing to do with God forgetting but has everything to do with you exposing and displaying your faith and believe in what He has spoken.

  2. Your fervidity for His word and determination in prayer will culminate in the attainment of your new status as promised by God in this season. James: 5: 17-18, 1 Thessalonians: 5: 17, 2 Chronicles: 7: 14-16, Luke: 18: 1-8, Deuteronomy: 32: 29, Psalm: 81:13-16.

    Well folks the words have gone out into all the world charging everyone to step up to the challenges and make the most of this time and the privileges it affords. (Colossians: 1:23). It is my heartfelt prayer that destinies will be illuminated and ignited by the revelation of God's mind for His people both in this time and in this age.

Hold tight the rein of success,
And ride majestically the chariot of victory.
With strides fit for a king,
The banquet is set and the,
Stewards are prepared to lavish,
Sumptuously upon you the assortment,
Of life's many blessings,
The order is from above and the time is now.