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his is a rebuttal to the review of the film documentary of Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo's God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT). The reviewer's objective was to create distrust and doubt as to whether Professor Oyibo has developed an equation for the Grand Unified Field Theorem. If this was just another documentary about aspects of a common issue, it would not merit a rebuttal. However, the honorable Anthony Agbo, Minister of Public Works in Ebonyi State in Nigeria stated that Professor Oyibo has discovered the holy grail of mathematics and physics. The search for the Unified Field Theorem has been the hottest contest among the greatest intellectual minds on the planet. The ultimate goal is to conceptualize the workings of the Universe and express it in one mathematical equation.

What ever race is blessed with the knowledge of the equation of the Unified Field Theorem has been called by the creator to leadership in the world. This position is presently claimed by the western world as a matter of their technological supremacy. Leadership of the world is something that nations kill for every day. This is a position that the western world will not give up without a challenge. Therefore, we are writing in defense of our national legacy, security, and honor.

Critics should scrutinize and present their professional opinion. They cannot however extend that liberty to outright lies and distortions. Especially if these deceptions help the enemies of Africa maintain their dominance and control over the Africa. Continent

This film documents Professor Oyibo's International Presentation of GAGUT at the National Universities Commission (NUC) headquarters in Abuja Nigeria. Professor Oyibo gave 18 lectures at 8 specifically selected zones which covers the Nigerian University system. They were sponsored and organized by NEADS (Nigerian Experts and Academics in the Diaspora Scheme). The film also provides a historical perspective of the African origin of creation. It covers the enthusiastic celebration of Professor Oyibo's achievements and contribution as he is honored and welcomed home by his people.

The film shows Prof. Oyibo's presentation to tens of thousands of Nigerians and over four hundred of Nigeria's professors of mathematics, science and engineering, vice chancellor and international representatives including a member of the United Nation Educational and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Professor Oyibo has made himself available for any scrutiny by members of his genre. The reviewer failed to note Professor Oyibo's directive to unite the industrial sector with the university community. This, as Professor Oyibo stated, would provide students with grants for scholarly achievements toward the solution of problems holding back the growth and development of Africa through the use of GAGUT's principals.

There has been many esteem journalists such as Laolu Akande of The Guardian newspaper, Kenneth Obechina Obo Reporter for Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Herb Boyd of the Amsterdam News; Gary Byrd of WBAI Radio, and David Greaves of Our Times Press in the United States who spent hours interviewing and researching facts surrounding Professor work and have applauded Prof. Oyibo.

The reviewer was given material from both the American Mathematical Society and the European Mathematical Society which verifies Professor Oyibo Theorem. These Societies in their review on 1) Generalized Mathematical proof of Einstein's theory using a new group theory 2) Exact closed form solution to the full Navier-Stokes equations and new perceptions for fluid and gas dynamics 3) Mathematical modeling for fluid and gas dynamic turbulence, among other qualifying relations, states that 'The Author (Oyibo) presents an exact solution of the steady Navier-Stokes equation'. Now The reviewer perhaps cannot follow the highly complicated scientific matter. The film also provides the viewer with the evidence of these reviews by five of the world's most noted mathematicians and physicist.

Among the mathematicians who reviewed and supports Professor Oyibo's work is Dr. Iya Abubakar, who holds a PhD degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University in England, which hold the highest standards of excellence in mathematics in the world. He was former head of the mathematics department and the Vice Chancellor at Amadou Bello University In Zaria, Nigeria. He was the Nigerian Minister of Defense and is presently, of a member of the Nigerian Senate. The film shows an interview of Dr. Abubakar with the press, stating that ': 'I have looked at it and it is perfectly correct - you can rely on it. When you differentiate a constant, you get zero. In relation to the equation Gij,j = 0, this means that God is constant and that the change in God is zero'. The reviewer degraded Dr. Iya Abubakar by stating the following:

'when he was asked a question on why he believed that Oyibo's theory is genuine, the only explanation Iya Abubakar gave was an assumption that belittles any great scholar.' Another example is Dr. Alexander Animalu. Dr. Animalu is also a PhD graduate in mathematics from Cambridge University, whose Doctorate thesis was cited over 750 times, making it the most cited paper coming out of Cambridge University in the field of mathematics in over 50 years. He is a former head of the Nigerian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Animalu wrote a 22 page review of Professor Oyibo's theorem entitled 'The Dirac equation in 5 dimensions and consequences'. As the film shows, Dr. Animalu stated clearly that Professor Oyibo's theorem was a true unification with a methodology that goes beyond Einstein. The reviewer omitted the verification of Dr. Animalu completely.

