Paul ThomasTuesday, January 7, 2014
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reedom!!! To be unshackled by the tyranny of small minds whose medal of victory is the oppression and helplessness of weak and pitiable mortals.

The oppressor takes away freedom the very thing that he does not possess and delights in the silence of great minds that find expression in the liberty of others; how can we be free when we are deprived of what belongs to us. The necessities that are the lowest rights to decent existence become our greatest ideals because we are ruled by intellectual midgets whose satisfaction is seeing the sufferings of free men. We have become emasculated by vacuous and fatuous men simply because their hands are on the trigger.

The ubiquity of folly in every strata of societal life plunges our recognition amongst fellow mortals farther and farther into the abyss of inconsequential entities. We are beggars hoping for a glimmer of life from those imbeciles who decimate our futures by their ignorance.

The once opulent and exquisite place has become the desecrated temple where blasphemous mortals reign as kings and princes. Destitution, starvation, melancholia and schizophrenia roam the streets plaguing all and sundry. The proletariat is sullied by her fatalism in the face of these anomalies which catalyses the furtherance of idleness and barbarism amongst the elite.

We walk the streets with feigned smiles cloaking our shame from the rest of the world; pretending all is well. We flare up at the slightest appellation of a disorganised entity, a caricature amongst meaningful nations; a nation that has lost her bearing endlessly spinning at the same spot pretending to make motion. Her citizens are strewn across the world banging on the doors of other countries begging to be let in, devising every deceit in the book in order to gain access to a semblance of comfort into another man's labour, planning and wisdom.

While Nigerians become a spectacle for sport at different entry points around the world; the bombastic ruler walks past with diplomatic passport desiring not to be blemished by the misfortune of his country man; to which he and his ilk were perpetrators of. He splashes our common wealth on his revelries and lechery in far away places while hospitals in his village are nothing but death clinics. While he splurges with dainty meats served on expensive China porcelain, millions of his country men languish in squalor and are in penurious state not knowing where and when the next meal will come.

The dearth of visionary leaders means we are left with charlatans and self serving maniacs whose aspiration is to squander and siphon our collective wealth into their personal coffers in order to live in extreme opulence at the detriment of a dying majority. These monsters do not care whether the country burns to the ground or implodes by reason of their madness; all that matters is the continuous flow of the honey comb. The nation is in dire need of a panacea; to cure her many plagues. Her pain is becoming unbearable, the pangs are hitting harder, she's wailing ceaselessly from the continued brutal assault from her mindless minders.

This nation has become directionless, visionless, purposeless and soulless. Everyday sanity and sanctity diminishes leaving behind darkness, gloominess and eeyorishness. Statistics show that life expectancy within our enclave is 40 years. It is almost laughable that 21st century Nigeria is worse than the 19th century. Living and life in this clime can be brutal, callous and fiendish.

Another year makes a turn to the finish line and we have become worse of. One generation is passing and another beckons, yet you wonder what resources the coming generation will expend, because our resources are constantly gnawed at by our greedy dogs who flaunt their insatiable lust for crass materialism by rapacious and unending acquisition of meaningless toys.

God forbid that earthquake visits the nation; the earth surface has become so porous because of excessive activities taking place within the earth's crust. Every household owns a borehole for self preservation because our Waterworks never works. The unrelenting search for oil as the major source of survival gives no respite to our landmass to naturally regenerate itself. We have dumb dogs parading as leaders, men and women absolutely bereft of ways to meaningfully engage the nation towards a successful and prosperous destination away from the constant assault on the land.

2013 races towards the finish line and can we say we are truly free? Do we honestly think we are free? What are the true symbolisms of our freedom? darkness covers the land, poverty pervades the nooks and crannies, putrefying stench of death fouls the air, kidnappers are on rampage, thieves and hoodlums are friends of politicians, hospitals are mere dispensing units, doctors in public hospitals have private practices where they refer public patients to, politicians own private universities while in government or are proxies to proprietors of such institutions, the police is obsolete and archaic absolutely ignorant of what constitutes a normal and decorous society, governors kill innocent bystanders at will because they are driven by maniacs high on drugs, ethnic violence threatens the sanctity and sanity of a once peaceful and harmonious region, lawlessness breeds fanatics who want nothing but a return to the stone age, they throw bombs at the slightest provocation; this same fanatics have sympathisers within the ruling system, rebels have become celebrities leaving in palatial and extreme comfort, owning schools outside the shores of this country and yet audaciously and bombastically proclaim their right to the unbridled madness.

the once shoeless man that sits at the helm of our affairs appears determined to repay his brothers for their agitations and aggressions that brought someone like him into the limelight and he is determined to keep them as a clandestine militia in case the game gets dirty towards the finish line. No wonder so much money is spent to keep the former rebels excited and engaged. How can a nation with functional armed forces be made redundant in securing our territorial waters whereas former rebels are given phenomenal amount of money to do what the Navy is paid and equipped to do. One need not ask why oil bunkering has become the new hobby of some subterranean forces. The very people paid to guard the cake help themselves to it; while the man at the top looks the other way.

2013 comes to an end and eighty five percent of those in government have tainted records from being proponents of advanced fee fraud to complicity in numerous shady deals of kick backs and front kicks. All these men and women are the true culprits of the Nigerian state. They are mentors to the criminals marauding in different forms and shapes. Nigeria is in a sorry state, where hoodlums man our treasury and miscreants make our laws. In a country with the highest number of children out of school a minister squanders phenomenal amount of money on just two cars. The people in her constituency would have been better served with such enormous money by providing a little succour for them. In reasonable clime where leaders are responsible and accountable the said minister would either be in jail or be jobless; rather than be remorseful and subdued her Oga at the top whisks her on a junket to Israel for pilgrimage; what a paradox. Perhaps he intends to purge her of her kleptomania or to pray for more cunningly devised means of refined thievery. The enormous capital wasting away with the assorted array of contemporary aircrafts in the presidential fleet foretells the foolery of those at the pedestal of leadership. These aircrafts serve no commercial purpose other than to carry the Oga and his numerous camarillas on their wasteful ventures. These wasting resources could have been put to better use in order to ease the burden of unemployment; thereby closing the gap of social inequality.

Are we truly free? What constitutes freedom? What are the symbolisms of freedom? Do free people live like we do? What justice do we enjoy as free people? What access do we have to our collective resources in order to shape our destinies? What ethical values does our freedom convey to us and the world? What are the realities of our freedom amongst us and the world? What kind of freedom is this where oppression, repression and cataclysm thrives? Two score and 13 years and we still cannot define what it means to be free. Whither do we go from hence? I know not!! Whither thence cometh our help? to that I shall answer thee, look to the hills and to thyself!! For from the hills cometh thy zeal to do that which makes all men free and noble. Do not let sleight men lead the way for they are bound to bring thee not freedom but servitude.