Folorunso OladipupoTuesday, August 5, 2014
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Continued from Part 4

Your Excellency,

ne of the major impediments to the success of our administration is the personalization and over centralization of government activities. All activities of Oyo state government starts and end with you. The common saying in Oyo state is that once Ajimobi travels the government of Oyo state travels.

Even when you are around, every decision is taken at your table. Separation of government power (postulated by French philosopher Baron de Montesquieu) and in fact delegation of responsibilities to subordinates as postulated in principles of management is not for fun. It is partially to reduce burden on superiors (your office) and to empower the subordinates (Commissioners, SAs, SSAs, and Board Chairmen etc). It is funny and unreasonable to know that no commissioner in Oyo State can approve a project over N100, 000 and that no council chairman can approve any expenditure above N50, 000. How many of these projects will you approve by yourself in a month. Please sir, find out the spending limit of Commissioners, Council Chairmen and Boards in Ogun, Osun, Ekiti and other states and let's come up with the present reality.

A school of taught indicated that you impose this financial strangulation on your political appointees and prevent the constitution of ministerial tender boards because you don't have any trust or confidence in your appointees. But why will you appoint those you don't have confidence in? Secondly, are you the only honest and sincere office holder in Oyo state?

Some of us in the party believe strongly that you think being the leader of the party is synonymous as being the party. In the same manner, you think being the leader of the government means you are the government. These are far from being true. These beliefs gave birth to the personalization of all activities of the government.

It may be true that it was only you and the Deputy Governor that were elected in the last election, it was not the two of you that worked for the success of the election. Several people worked to achieve this fate and some of us worked in anticipation of becoming commissioners, Advisers, SSAs, Council Chairmen and other pecks. But how many of those who worked for you to achieve what you wanted have you helped to achieve what they want? Truly speaking, those of us who have no appointment in this administration thank our stars because your appointees are not better than us. They have nothing to show for their appointments and they are even worse off. They have been incapacitated from acting.

Apart from the government offices and positions, it has also been observed that award of contracts have been over-centralized and personalized. The due process in financial memorandum to award contracts is not in use in Oyo state. There is no state tender's board or ministerial tender's board in Oyo state. The transparent due process is being circumvented to satisfy your personal interest and it may cost us the coming election because it has brought gross inefficiency into government business.

Similarly, there is ongoing process by you to personalize the activities of APC. It is generally believed that you have boasted many times that you are in control of the party and you will decide who carries the party's flag in all the coming elections. This is one of the factors that drove away many of the young tusks leaving the party to the Accord Party and the Labour Party. It is clear that the forthcoming party primaries have been manipulated in your favor ever before it starts with the present constitution of executives and delegates from wards to the state.

The panacea to these problems is simple. These can be corrected by allowing every political appointee to perform according to the schedule of their duties and the due process:

State tenders board should be set up under the chairmanship of the deputy governor, ministerial tender's board should be set up under the chairmanship of the respective commissioner. Any project provided for in the annual budget should be approved by the respective board if it falls within their approval limits without any recourse to you.

The approval limit of the council chairman and that of the local government executive council, commissioners and constituted boards should be increased to what it is in Ogun, Osun Ekiti or Edo state.

Allow free and fair party primaries to nominate party candidates for the forthcoming elections. Any candidate that cannot win his party primaries cannot win general elections. Furthermore, there is no point imposing a candidate that will not win the general election.

To be Continued……………………………………

Yours truly,

Folorunso Oladipupo