The reviewer was not interested in writing about any authorities who supported Professor Oyibo's Theorem.

As a native born Nigerian, the reviewer could have taken pride in Professor Oyibo's discovery once the facts presented themselves. Instead he chose to insult the Nigerian people by insinuating that their Academic, religious and political leaders were 'mesmerized' by the star power of a snake oil salesman. Rather than taking pride at the sight of thousands of young students standing on the windows of the Kogi State University Auditorium for hours, for the chance to hear a lecture on mathematics, He chose to identify with the condescending attitude of a handful of dissenters who subconsciously reject their own color, culture and consciousness for some westernized model.

The reviewer should log on to the web site www.geocities.com/igala1 if he can access it. GAGUT has been scrutinized, reviewed and verified by legendary Mathematicians, Scientists, and Physicists like Professors G. Tsagas, A.D. Khonkin, Jaume Carot, A. Cichoka, P.B. Duboski, A. Animalu, A. Pozzi, I. Abubakar just to name a few from the most prestigious universities and research centers around the world. In addition, some of the most brilliant journalists worldwide have published very thoroughly investigated reports about GAGUT. Some of these reports have attracted the intention of institutions like the Financial Times of London (August 9, 2004, October 27, 2004 and November 23, 2004), the Qtrade, Canada's leading on-line brokerage firm (October 24, 2004), the Baltimore Sun, one of the leading mainstream newspapers in America, featured article entitled Meet the Worlds Greatest Scientist ' Professor Oyibo(December 3, 2004), Wikiverse: A World of Knowledge (October 29, 2004). These News reports about GAGUT have been recognize d by the world's leading News Data base which is called NexisLexis in which news reports about GAGUT have been featured 23 times. The credibility of Nexis-Lexis is so high that news featured in Nexis-Lexis are used in legal court deliberations, by lawyers and legal experts. The news reports about GAGUT have also been featured on the Big News Network, which only reports Big News around the world (October 28, 2004). The American Mathematical Society and the European Mathematical Society have extensively reviewed GAGUT using legendary Mathematicians, Scientists, and Physicists above and others. There have been lots of Television News coverages about GAGUT.

GAGUT has also been covered by Math News, an authoritative news source for significant developments in mathematics worldwide, and has recognized GAGUT as the HOLY GRAIL, a phrase that is used in the scientific and the mathematic world to represent the ultimate research goal for human beings, which is the Unified Field Theory, or the Theory of Everything. MathNews comes out of the University of Turin ( Torino), Italy, one of the oldest universities (1404) in Europe. One of the MathNews reports on GAGUT (July 23, 2005) entitled THE HOLY GRAIL!!! was featured with their report about significant research developments from Massachuttes Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as from Cambridge University in England, and other prestigious universities. MathNews is edited by Professor Umberto Cerruti, a very renown mathematician. GAGUT's classification as THE HOLY GRAIL by MathNews, therefore has confirmed for mathematicians and non-mathematicians that GAGUT is the long await ed discovery of the secret code to the universe. Many people all over the world are trying to gain access to the Nigerian Born American based, Nobel Prize nominee and cannot gain access so readily. People all over the world are attempting to gain access in order to find out what the Professor's latest discoveries are. Math News also states that: 'To underscore the extent of the impact of his work in the Western world the German armed forces through its nuclear bomb research, is now seriously understudying his work. On a famous German book web cite abebooks.de, the German Federal Armed Forces is offering and promoting one of Oyibo's works, 'Highlights of the Grand Unified Field Theorem' Also at DESY the library of the German Nuclear Bomb Research, Oyibo's Grand Unified Theorem the discovery of the Theory of Everything and the 'Fundamental Building Block of Quantum Theory' is listed. In the US, Oyibo's are mostly reserved in reference sections in major libraries including those in Stanford, Harvard and several top universities in Europe'.

This work was supported by the National Institutes of Health. Patti Richards MIT News Office Brain scientists offer insight into vision

July 23, 2005


www.sunnewsonline.com world wide enquiries jam web site of Nigerian professor who discovered secrets of the universe

By Sola Fanawopo

Access to the web site of the Nigerian-born, United States-based, Nobel Prize nominee, Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo, (http://www.geocities.com/igala1) has been jammed throughout last weekend, because several people are trying to log on to the web site to read about his latest discovery, 'God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem' (GAGUT).

