Sir Tony NammorSunday, April 20, 2014
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igeria continuously defies logic and rational sense of statehood with the activities of her leadership and citizenry. If in doubt, simply reflect on Nigeria today as oppose post civil war.

"TRUTH shall be the only conscience that will heal Nigeria.....TRUTH remains constant but unfortunately the innocent masses are those being used to settle scores. The perpetrators definitely are not humans but we must also add that to all those who know the truth and deep in their hearts they refuse to acknowledge it, no matter whose ox is gored, they are not different from those evil ones who kill innocent Nigerians.....The polity is dead to sanity; the democracy is jaundiced and the nation is desecrated with innocent bloods. Nigeria is not healing; she is dying. Only in her collective can she be saved.

We have lost Nigeria to low lives, criminals and the nation is under siege, time will tell who the truth seekers and tellers are as oppose those who have sold their conscience for their stomach. The nation is naked" …The democracy is jaundiced and institutions weakened. The need for a total re-engineering and re-orientation of the polity vis a vis electorates cannot be overemphasized.

The dilemma is that most Nigerians are just flowing with whatever is being thrown at them..WHY? How many are taking the time to review and vet government activities? What is the true designation of Boko Haram besides that which we are told ? Our nation is reduced to its lows because of power tussle and the quest to either retain or get power ; even if they have to kill us all..There is no way one can separate the dastardly activities of terrorist as the nation is experiencing from the politics of the day; there is a correlation and to better have a good grip of the situation; it is best to revisit the premise of Boko Haram as we knew during the time of Yusuf as oppose the timeline when the polity engaged. Please tell me what is the difference between those innocent souls who have continuously been killed dastardly in Nigeria and us.....? What makes us better than them? What makes those who think they must have power or holds on to power think they are better than those souls? The polity is jaundiced and has created monsters which are now hunting everyone in the country. Like we have kept saying; there is no way you can have a healthy election with all these corruption and insecurity. The ultimate goal from all indication is to destroy Nigeria along ethnic / regional lines and continue to make a nuisance of governance.

There is no love for country anymore in Nigeria; there is no care and sensitivity for citizen's life and welfare and as we can see the level of national security is at its lows. NOTICE that there are few prominent leaders calling for an ALL INCLUSIVE condemnation and honest engagement at ending all this menace ...terrorism , militancy and kidnapping ; it seems like everyone is paying lip service and at convenience, making statements at will but deep inside; it is what it is ..WHY? The polity is the number one culprit and they know it.......Very SAD

Do you know how senile governance has become in Nigeria; how hypocritical leadership and so called elders have become in the country; Majority of them have personalized the affairs of the nation to the point whereby; they seek their own safety and sanity and not that of the masses? The leaders are balkanizing while the masses are exposed. NOW simply ASK? Why has Nigeria council of state, prominent elders, monarchs, ALL" the notables from NORTH and SOUTH, not come together to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH?

They keep politicizing the affairs of the nation and her citizen's security and welfare. Fool those who want to listen but you can not fool all the citizens all the time; When all the chips are down; trust that we are all in this shit together. If there is a "COLLECTIVE WILL" from everyone who call themselves leaders in Nigeria ;irrespective of affiliations but come to the sad reality that innocent citizens are heinously killed for no reason but the crime of being a Nigerian; terrorist, militancy, kidnappers and others can not hold ground nor would the nation be experiencing such drastic engagement if there was a collective sense of purpose but because they are divided, it simply makes for a despondent state of confusion rather than fusion, such is the bane. On the other-hand; there is what is called citizens collective awareness and responsibility; that automatically places all citizens on the pedestal of being responsible for the nation. All communities and groups should take up that challenge to enlighten, educate and create positive awareness on security; it is obvious that the government alone can not provide that level of security needed and at such instance; everyone has to make the sacrifice. It takes the collective

The single fact that there is no COLLECTIVE will and condemnation of these heinous acts by the leaders but divides in views, positions and submissions has also shown that Uhuru may not be looking friendly and this is not leaving us soon. After 9-11, USA did not say, it happened in New York, so Texas, Florida , California, mind your business....The nation came together and spoke with one voice.....Nigeria leaders must ALL come together to speak with one voice. When they are ready; they will forget politics and save NIGERIA FIRST.

If Nigerians are fed with the truth today; can they eschew it to make for a collective decision or they are simply transfixed in misplaced euphoria, sentiments and ethnic / religion patriotism?.The house cannot be burning and the residences are told that they are dreaming.... No way! Nigerians should wakeup and in their collective, rise to reclaim the country. It's looking like a fight to finish and no one is giving up but using our masses as soft pawns / targets for scores

Nigeria does not seem to belong to Nigerians. When you see nations that belong to the citizens; with regards and respect for the life and welfare of the masses, you know the moment you step into the land. The only immediate and possible gateway to resolution is returning the nation back to her original governance 1960-65 ; TRUE FEDERALISM or regional governance; decentralize the center to ease off the tension and crazy quest for power.....The unity stays within the center but let each region have her autonomy. The way we are going; some people are hell bent on destroying our nation no matter what and unfortunately the poor masses are the collateral. There is fear and paranoia playing out with all these people; they are not telling Nigerians most of the facts and economical with the truth but it takes those who think deep, reflect and review the polity to see it all. Too much anger; polarization and distrust exist now in the nation; most especially in the seat of government, the fear of the unknown if or when power is released or the fear of what if power is not released and many more serious questions need to be addressed. ENOUGH of playing politics with the lives of Nigerians and let us be reminded that the religion does not sanction the acts nor activities of the perpetrators and so, the key is to separate the criminals from the religion. Likewise define the polity in line with the tenets of true democracy. This is just the TRUTH.

Who is that MAN / WOMAN who will bring the people and nation back together? That person of integrity; clean spirited; with oneness attributes; that person who is patriotic and be seen by NIGERIANS as a person of unity.........? WHERE IS HE / SHE? If you have to take it or keep it by force, trust that you are not popular with the people for true leaders are loved and all-encompassing. If leaders are balkanizing and not freely interacting with our masses; then there is a problem, for the mandate belongs to the people and the service is what leadership entails.