Paul ThomasTuesday, December 31, 2013




olks, as 2013 unhinges so as to pave the way for 2014; one cannot but be deeply entrenched in thought as to the realism of a year gone which consisted days, weeks and months the culmination of which births a whole year of debited responsibility in the life of any individual. 2013 brought us face-to-face with the privilege of seeing our lives from the prism of 12 monthly gifts to which we were obliged to utilise as we deemed fit. To some it culminated in the projection of an unbroken and seamless entwinement between the past, the present and the future. To some others it was a period of self- discovery and ensconcing of future pursuit within the gamut of these discoveries. To others still, it was a time of chaos, confusion and cataclysm. Shattered dreams and wasted ventures; wrong turns and barrage of unabated pounding from life's torturous storms.

To some therefore 2013 holds no real meaning, neither does it portend a period of any relevant achievement; an overall assessment of a wasted year whose departure incites joy and gladness. To some it signifies a season of landmark achievements, an era to be chronicled in the archive of their memories as a season of successful adventures and prosperous endeavours as long as life subsists. A year fortune beckons and hope rekindled, heights achieved and dreams fulfilled. 2013 therefore expires for them on a mellifluous note. A time in which destines were anchored and life's purposes determined.

The summation of 2013 therefore requires an introspection that takes on board the different inclination in making reasonably and perhaps persuasive submissions. 2013 departs with the lessons of life's unchanging vicissitudes. The seasonal components of man's existence in which he must constantly contend with the realism of seasonal changes. The responsibility to see life not from the periscope of self diminutive pursuit but from the magnifying glass of panoramic realities that challenges great destinies and demands responsibility for greater pursuit and vision in its entirety. the failures or set backs of one year are not enough to be the sole determinants of a life that comprises many varying and complex concepts; the lessons at this stage provides an auspicious platform to realise the inner fortitudes that lay deep within mortal formation and the strength of our resolve in the phase of life's topsy-turvy.

2013 departs with the challenge to put in place vision that transcends yearly resolve and constant resolution; but rather a strategic approach with an annual appraisal of processes and procedures. 2013 expires leaving each to find its place in this vast realm of multifaceted composition in which all must strive to arrive at its on haven as platforms, openings, spaces, stages, places make themselves available or better still to insist on making a mark no matter how crowded or petulant and unyielding the process might seem.

As 2013 packs up her remaining influences on humanity and ushers in the new; may silence become sacrosanct and invaluable in our pursuit for a more impactful life? May we walk and work with hope which births expectations leading to a more palpable realisation. May our lights not be placed under a covering that dims its shine and obstructs its glimmer? May we be strengthened with failures and perspicacious in victory; determined in defeat and conscientious in pursuit; modest in success and trenchant in observation; forthright in dealings and meticulous in diligence? May it be a time when newness means thankfulness for the past and aspiration and strength for the future? A time to realise that without 2013 there would never be 2014 regardless of our presumptions or predilections; to be grateful therefore to Him who thought it fit to bring us into the new