Several attempts by our correspondent to log on to the site were unsuccessful. An apology boldly displayed on the site greets a visitor. It goes thus: 'Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable! The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer.'

Other attempts to access the site through several other search engines such as yahoo, MSN and Google, did not yield the expected result.

To underscore the extent of the impact of his work in the Western world, the German Armed Forces, through its Nuclear Bomb Research, is now seriously understudying his works. On a famous German book web site, abebooks.de, the German Federal Armed Forces is offering and promoting one of Oyibo's works, 'Highlights of the Grand Unified Field Theorem', at EURO10.00.

Also at DESY, the library of the German Nuclear Bomb Research, Oyibo's 'Grand Unified Field Theorem: The Discovery of the Theory of Everything and the Fundamental Building Block of Quantum Theory', is listed.

In the US, Oyibo's books are mostly reserved in reference sections in major libraries including those in Stanford, Harvard and several top universities in Europe.

The quest for more public information about his works is also going at an alarming pace.

The New York station of Public Broadcasting Service, PBS, has asked him to join the station in producing a documentary on his findings.

According to a release from the New York-based OFAPPIT Institute of Technology, which is the research-based organisation that Oyibo set up as 'the official home' of his GAGUT discoveries, 'this documentary is expected to be a multi-part series on the discovery.'

The institute is also embarking on a fundraising drive to collaborate with the PBS in producing the documentary. The drive targets corporations, foundations and individuals' contributions.

At Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT) another leading technology and science school in the US, graduate students and some teachers embarked on an aggressive petition drive to make the school authorities invite Oyibo to deliver a public lecture at the school.

According to the MIT petition, 'We feel that a lecture and discussion about the scientific and social implications of this theory would be beneficial to our school by broadening our academic and social awareness.'

But crucial to Oyibo's passion is the need to educate Africans about the discovery that he commendably and boldly named after The Almighty God ' the God Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem or GAGUT

Oyibo insists that the focus of his work is God. 'He sent the revelation...and a revelation comes for a reason.'

He referred to Isaac Newton, a minister of the Church of England in his days, who got a revelation. Oyibo submitted that it was Newton's spiritual basis that helped his scientific findings.

Said Oyibo : 'The message to Newton was to elevate the Europeans through the revelation on how the planets move. He was referring to the universal gravitational law, which governs the motion of the planets and stars.'

According to Oyibo, Newton got the formula through a revelation he could not explain ' he got a solution without an equation. But 100 years later, Professor Poisson, a French mathematician, supplied the equation. Oyibo then observed that 'all knowledge comes from God, in some cases it is acknowledged, others don't.'

Moving on to Albert Einstein who credited the creation of the world to the Big Bang, Oyibo noted that his discovery was sent to deliver the Jews. 'Then the Jewish people were living in ghettos in Europe, undergoing hard times, when there were signs in some public places that 'dogs and Jews' were not welcome. They even put the dogs first,' Oyibo explained with a tinge of distaste.

It was under those circumstances that Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. That changed the fate of the Jews, as that discovery led to the first atomic bomb in the US, to where several Jews then moved, following Einstein's settling down at Princeton University.

Oyibo is now staking out the claim that GAGUT is the father of relativity and 'if relativity lifted the Jews, GAGUT is also sent by God to liberate and lift black people.'

Who is Oyibo?

Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo is a Kogi State, Nigerian-born, mathematical physicist, resident in the United States of America and currently making waves around the world with his GAGUT Theorem ' more like the Holy Grail, the theory of everything, holding the entire secrets of the universe.

Oyibo 's work has advanced Einstein's Relativity and answered questions that the science icon tried to address, regarding the origins of the universe but could not answer, before he died.

With the professor's findings he hopes that with the right funding, even incurable diseases such as AIDS, cancer, Parkinson's syndrome and Alzeimer's disease, would be curable within three years. Based on the GAGUT formula, cells in the affected human body would be 're-tuned' rather than killed. Viruses that attack the body's T-cells are not living organisms and therefore cannot be killed. They merely utilise energy from the T-cells to multiply themselves. Professor Oyibo's discovery will merely help doctors re-tune the cells instead of killing them, providing a permanent cure.

Gabriel Oyibo, who obtained a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Mathematics from Rensseler Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, has been nominated for the Nobel Prize, thrice now.


In Gottigen, the Harvard of Germany and the home of one of the three greatest mathematicians of all time, Fredrich Karl Gauss, is honoring his legend by featuring a specialized group of selected mathematics works in the Gauss 2005 celebration. The selected works include that of the legendary David Hilbert, (Hilbert Space in Mathematics), who competed with Einstein in the development of the General Relativity Theory as well as works of Sir Michael Atiya, a Field Medal (Nobel Prize equivalent in Mathematics) winner in 1966 and former Master (President) of Trinity College of Cambridge University, also considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians alive, as well as works by other mathematics luminaries.

Professor Gabriel A. Oyibo's book is one of the thirteen books that have been selected to honor Fredrich K. Gauss


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Nr. 17 Alain Connes und Matilde Marcolli: From physics to number theory via noncommutative geometry
Nr. 16 Titu Andreescu und Zuming Feng: 103 trigonometry problems - from the training of the USA IMO team
Nr. 15 Yaakov Friedman: Physical applications of homogeneous balls
Nr. 14 Ovidiu Calin und Der-Chen Chang: Geometric mechanics on Riemannian manifold

It is also noted that GAGUT critics have demanded experimental verification on GAGUT. The response to that demand includes the fact that GAGUT as a Theorem of everything, subsuming all the equations ever written by a human, including relativity equations, quantum equations and other equations, GAGUT is automatically verified by the experiments that verify including relativity equations, quantum equations and other equations which are subsets of the GAGUT equation. In addition there are other experimental verifications of GAGUT that have been demonstrated recently, including the following.

Independent Experimental results from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY and Carnegie Washington Institute, Washington, D.C. have confirmed the predictions of God Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT).

The third corollary of GAGUT predicts that there is only one stable building block for the material universe. The data gathered from these two prestigious institutions mentioned above are confirming the GAGUT predictions and would lead to a far-reaching and profound revolution of the sciences and science education and general knowledge as we know it today. That revolution would include the revision of all science text books used around the world.

Confirmation of these GAGUT predictions are somewhat similar to the confirmation of the Relativity predictions regarding the bending of light which GAGUT has also independently predicted.

Also, Professor A.O. Animalu has also confirmed GAGUT predictions in a paper entitled, A Review of Oyibo's Grand Unified Theorem with Realizations of a Hierarchy of Oyibo-Einstein Relativities. Professor Animalu verified experimentally the GAGUT prediction of what would happen when a laser beam passes through a periodically graded glass.

GAGUT is also revealing some new insight into Black Holes.

A Press Conference is being scheduled for September to brief the press.

Let it be known that the Nigerian Senate voted unanimously to create an International African Prize in Science and Technology and to make Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo its maiden recipient.

The Nigerian Senate has unanimously recommended Professor G. Oyibo for the highest academic prize ever given to a scientist, researcher or academician, in the history of humanity, following his successful proof of GAGUT as the long?awaited Holy Grail Unified Field Theory of Everything in a recent series of global lectures. The senate recommendation resulted from a motion that was sponsored by three distinguished senators, Senator Nicholas Yahaya Ugbane, Senator Iya Abubakar and Senator Chris Adighije. One of these Senators, Professor Iya Abubakar is a legendary mathematician having obtained a Ph. D in mathematics from Cambridge University in England. This historic recommendation is contained in the text of the Nigerian Senate Motion No. 151 page 320 presented in the Federal Republic of Nigeria Order Paper on Tuesday, 15th March, 2005. It can be argued that this motion is as significant, if not more significant than the 13th, 14th , and 15th Amendments to the United States Constitution, which were supposed to protect the rights of the black people. This is because this motion seeks to guarantee every black person as well as others an opportunity to win the highest academic prize in the world.

Because of the historical nature of this legal document, which spells out an incredibly significant and even Godly position or statement on behalf of the black race, the black world and indeed the whole world, this entire planet needs to be informed on this development. We are therefore requesting every black person to support the upliftment of the black race by urging the African Union to implement this motion urgently. President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria is the current president of the African Union. The text of the motion is as follows:


' Seeking to Institute the African International Prize for Science and Technology

Senator Nicholas Yahaya Ugbane:

Senator Iya Abubakar:

Senator Chris Adighije:

WHEREAS evidences abound from monuments and inventions reveal Africans and their descendants as the pioneers and leader of the World's first civilizations. Today, it is also evident that they have continued to pioneer inventions in the modern era;

WHEREAS eminent African Scientist like Benjamin Banneker, a Mathematical Genius used the architecture of ancient Egypt as a model to design and build the city of Washington, DC, the United Staes Capital, Daniel H. Williams III performed the first open heart surgery in modern medicine, Garrison Morgan invented gas mask and traffic light, Ralph Sampson also invented the first cellular phone which has eventually become the foundation of modern telecommunications industry, inc;

WHEREAS honour is given to whom honour is due, Nobel Prize is given to any individual that has done great exploits and made important contributions to the development of science, medicine, literature or world peace each year in Sweden;

WHEREAS in Science, eminent personalities especially from Europe have won the Prize in different categories since the inception of the award;

WHEREAS an accomplished Nigerian ranked among world's best scientists, a mathematician and Physicist by the name Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo has discovered God Almighty's Unified Theorem;

WHEREAS this theorem can be used to proffer solutions to incurable diseases like Aids and Cancer

WHEREAS the mathematical equation known as God Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) is in his book entitled 'Grand Unified Theorem' It's geometric solutions are used to provide solutions to unsolved human Problems and also define the concept of life, the soul and spirituality and the representation of God as creative as well as a unifying force. This is the Theory Albert Einstein, the foremost Scientist searched for most of his life to no avail;

WHEREAS Murray Gell-Mann reduced 100 sub-atomic particles to three (3) classes of sub-atomic particles called Quarks and Leptons and won the 1969 Nobel Prize in Physics, GAGUT has reduced 118 atomic particles (called elements) to one (1) atomic particle called Hydrogen;

WHEREAS GAGUT has been recognized by the American Mathematical Association (AMA) and the European Mathematical Society (EMS), the equation is capable of solving all mathematical problems;

WHEREAS Professor Edith Luchins, Mathematics Professor and an aide to Albert Einstein who was thrilled by Professor Oyibo's formulation as the first to complete the task that intrigued and challenged Einstein and many other luminaries in science, thereby placed him in the ranks of world class scientists;

WHEREAS Distinguished Professors, such as Cambridge trained physicist, Professor Joshua C. Anyiwo praised Professor Oyibo's work as 'the cleanest, most carefully articulated, most comprehensive and authentic presentation of as unifying theory of physics' that he has ever encountered;

WHEREAS Professor George Handelman, former head of mathematic department at Brown University and Amos Eaton Professor of mathematics rank Professor Oyibo 'among those who made significant contributions to the field';

WHEREAS Professor Oyibo was nominated on two consecutive occasions for the Nobel Prize in Physics in view of his practical and theoretical contributions in the world of Science;

WHEREAS the Director-General of UNESCO, His Excellency Mr. Koichiro Matsuura has thrown his weight behind Professor Oyibo's accomplishments in the area of mathematical physics. He has expressed strong desire to involve him in the work of UNESCO International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste , Italy and this years celebrations of the International Year of Physics by UNESCO

WHEREAS Professor Fabian Osuji, Honourable Minister of Education Federal Republic of Nigeria at the GAGUT summer workshop held from 19-23 July, 2004, New York, USA remarked Professor Oyibo's third time nomination last year for the Nobel Prize in Physics as a major recognition of the profound nature of his refreshing contribution to scientific thought;

WHEREAS His Excellency, President and Commander-In-Chief, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR, has conveyed the fullness of our excitement and enthusiasm about Professor Oyibo's great exploits in Science in his message through the Minister of Education to the genius;

AND WHEREAS for this feat Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo has addressed The American Senate on the Dynamics of his Theorem

Be it Resolved and it is hereby Resolved:

  1. that if we want other nations and indeed the world to recognize and appreciate the accomplishments of African geniuses, African nations should as a matter of urgency create mechanism for recognizing and honouring the geniuses and great exploits of our race.

  2. that this distinguished senate do urge the Federal Government of Nigeria to liaise with other members of the African Union to immediately institute the African International Prize for Science and Technology with the prize money Higher than that of the Nobel Prize

  3. that it is necessary and expedient for Nigeria and other African Nations to make legislative provision for the enthronement of 'African International Prize for Science and Technology'.

  4. that Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo be honoured as the first recipient with the maiden edition of the award.

  5. that this Senate do congratulate Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo on his achievements and honour him with an invitation to address this Distinguished Senate in the Chamber on his 'God Almighty Unified Theorem' (GAGUT)

March 16, 2005 The Senate President announced that he had examined the Votes and Proceedings of Tuesday, 15th March, 2005 and approved same. By unanimous consent, the Votes and Proceedings were adopted.